Roasted Garlic Bacon Swiss Burgers {on coconut flour flatbread, of course!}

The other day, when I realized it was Coconut Flour Flatbread‘s birthday, I had to make something with it to celebrate. I didn’t want to go to the store, so I fished around for some things and came up with these burgers. You know I am crazy about burgers, but I like sliders a lot better than big fat burgers and I usually eat mine without a lid (I just put it on for pics). Whenever I have a burger, I think of a story from several years ago when I was out with my friends. I’ll tell you that first, and then share the recipe.

One night, six of us were going to dinner at The Rooster (local restaurant in my hometown). This was our usual place to go to dinner before we went out, and for all occasions—like birthdays, fake bachelorette parties (another story for another time!), etc. On this particular night, we weren’t celebrating anything, just going out. The six of us were sitting in a booth, and contemplating the menu, when M said, “I think I want a f&%#ing burger.” Someone else said, “I dare you to order it just like that.”

The server came over to take our order (picture a 55-ish year-old woman), and when M ordered her f&%#ing burger, the server’s response was, “Would you like any f&%#ing cheese on that?” Of course we thought that was funny and had a few laughs throughout dinner over it.

Then, after we paid the bill, the server came back to pick it up. We said thanks, she said, “Thanks girls! Have a nice f&%#ing weekend!”

Needless to say, burgers are never ordered without reference to that!

p.s. I love California but I miss my friends!

Ok, so the recipe…

Roasted Garlic Bacon Swiss Burger on Coconut Flour Flatbread

1/2 lb ground beef (I use grassfed organic 85% lean)
1/4 lb bacon, chopped into tiny pieces and cooked till crispy, drained
1 whole head of roasted garlic (roast it in advance… it takes a while!)
1 egg
1 T worcestershire sauce
other seasonings (I used 365 Southwestern Grille — a few shakes)


Swiss cheese
Whatever else you want!

Smash your roasted garlic into a paste (I did not do this very well, so maybe you’ll see some big chunks in the pic… I’m kinda ok with that–I LOVE garlic). Add it to the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and mix very well. Cook your burgers over medium heat to whatever doneness you prefer! While they’re cooking, in a separate pan (even the pan that has the bacon grease still in it!), make your coconut flour flatbread. I made a plain basic bread and added some Southwestern Grille seasoning—it was easy and it seemed to match the burgers. Place a piece of cheese on top of each burger right before they’re done, and put the lid on the pan for a minute so it will melt. This made 8 sliders… it all depends on how big you make them!

I made extra garlic... I can eat this plain it's so good. My heart and mitochondria thank me, right?
This is all the stuff I mixed together---I like to add lots of stuff to burgers. They taste better and don't get dry and blah.
Sliders aren't usually that pretty--they don't have great proportions, but hey, who cares... they taste good!

The sweet onion sliders and the blue cheese sliders are up in the Top 3 with the new garlic bacon ones!

News/Notes: I’m on a roll these days… as long as I make lists! I’ve been doing some networking and meeting new people, which is awesome, but it makes me have to be a lot more structured as to how I spend my time (and how I let myself get distracted). I know I’m always talking about that, but it’s such a struggle for me to stay on task. I always underestimate how long things will take me, and I’m super quick to get wrapped up in things that I didn’t intend to do.

I don’t have many exciting plans this week (well, they’re exciting to me, but not exciting enough to share)… I think there will be fun stuff for the weekend! Β It’s less than five weeks till I’m going to NY to see my family, and I am really looking forward to it–my nephew will be on Spring break then. He already told me he wants to go to a movie at Tinseltown (that place with the big screen and high up seats). My Mom told me she measured his height a month ago and again this week—and he’s grown an inch! What am I going to do when he’s taller than me?

