Why Can’t You Just Be Normal?

Has anyone ever asked you that question?  No one has asked me that in a while, but I’ll admit that it has happened in the past. I suppose “normal” refers to “just like everyone else,” because I’m pretty normal compared to my own standards.

I do find, however, that sometimes I forget that I can do things in a less overboard way when I want to.

Lately, my smoothies have been pretty simple, but also pretty weird. I add superfoods. Lots of them.  Maca, cacao, silica, MSM, probiotic powder, and others have been making the cut in the past week. Today, I just wanted chocolate.

I dumped 1 cup of water in the vita-mix, added 1 scoop of sunbutter and two scoops of Vega Choc-a-lot smoothie powder. I blended that, added a little guar and xanthan gums, and then put in 6 ice cubes.

Chocolate Pudding!

This went into a bowl with a sprinkle of puffed millet on top….voila!  Super cold chocolate pudding—no weird chunks or flavors.  Super smooth, delicious. There was nothing green in my ice cream/pudding mix and I don’t even feel guilty about it!

What do you eat that’s just for the sake of deliciousness?

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