Happy Valentine’s Day—What do you love?

In my house, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day…well, we did sort of—by going out to lunch on Saturday (but we would have done that anyway). We joke that every day is Valentine’s Day in our house…and we’re just not really into the gift/commercial aspect of holidays.

I am planning on buying a valentine gift for my little valentine though (I think I am going to see him tomorrow). I found this pic today…

My cute Valentine---he's 8 now, and I can still occasionally steal a kiss (but he does close his mouth now!).

And then I thought about the other things I’m loving right now…

Avo Vanilla Pudding...I will never get sick of this!


Single Serving Wine - It's easy and besides providing portion control, it prevents me from having to drink wine just because a bottle is open and is going to go bad if I don't! I'm looking for better kinds though...there isn't much of a selection! (I never said I was a wine snob...so now you know for sure!)


Hemp seeds are my favorite unprocessed protein source, and they're my favorite kale chip base right now.


Three different kale varieties...I love them all. Especially as kale chips and massaged kale salad (and I shared kale chips with a couple people this morning when I was wellness coaching...they loved them!).


I don't use any body products that have weird things like aluminum or parabens...so this deodorant is perfect and it smells amazing! Grapefruit & Geranium...


Crab cakes...these were kind of ugly and messy, but they were darn good! We had them two days in a row.


Hemp seed breakfast cookie with sun butter...this was so good, I almost ate the rest like this (but then I remembered I promised my mom I would give her some).

So that’s what I’m loving on this Valentine’s Day…

I have been sticking to my yoga/sauna plan for this week, and I already feel awesome because of it. I’m glad I’ve come to terms with the fact that it is ok to just do some yoga. I don’t have to go all out and do a 75 or 90 minute class to benefit from it. In fact, my attention span is not really that long, so it can be torturous for me to try and do yoga for that long…at home…by myself. It’s easier if I go to a studio, but now I live 35 minutes away from my favorite studio—it’s not so practical to go very often (but I plan to go to two classes in a row on Friday morning to get my fill). I’m also contemplating buying myself a birthday present and registering for a yoga workshop in Massachusetts with Desiree Rumbaugh. I went to the same workshop a few years ago, and I loved it so much…but I did not love the accommodations. It’s at Kripalu, and the main building is an old ashram—I had to use the shared hallway bathroom (but I did have my own room).  This time, I’d definitely splurge and stay in the newer Annex with private room and bathroom. I just don’t like to “rough it” at all…No camping. No sharing rooms. No sharing bathrooms….yuck. I like to be alone. Check out the workshop I’m considering. My birthday is July 26th, so I’d even be there on my birthday…

The rest of my week will be….work, yoga, sauna, and hopefully some time with my little Valentine! I’m also craving a HIIT workout…that will probably happen on Thursday and Saturday.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you like to get presents and flowers and candy? I’ll be honest, I’d rather get any or all of that stuff on a random day…not on V-Day!

Do you go to workshops, vacation, or trainings by yourself? Would you splurge and get the best accommodations that you want, or would you try to get the cheapest rate and “rough it?”

25 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day—What do you love?”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I haven’t tried that wine. I love that picture of your little valentine 😉 priceless. As for travel for work – I do think about room prices, but honestly I also pay attention to the amenities like a gym and a room with fridge and microwave. 

  2. We don’t celebrate here. I’m just happy to spend time with my guys any and every day! I hope you had a great day!

  3. yum.  These all look amazing … way better than the chocolates and butter cookies my mom brought over!  🙂  (I actually don’t even really like flowers because I hate the idea of the waste, and I am pretty picky about my chocolate: I only like the really good stuff, dark.  And I’m with you: I’d rather get things like that on a random day.   I do like our homemade valentines, though.)  I’ve been reading your posts about sugar … I always feel guilty posting something like today’s muffins!  😛  At least I post about soup sometimes, too, I guess …

    And your yoga retreat sounds amazing, too.  My yoga teacher is holding something she’s calling “days of disappearing”–mini retreats with a vegetarian meal, meditation, and asana practice.  I think yoga and food go together really well, actually … in response to your last post.  Though I haven’t studied ayurveda, I know that my teacher likes to bring elements of that into her practice, too.

  4. You have the cutest Valentine ever  🙂 I think I’d splurge on better accommodations, too, even though I like roughing it in other instances — camping, for example. Having a stress-free environment will help you get more out of the workshop, I imagine!

  5. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day either. It just seems commercial and cheesy and forced to me, but if people have fun with it, well that makes me happy too. 🙂 We say the same thing at my house, that every day is V-day! I don’t mind going to workshops or trainings by myself. It’s a good way to  meet new people and I enjoy my own company. I’m not sure how I would feel about a solo lengthy vacation that was not work related, however. After a few days I think I would start to miss sharing the experiences with someone. Personally, I would get the cheapest rate and rough it. I don’t mind roughing it though. I’ve lived on a sailboat and in a dry cabin. My HB on the other hand does not enjoy himself unless we have good accommodations. It’s your birthday present, do what will make you the happiest. 🙂 Sorry for this weird question, but I’ve used spray-on deodorant before and would always have to ‘air out my pits’ to try and get the stuff to dry before I put a shirt on. Do you have to do this with the Avalon Organics deodorant spray?

  6. JP’s away.  If he’s here, then we’ll wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day and maybe eat some chocolate, but we don’t go all out and we DON’T go out to dinner.  To me, there’s nothing romantic about being in an over-crowded restaurant.  JP sends me flowers when he’s away, but he usually sends them a few days before v-day, I think as a quiet resistance, since he hates “having” to do things because of conventions like holidays.

