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Happy Valentine’s Day—What do you love?

February 14, 2012

In my house, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day…well, we did sort of—by going out to lunch on Saturday (but we would have done that anyway). We joke that every day is Valentine’s Day in our house…and we’re just not really into the gift/commercial aspect of holidays. I am planning on buying a valentine gift [...]

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Pizza Flavored Kale Chips, 2nd edition (with hemp seeds)

February 8, 2012

I meant to make kale chips last Monday, so I could take some to a client on Tuesday morning (she’s doing an elimination diet—which she affectionately calls the No Diet… Can you eat this? No.). However, I ran out of time, and the kale stayed in my fridge until today. The great thing about kale [...]

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July 4th and the First Harvest

July 5, 2011

            What did your 4th of July look like? Did you plant a garden this year? Want some beets?

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The Ingredients and Details Make or Break It (You)

April 8, 2011

Katelyn came over yesterday, and we intended to go to the gym. But it didn’t happen. We ate and drank instead. The first thing we tried was totally disgusting. I’m not sure who would drink this—it tasted like the liquid out of a jar of fermented/cultured beets. The label says, “Like Kombucha? Try This!” Please, [...]

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The better it gets, the better it gets!

February 14, 2011

There is a great park near us where you can rent skis (and they have a tow rope). It’s $8 to ski (plus rentals if you need them), and a really awesome place to learn. I’m so glad Joe was into it–he was an extremely patient and helpful teacher. And I just skied around them [...]

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PIP Foods, an iPad, and the Gym (not wanting to)

February 9, 2011

Many people have asked about the lentil burger recipe. So here it is! First, add 1 bag of lentils (1lb) to 5 cups of water and bring to a boil. Simmer until soft. Chop in food processor: 1 carrot 1 onion 1-2 cloves garlic (optional) Put 1 tbsp oil (I used walnut oil, but use [...]

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Green Baby Love

July 9, 2010

Check out the two spoons…why haven’t I thought of using that method for my green smoothies/soups?! If this little guy can love his green smoothies, you can too!

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Crab Crumble

July 5, 2010

On the 4th, Joe and I were going to have lunch together…and didn’t really have a plan (or many groceries). Joe ran to the store and picked up crabmeat for crab cakes. The upside to crab cakes is that I can eat seafood (although I recently heard through a friend that her biologist friend said [...]

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