I’ve been making salad dressings lately—-and using recipes to do it.  In the past, I’ve tried the approximation method with dressings and I’ve learned my lesson.  It rarely works for me (and generally ruins my salad) when I just dump things in that sounds like they might go well together. My last two dressings were …

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Willpower and the ‘Slacker’ Brain

A new friend at RIT shared this very interesting story with me the other day.  I highly recommend listening to the recording describing this study that looked into why we make certain food choices. “The brain is anatomically organized into different systems…..  You have a rational deliberative system which is sort of more to …

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6 Year-Old Breakfast

My nephew is spending a couple days with me, and this always presents a fun food challenge.  He ate a big salad for dinner last night, and that was great.  But, in general, we face some challenges about how to compromise on my priorities (healthy) and his (tasting and looking good). We stopped at Wegmans …

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