Fancy Grilled Cheese – Coconut Flour Flatbread {a year later}


Yesterday, I randomly looked at my Google Analytics details (I should do that more often), and I noticed that the first coconut flour flatbread post is my most visited post ever. I’m not kidding you when I say that 85% of my web traffic ever is to that post. After I saw that detail, I went back to the post to check out how many times it has been pinned on Pinterest—over 6,000 times. AND, I noticed that I posted it exactly a year ago today. So that means coconut flour flatbread is a year old today! Of course, first, I made some, and second, I decided to write a post about it.

Here’s the original post.

Then, the updated pizza flavored flatbread.

Next, the most recent version (that I use mostly in place of toast or for appetizers, not so much for sandwiches).

I’ve also done themed flatbreads, like taco grilled cheese, and I use it for burger buns and even sloppy joes.

After that, it morphed into 5-Minute Skillet Cookies, and other wacky things like 5-Minute brownies that you make with a waffle iron.

I have also talked a lot about why I use coconut flour, and have made plenty of cupcakes and desserts with it too.

Coconut Flour for the Long Haul!

I love it when I find an ingredient that is not trendy or fake, that (1) actually tastes awesome and (2) doesn’t get boring over time. I have been grain free since August of 2011, and once I began using coconut flour I knew I wouldn’t really have a problem maintaining it for the long-term (note: I do take a bite of grains once in a while intentionally and most likely unintentionally–it doesn’t kill me to do that and I don’t worry about it!).

I’m going to predict that gelatin is the next ingredient that will be in my rotation for the long haul. Sometimes, I jump on with things that seem too good to be true (especially when I was into all those exotic superfoods… gojis anyone?), and even though I like them and I believe in their benefits, for some reason they don’t stay practical and desirable over time. I’m hoping to keep beef liver in the long-term rotation too—that one is just more of a functional food (not overly enjoyable).

My clients joke with me that I’m always looking for the positive side of things when it comes to food (and I am—it feels better that way), and it’s not that I’m ignoring the fact that they may have eaten 3 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s last week. It’s just that a long time ago, I noticed that people’s first instinct is to point out all the “bad” things they’d done since they last saw me… Not the good stuff. I find myself doing this sometimes too.

When reflecting on being grain free for a year and a half, it’d be easy to make a list of all the other things I didn’t do great at — too much coffee, too much wine, not enough meat, and inconsistent green juicing. BUT. If I had to make a list of all the things I did over the last year and a half that were improvements upon what I’d been doing up until then, I’d have a much bigger list for that.

I think we’re more likely to recognize things that are either huge successes or things we didn’t do perfectly that make us feel kind of icky and guilty. I work hard on changing that, and I help my clients with that too—after all, if it doesn’t Feel Good, it can’t be the right thing to do! Maybe I change what I’m doing, or maybe I work on changing how I feel about it.

I can honestly say that I never used willpower to change anything (except maybe that first day of not drinking coffee, but I had strategies and supplements to make it easier… and it worked and it felt good).

What story can you turn around from this week?ย 

My old story: I only did yoga three times this week. I planned on going today, but I was tired and feeling lazy so I stayed home and talked on the phone and didn’t get a single thing done during that time–I should’ve done yoga!

Story re-written: I did yoga three times this week! Two years ago, I was only managing twice a week (sometimes). I worked hard this week, and it felt great to start slowly this morning, catch up on some Internet reading and have a nice long talk with my Mom. Yoga is going to feel so good on Monday!

News/Notes: Pilar and I shot the videos for our online course yesterday… I have to download and do some editing, and then she’s going to work on the voice over parts. It’s coming along slowly but surely, and we’re really excited about it!

This weekend is low key for me–lots of work! What are you up to?


9 thoughts on “Fancy Grilled Cheese – Coconut Flour Flatbread {a year later}”

  1. Kristina Sloggett

    well my friend it is because you make those fancy grilled cheese sandwiches look SO GOOD. I make flatbreads a lot, but STILL have not tried your recipe. I think I will give it a shot this week, in honor of the anniversary and all… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Love the new banner, love the pics of Pilar, and love the reminder of coconut bread! Think I’ll make a fancy grilled cheese for lunch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love how you changed your thinking from “I only do yoga twice a week” to “I did yoga twice this week!” – beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. coconut flour is the best and so are those flatbreads!!! we think gelatin will be a long term thing for us too ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

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