How to Eat Beef Liver without tasting it! (Coming soon: What to eat instead!)

I know, beef liver is gross! I dislike it (and the idea of it), but it is doing something really amazing for me (I think), and to be honest with you…. When you feel desperate about a health issue, you’ll try almost anything! I’m going to fill you in on the specifics very soon, I promise. Right now, I just have this really short video to share that shows you how I consume raw beef liver (YUCK!) without tasting it at all. I swear, no taste!


I’ll work on another post that tells you specifically what I’m consuming beef liver for, and also I’ll tell you what you can eat instead since I know most people will not try it unless they’re feeling desperate!

News/Notes: I am back in California! I’m exhausted, just recovering from two days of laryngitis (maybe I talked too much this past week?), and I feel totally lost in regards to my work… but for some reason, I’m just really really happy.

I have a work party today, and a walk on the beach scheduled, and tomorrow I jump back into yoga. I have a friend who needs a place to stay for a couple days, so I’m letting him crash in my apartment while I go stay at my cousin’s place (she’s in Vancouver while they shoot season 3 of The Killing and season 1 of a new show called Rita). Sure, I’m doing a nice thing, but really, I’m upgrading to an ocean view, cable tv, and valet parking (for cousin’s car that I’m using while she’s gone).   🙂

I ate junk last week and drank too much wine, and didn’t move much at all! It was very cold, even snowing, up until the day before I left. I drove an inordinate number of miles to visit friends and family, and I renewed my appreciation for my light-on-driving life in Santa Monica.  I feel good in spite of my food/drink/sleep indiscretions, and taking a week off from being active felt a little strange, but I don’t feel intense about it like I have sometimes in the past.

Here’s a sample from my photo shoot with Shirley last week (I’m on the right, in case you just met me).  (Photo by Kurt Wannenwetsch)

907007_448921558535917_1997059156_o (1)

I saw a lot of my favorite people last week, and my ex-dog, Sully! He’s an old man, but still the nicest dog I’ve ever met!


7 thoughts on “How to Eat Beef Liver without tasting it! (Coming soon: What to eat instead!)”

  1. Oh Lisa you are so brave, you make us want to try beef liver because we know the health benefits from it. we got some defrosted from US wellness meats, we were going to make meatballs with them, but thinking we should try them raw… guess we need to find the courage 😉

  2. lindsay cotter

    holy moly you look great!!!! LOVE IT! and thanks for the video. I need to make these.

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I bet it feels good to be home and getting back into your routine. And look at those arms!

  4. Girl- you are a total warrior- I love it! You’re inspiring me to try liver raw (had a bad experience with the taste last year and am still building courage). Any reasons as to why you’re eating beef liver instead of chicken liver? Do you feel they do the same thing?

  5. Meg @ A Dash of Meg

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing this girl 🙂 I just bought myself some liver <3

  6. Laury (the fitness dish)

    You are inspiring me to try beef liver. And I can’t believe it haha! You look freaking amazing, that bod is seriously ridiculous! You both look awesome! I love the photo!!!! How fun!! I hope all is well!

  7. Are the benefits of beef liver similar to that of beef bone broth? I’ve been having that therapeutically (gulping it down while holding my nose!). So I’m curious what benefits you’ve experienced and is it bc you don’t normally eat red meat (I don’t)….

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