Popeye Drink

I love my job. Well, I love parts of it—if you could take away the data entry I’d be one blissful wellness coach!  The part I’m referring to right now is when I work with someone who gets excited about wellness and trying new things, and makes some big (and big is a relative term) changes.

This week, I learned about another example of the successful implementation of green smoothies. I’m actually counting this as two examples, because the parents and the kids (a 3 and 4 year-old) have all been daily consumers of the Popeye Drink for over a week.

A simple green smoothie recipe to start with:

Frozen Fruit
Orange Juice (fresh is best)
Mango or Banana


I’m not listing quantities because it will depend on how much you want to drink for breakfast, how much you want to cover up the spinach taste, and how thick you like your smoothies!  One thing I will tell you is that both the kids I’m referring to love the drink (the younger one possibly drinking it a little more slowly than the older), and one of the parent’s comments to me was, “I really don’t taste the spinach, and I’m putting in two big handfuls.”

How good would you feel about your day if you had consumed an entire salad-worth of greens before you went to work in the morning (and how even better would you feel about sending you kids off into their day with lots of green nutrition in their bellies)???

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