Morning Boost Energizing Salt Scrub

Raw Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in a Spoon

It’s not that I’m admitting that I’m tired… but I do sometimes need an extra boost in the morning.

I’m not drinking coffee because I’m doing an elimination diet to figure out E’s eczema (long story—for a different day), and weeks like this one where he is getting 4 new teeth at once cause me to feel less than chipper in the morning. He’s taking it in stride with little to no whining, but he’s super clingy and wants to hang out with me in the middle of the night. I enjoy all of it—but I’m not completely invincible!

We get up early, and there is a lot to do around here (especially since I have to be at the grocery store by 8am or I won’t get a parking spot). So, I have been using essential oils in the shower to help rev me up a bit. I was just dripping a drop on the back wall of the shower, but I found a new magical way to get even better results. I remembered that in my aromatherapy training, we had one lab to do where we had to make an Oxide Salt Scrub…

The reason for the specific oxides (which is a chemical family of oils) is that they contain 1,8 cineole, and this is the key…

It has a stimulating effect on the mental processes and when you inhale it, it increases blood flow to the brain. Hello-Good-Morning! You should SEE what I can get done after I use the salt scrub–the texture of the salt is also invigorating, and increases blood and lymph flow throughout the body.

Here’s the recipe:

Energizing Salt Scrub

3 oz himalayan salt (ground but still a little bit rough—don’t use the big unground pieces!)
1 oz jojoba wax (yes, jojoba is actually a wax, not an oil)

30 drops total of any combination of the following:
Eucalyptus Radiata
Laurus Nobilis

You can add others for other purposes or just because you like the scent, but the ones listed above will be best at energizing!

*Definitely include Rosemary!

Directions: Mix the essential oils into the jojoba. Mix the jojoba/oil blend into the salt. Store in a tightly sealed glass jar by your shower. While in the shower, use a small handful of the salt scrub to massage your neck, back, and chest. You’ll support healthy respiration by doing this, and it will also invigorate you!

Watch out world… here you come!

I like to add other oils too—for other emotional benefits or clearing I’m working on, but I’ll save that strategy for a different post.

If you’re new to essential oils, or if you already love them and want to chat more… check out my EO facebook group. We have a great time there chatting about ways we use essential oils! There are only two rules in the group–be nice and don’t solicit anyone…


2 thoughts on “Morning Boost Energizing Salt Scrub”

  1. Do you mind if I ask what elimination diet you are following and if if worked to clear up your son’s eczema? My son is almost 6 months. He has an eczema looking rash on his back. His face and neck are red and seem itchy because he’s always rubbing! Looking for help ASAP. The dr just wants to give him steroid cream 🙁

  2. I’d love to discuss! It has been a process (he’s 20 months now), and for the initial elimination we took out dairy only which helped tremendously. Later, we eliminated all the top allergens like dairy, grains, nuts, eggs, soy etc… Then after a while I added one back in at a time.
    Ultimately because I was having trouble coming to conclusions, I also eliminated detergents and any lingering chemicals in our home and followed an AIP diet.
    If you want to chat more in depth, send me an email at!

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