ABC Salad

Today I am going to be busy and scheduled all day, so I wanted to have enough portable food with me to last until I get home waaaaaaay later.  Although a salad would be nice, I have no fridge (except my car, I suppose!) to use during the day.  I decided to go with smoothies—and I put in all the ingredients I had leftover from the last salad I made:
1/2 apple
3 strawberries
1/3 orange
1/3 lemon
1/4 bunch cilantro
1 large tomato
2-3 cups field mix
1/4 cucumber
….and water to make it a little thinner.
Ingredients + Field Mix
Ingredients + Field Mix
I’ll admit, I sipped it as I poured it into bottles and it was not 100% delicious, so I added a little stevia and that made a huge difference.  It tastes really good and  I’m looking forward to drinking this Already Been Chewed Salad later today!
p.s. Smoothies don’t always have to be green!  You can use high-fiber high-antioxidant things (like fruit), and high protein things (like hemp and nuts) to make a super delicious and healthy drink. 

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