Crab Crumble

On the 4th, Joe and I were going to have lunch together…and didn’t really have a plan (or many groceries).

Joe ran to the store and picked up crabmeat for crab cakes. The upside to crab cakes is that I can eat seafood (although I recently heard through a friend that her biologist friend said most seafood is contaminated at unhealthy levels), and the downside is that crab cakes can sometimes be made with things like bread crumbs, egg, and mayonnaise.  I know for sure I can’t eat that stuff if I want to function the next day—so Joe’s crab cakes had whole mustard and a little mayo (to hold it together), and mine had just mustard.  I thought there was a chance it would hold itself together, but it wasn’t even close.

We only have one frying pan (have I mentioned I’ve only used the stove like 5 times in the last year? And 3 of those were this past week), so I sauteed kale and asparagus ahead of time, and Joe was also prepared with his organic whole grain roll.

This is what we came up with:

Kale, Crab Crumble, Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
Chips and Dip? p.s. I'm not sorry I used the $25 worth of crab for this---it was a holiday!
Joe's Crab Crumble with the kale/asparagus on a roll. He ate the leftovers at midnight after resisting barbecued chicken at the lake. What does that tell you?!

So that was probably my meat for the week. I’m currently grading papers watching a video by Truth Calkins about Master Tonics. If you think I’m wacky now…wait till I share some of his recipes with you!

135 thoughts on “Crab Crumble”

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