Chocolate Avocado Pudding (with a bonus superfood ingredient!)

I made chocolate avocado pudding this weekend (again). I’ve always loved this stuff, and it’s quite a fun game to spring it on people who (a) don’t like avocados or (b) don’t know what the ingredients are. I’ve never had anyone guess that the main ingredient is avocado, and the only people who don’t like …

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Chocolate Pudding

From my grocery supplies, I used part of the avocado for guacamole (chips were made out of the sprouted grain tortillas), and I used the rest for chocolate pudding. I’m not great at following recipes for things like pudding…so I’ll just link you to Gena’s recipe because I know that one is good.


Did you ever have a Chia Pet? My bro-in-law (before he was my bro-in-law) gave one to me for Christmas one year. It was a weird concept—spread seed goo over a ceramic animal (not sure what kind of animal), and then let it sprout and grow. Result: pointless, weird-looking, primarily non-functional clutter–sort of a plant! …

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