Pizza Flavored Kale Chips, 2nd edition (with hemp seeds)

I meant to make kale chips last Monday, so I could take some to a client on Tuesday morning (she’s doing an elimination diet—which she affectionately calls the No Diet… Can you eat this? No.). However, I ran out of time, and the kale stayed in my fridge until today.

The great thing about kale is that it  is super hardy. I know this because it lasted for 9 days in my fridge, and it was still in perfect condition. Also, my Mom planted kale last summer and the plant still provided good leaves (after multiple frosts) until winter (I know this because I took some one day in December and cooked it for lunch).

Nutritionally, kale is a powerhouse. I think you’ve probably seen the benefits of kale advertised quite well by now (you know, it is cancer preventing, anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering, and has super anti-oxidant powers).

Pizza Kale Chips, the Hemp Edition

I love kale, and I put it in a similar category with broccoli and brussels sprouts. In fact, I try to have at least 3 cups of one or more of those 3 foods everyday. Broccoli is often the easiest, brussels sprouts are often the yummiest, and kale can be used in a lot of different ways!

I love to make kale chips for myself, and also to show people that eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be boring.

I make samples to give out at wellness fairs (pizza flavored, because people always love them), and I make them for myself. I used to always use a cashew base, but man, the density of those can make kale chips pretty darn heavy (and I like to eat a lot of them). If you want to keep your kale chips really simple, a good option is to just massage the kale pieces with a good quality oil (olive, macadamia nut, or coconut are my favorites), and add some unrefined sea salt, black pepper, and whatever herbs you enjoy (then dehydrate or bake).

Today, I wanted to modify my pizza kale chip recipe to sub in hemp seeds instead of cashews (because on my elimination diet I can’t eat the cashews, but hemp seeds are ok—besides, hemp is an awesome source of usable protein!).

Pizza Kale Chips, the hemp edition

In the blender (or food processor):

3/4 cup hemp seeds
3/4 cup water
1/8 – 1/4 cup nutritional yeast (optional–this makes it cheesier tasting)
1/2 to 1 Tbsp Pizza Seasoning (I used  Frontier Organic)
2 hot peppers (optional—and also “to taste.” I recommend adding one and then tasting it before you add more heat–but if you don’t like spicy food, just leave it out!)
3-4 sundried tomatoes or 1/4 cup fresh tomatoes
1-2 roasted red peppers (optional—if you add this, you can cut the hemp seeds to 1/2 cup and the water to 1/2 cup)

Blend till smooth. Massage batter into chip-sized kale pieces (not stalks) from 1 bunch of kale (about 7 kale leaves). Spread onto dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 115 degrees overnight (or a higher temp for a few hours–sometimes I do 155 degrees for 2 or 3 hours). You can also do these in the oven. Just heat the oven to its lowest temp, spread the kale chips onto cookie sheets, and bake with over door open until crispy (watch closely, once they start to burn they go fast!).

Please note: with kale leaves being different sizes, and different brands of ingredients having variations in flavor, the very best advice I can give is to taste the sauce after you blend it and then add what you think it needs before you massage the kale with it!  Full disclosure: once, my sauce turned out very bitter, and I didn’t know what to do to fix it, so I added some ketchup…and then it was awesome.


The "sauce" --- I left out the roasted red peppers today because I didn't have any. This pic was right before I put the tomatoes in--you can blend everything at once if you want to.
I know, it's the same "massaging kale" pic I posted before--but I didn't have anyone to take a pic today!

Have you had kale chips? What’s your go-to crunchy snack? I often have clients tell me they are looking for a crunchy chip-like snack to have in the evenings or when they get cravings… I usually tell them about kale chips first, and if they look at me like I’m crazy, then I tell them to try air popped popcorn with herbs or black pepper/sea salt.

I hope you’re having a great week! I’ve been focusing mostly on work, but I have some fun things to look forward to this weekend too.

32 thoughts on “Pizza Flavored Kale Chips, 2nd edition (with hemp seeds)”

  1. These sound amazing! I attempted kale chips once, but forgot about them and they burned =(. I need to try them again…and this pizza recipe sounds great! I love that t-shirt in the massaging kale picture! 

  2. When I take these to wellness fairs and corporate settings…people look at me like I’m offering for them to eat dirt…and then they taste them! …And then they become groupies and ask for more. And the recipe 🙂

  3. I should have written more about the benefits of hemp seeds…they’re amazing! Bob’s Red Mill has them, and there are a few other good brands (like Nutiva). But sometimes I can find them cheaper in bulk!

