Grain Free Bacon Ranch Cheddar Waffles (with coconut flour!)

A while ago, I posted something on facebook about coconut flour and how it doesn’t make amazing waffles… because they don’t get really crispy (and if you’re not careful they can turn out downright rubbery!). Someone commented that it would help if I added bacon grease to the waffle batter… Genius!!

Since lately I’ve been chopping a pound of bacon and then cooking it at the beginning of each week (to store in the fridge and add to … everything I eat throughout the week), it has been the perfect time to experiment with the bacon grease. If you’re thinking bacon grease isn’t healthy, please think again. Saturated fat is my long lost friend, and over the past two years I’ve added it into my diet with reckless abandon (ok, maybe I’ve been kind of moderate. At times). Anyway, saturated fat is not the enemy we thought it was, and we can probably blame most of this misconception on things like the margarine industry.

I don’t like to waste my bacon grease, but at the same time, I don’t always have ideas of things I can use it for.

Bacon Grease waffles are the perfect solution!

Bacon-ized Waffles with Coconut Flour

1 heaping Tbsp coconut flour
2 Tbsp melted bacon grease
1 egg
1 Tbsp liquid (I used half and half)

Mix ingredients well, and use waffle iron to bake it. I put a dab in the  middle of three waffle sections so I could make prettier smaller waffles (and I knew this wouldn’t fill the whole waffle pattern). If you want 1 full waffle, I’d double this recipe!  That would serve two people.

To make the spinach, ranch, bacon, cheddar part of this recipe, just cook some spinach in the leftover bacon grease in your skillet, then add it to the ranch dressing, bacon, and cheddar on top of your waffle pieces!

Easy! Super delicious too.

bacon ranch waffles


I think you’ll like these… and they really did make the coconut flour waffles crispy!

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I’m enjoying my ocean view and shorter jaunt to yoga this week… although I’ll admit I’m exhausted from traveling and not sleeping enough last week! I have some catching up to do with work, but I’m really excited about the things I’m working on so it’s ok!

I’m looking forward to getting together with friends this weekend, and I’m hoping to get some things done in the kitchen too!

4 thoughts on “Grain Free Bacon Ranch Cheddar Waffles (with coconut flour!)”

  1. lol, I love seeing BACON GREASE in this recipe. That’s awesome! My grandma would love this. And….so would I. Funny thing is that I had a bacon and chocolate chip cookie yesterday (half of one) and I thought it could have used more bacon-flavor…they needed some more bacon grease in there!

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