  7. Mmmm….I love choc avo pudding too. I made it for a wellness fair once, and people looked at me like I was crazy, until they tried it! I go through phases when I eat it everyday! 
    Yes—-going out to dinner is worth way more to me than flowers!! Flowers are pretty, but I’d rather eat 🙂
    It’s the thoughtful small things like “the perfect card” that I like!

  8. aw, that is such a cute photo of you and matthew! they grow up too fast! i am off to toronto for aunti day today, too!
    i believe you should show your love and affection and just be nice every day and buy flowers or small treats whenever you feel like it. i like small tokens on valentine’s day but no need to go all out!
    you should TOTALLY sign up for that yoga retreat!!! and for sure go for better accomodations. i DO NOT rough it, either. a condo or a hotel room is how i travel. end of story!
    that geranium and grapefruit scent sounds really unique!

  9. That totally sums up how Joe and I are—not wanting to “have” to do things because Hallmark said so. I actually don’t think Joe has ever bought me flowers…it’s just not me. He does a lot of other things though.
    This may be a stretch but it reminds me of the whole concept of the “college drinking” phenomenon. The percentage of college kids who drink a lot of alcohol is really not that high, but it’s perceived to be “everyone doing it” because it’s only the ones who do who are out talking about it—the others are not proclaiming that they don’t, because they’re doing the quiet resistance thing. So it’s settled, valentine’s day is just like college drinking!

  10. That’s a good point—I do love a good love story 🙂 And so, I love it when someone is happy and glowing on V-Day because they got flowers or have a special night planned.
    Yes—there is definitely a little drying time needed for the Avalon deo….it’s not as “bad” as some others I’ve tried though‹and it smells great! A lot of times I spray it on after I have a shirt on‹I just keep my arms out for a few seconds till it dries so it doesn’t touch.

  11. Yes…total justification—I want to get the full positive experience from the workshop, so I’ll need the most conducive surroundings 🙂
    I always say….Ok, so it’s an extra $1000, but in a year, I’ll have no idea I even spent it or that it’s “missing!”

  12. Homemade valentine’s are the best! I hope I have time today, so I can make one for my little Valentine before I see him. I love being the aunt—it’s totally acceptable for me to buy him things he doesn’t need just to make him feel special.
    I adore your recipes….and I love reading the more indulgent ones too. I do think that in a balanced life, there is room for treats! I just work with people (for the most part) who have health issues or specific goals that need to make bigger changes (and be consistent for a long time before they have treats…so they don’t fall into the sugar trap again). American is just so out of balance with food!

    I’d love to experience a “day of disappearing”….my yoga teacher always says she’s going to do things like that, and she did once but I was busy…. Darn!
    That’s a great point about ayurveda—I really crave to learn more about the principles so I can apply it. So far the only thing I’ve done in yoga with food was a mindful eating exercise, and also I attended a Yoga and Chocolate workshop (which was a little marketing-focused, but still fun!).
    Have a great day!

  13. Thanks Serena! I loved the pic you posted of your boys when they were little—it made me reminisce about my little guy! Hope your V-Day with your 3 men was awesome 🙂

  14. That’s how I am too—-I just booked a trip to Florida for June, and the main requirements were: fridge/kitchenette, balcony, wireless internet (so I can work).

  15. ooo I love crab cakes!! I’ve been making salmon cakes as of late and love those too! We celebrated with a homemade pizza and choc. covered strawberries. It was bliss!

  16. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to attend a workshop at Kripalu! Doooo it! I agree with you that I cannot make it through a 75-90 min yoga class. So many of them are so long, but I do videos at home that are 40-60 min (an hour is MAX for me) and I still get benefits – and am not watching the clock!
    Those crab cakes look to die for, but the cookie with sun butter looks more appetizing to me right now since I have a stomach bug and all I’m craving are bready things! Haha
    Such a cute pic of you and your Valentine – I actually forgot it was Valentine’s Day until I got in the car yesterday and turned on the radio.
    I’ve never been to a workshop or training alone but I signed up for a day-long yoga retreat solo this June! I won’t be staying over night, but if I was I’d probably go for a cheap rate because I prefer to spend my money on food over accomodations 😛

  17. Love the pic of you and Matthew!  So cute!  And what a great list!   I think I would splurge on the better accommodations too .. I would rather be by myself, and get a good nights sleep!  Have a great day!

  18. Ohh I am intrigued by that deodorant! I make my own because I don’t like the additives in most store bought brands, but I love the Avalon Organics brand and use their lotion daily. I will have to hunt for this! 

  19. That first picture warms my heart! So cute! 🙂

    I made chocolate avocado pudding for the first time yesterday and really liked it!

    Rinaldo & I aren’t huge on V-day, but we do exchange cute cards and little gifts. I’m definitely not one of those girls who expects expensive things! He got me some roses and chocolates last night. Just perfect for me!

    I like to spend time alone but I don’t know if I would attend a workshop by myself. Maybe? But it sure does sound nice!

  20. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day too much either…just a nice meal at home, but that’s really no different from any other night, lol.  I agree, I’d rather be surprised with things like flowers.  That vanilla avo pudding sounds incredible — I’ve tried chocolate and now I’m dying to try vanilla!

  21. Lauren@spicedplate

    Oooh, that workshop at Kripalu sounds amazing!  that’d be so fun!  Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your little dude!

  22. I hadn’t thought about using hemp seeds as a base for kale chips, but I am quite liking that idea.  I have a whole bag of hemp seeds that I recently purchased and have been trying to dream up fun uses! 

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