I’m going to fill you in on my nutritional antics soon (a little anyway). I am still off the coffee (but currently enjoying a decaf Americano from Groundworks… and yes, I know there’s a tiny bit of caffeine in it, but I’m not ready to go to tea yet–I dislike tea unless it’s in the form of fruit snacks!). I’m also trying to find new ways to consume beef liver. Yesterday was cooked… gross. Today was raw… gross. I have an idea for tomorrow that I’ll share if it’s palatable. I know I’m probably crazy, but I swear I felt so energized (in a good bioavailable micronutrient type of way) after I ate the liver today—I have crazy annoying issues with how foods affect my brain, focus, and energy level (which is a major reason I don’t eat grains–they make me turn into a zombie), so I’m feeling good about the place where I am with my food choices right now. I have so much to do that requires self-directed motivation that I cannot afford to feel blah! I’m on a 30-day plan right now that I made up for myself to address some things and bump my health up a notch or three. I may share it with you, but I’m not sure because I don’t think people should copy it—it was made up by me specifically for what I need at this very moment in time!

Do you love burgers as much as I do?

Do you make adjustments to how you eat based on how you feel?Β 

Do you ever come up with a food plan for “resetting” your health or addressing symptoms?


11 thoughts on “Roasted Garlic Bacon Swiss Burgers {on coconut flour flatbread, of course!}”

  1. haha, i love your inside joke about the f*$*%ing ordering. its nice that the server played along! you probably made her day after she cracked up.

  2. I’m always left drooling over your burgers, and this batch is no exception – I love the swiss cheese/avo addition! (Great burger story too, lol!) I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying CA…and it’s always nice to have a trip home to look forward to!

    I’ll share a tip I use on getting in 1 L of decaf green tea a day (you can use any tea you like though). I cold-brew it: fill a 1 L bottle up with cold water, add 2 tea bags, and refrigerate overnight. You can drink it the next day or let it go up to 3 days…it is so refreshing! The cold-brewing brings out the tea’s flavor without the harsh acidity that hot-brewing can sometimes cause.

    About your new 30 day plan – if you want to share, maybe keep it in general terms (instead of specifics that people can follow down to the letter). I know that I for one would be interested in hearing about it if you want to share! πŸ™‚

  3. Christine Hazard

    Yes, you should tell us what you are doing because it is different and helpful to others, like myself. I never follow anyones way of eating. I do incorporate some ideas that work for me. I don’t eat grains or sugar because it also tires me out. I am also on a journey to listen to my body and get as much energy from it I can. I have not tried your liver ideas, though. (Don’t think I could) Thank you so much for all your ideas they have been very helpful to me…more that I could explain.

  4. I am so overwhelmed with things right now! I have lists upon lists upon lists…I’m really trying to get through them!

    We had burgers the other night! I had a lentil burger and it completely hit the spot! All of your creations look amazing!

  5. wow those burgers look incredible!!! we are always tweaking our food and diet with what is going on in our life. we feel you kinda have too, as life and such is always changing. we would love to hear more about your 30 day program, as we like learning from our friends to see their thoughts πŸ™‚

  6. Your burgers look amazing!!! I am a huge fan of burgers! I am constantly tweaking my diet to find the optimal foods that my body thrives on. I would love to hear more on your 30 day program, i like hearing other people thoughts on nutrition. When are you back in NY, we must get together!! I have been taking yoga classes at my gym so we could meet up for a yoga class and/or a drink πŸ™‚

  7. Wow. Those photos and your description are making my mouth drool. I love the way you approach nutrition, Lisa, and how you often say that we are our own best research projects. I’m often so focused on my next goal that I forget to pay attention to what I eat. I definitely make it my goal to eat clean the majority of the time, but haven’t spent much time paying attention to how my body feels after I eat certain foods. I’m impressed with how you’ve taken the time to do that for yourself. I find that really inspiring.

  8. Hi Lois—that’s how I learned this approach—I was always just thinking about what was next (whether it was a bite or an action in life or an outcome), so I never enjoyed what was going on in the moment or thought about how things made me feel. Once I got into it, mostly out of desperation that I couldn’t solve some health issues, I realized how satisfying it can be to figure it out. And…. it took me several years, but I think that’s part of why it feels so worth it! Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

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