  4. Can’t wait to try them your way. Sounds so good. Love hemp seed. Sprinkle them on a lot of things lately.

  5. AH!!! i love your “live simply” tshirt!! i want!!! would be an AWESOME addition to my collection!!
    i’ve only had kale chips once – bought them as a treat from the health food store. incredibly tasty but VERY $$ so if i ever have them again, i will make them. thanks for the recipe.
    i love your client’s comment -> the NO diet. that is very funny!
    i LOVE broccoli, too! brussel sprouts? have not tried since i was a child!
    enjoy your day, lisa, and i hope today is one of the days where you have something fun planned!

  6. I, too, bought kale chips once…they were something like $8 for a tiny little bag, and they were good but probably worth about $1 or less! My only issue with making them is that I eat the whole batch throughout each stage of the process. I taste the sauce, then I taste the un-dried chips, then I periodically eat them out to the dehydrator to see if they’re done yet… And then I eat the rest when they’re done. …And then I realize I ate a whole bunch of kale and 3/4 cup of hemp seeds—pretty soon I’ll be a superhero!
    If you love broccoli, I bet you would love brussels sprouts‹ quartered or halved and roasted with oil, salt, pepper…roast them till the edges are brown and carmelized….yum! I want some for breakfast 🙂
    Oh, and the best thing about that t-shirt is that I bought it on a sale rack at TJMaxx for about $8 (the same price as kale chips!)…the size/label is printed on the shirt in the normal place, but on the outside of the shirt instead of the inside! I had wondered why a patagonia shirt was so cheap…until I noticed that when I got home. ha.
    Have a great day!

  7. i am totally obsessed with kale chips! when living in london i ate so so many, surprise i didnt turn green! i miss them so much, and i occasionally order some online, but the shipping costs are just too much! and the problem is: I ABSOLUTELY CANT FIND KALE IN AUSTRIA. i guess i just need to pay you to send me some of your homemade ones! they look fabulous, i am a big hemp fan!

  8. I couldn’t live without my air popper! I’m a popcorn fiend… I also love kale chips and hate that they get so many noses turned up at them (at first glance). I’ve never tried making them myself, but it’s on my to do list. They are so expensive to buy here, I’m not going to have a choice if I want to keep eating them!

    I’ve been dying to try these! 🙂 I’m going to try them this week because I have 2 bunches of tuscan kale to use up! Can’t wait!

  10. I am ashamed to say I haven’t tried kale chips yet! I know people love them. I have to have to do it! I like super crisp apples with nut butter

  11. I’m all about the air-popped popcorn with tamari, mostly because it’s so quick and easy! I love kale chips, too, but they require a little more planning. And when the craving hits, it hits hard!

  12. Kale is my absolute favorite food! When I have made coated kale chips, I have always used cashews as a base and it can taste really heavy and rich. I LOVE the ingredients that you used! Thanks for sharing!

  13. GetHealthyWithHeather

    Kale chips are the bomb! Gotta give these a try, hemp seeds are such a nutritional power house… okay kale is too, great combo!

  14. Cashews have always been my go-to for kale chips, but I think I may like the hemp better…now, when I’m making dessert kale chips, cashews might be the winner!

  15. Yes, the lazier side of me would love to buy the kale chips, but I can’t believe how much they cost!!! I’ve been studying the ingredient labels in the store one at a time, so I can copy them at home 🙂

  16. No kale in Austria?! How can that be—don’t they know it’s a superfood?! I would gladly send you some, my friend. We’ll just have to figure out a way for them to withstand several days in the mail first 🙂

  17. This sounds amazing!  It’s been way too long since I’ve had kale chips…I’ve gotten lazy and into the habit of just sauteeing kale up with a few other veggies or tossing a few handfuls of it into a smoothie.  I need to make chips again!  The pizza flavor sounds fantastic.

  18. Smart to bring the pizza flavors to wellness fairs! That’s sure to sell people on kale. I’ve never had kale chips, can you believe it? I know I’d like them and anything with kale, I always love the kale salads at the Whole Foods salad bar. But I just never have it at home to make myself.

  19.  Ok, so I made these and Rinaldo and I LOVE them! I’m definitely going to add another hot pepper next time because we love the heat!

  20. I’m so glad you liked them! I love the kick of the hot peppers added…. I think I’m going to make ranch flavored next.
    Or maybe I’ll re-visit the dessert (vanilla) ones….mmmmm!

  21. In my head, I was enabling myself to eat the whole batch because hemp is a superfood! Then, I added up the calories, and I realized I probably ate half my day’s calories….but then I realized that I don’t care and they were so good, it was worth it! I do like the hemp nutrient stats very much…

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