Homemade Mayo Recipe, and 8 Reasons You Should Never Buy Mayo!



Mayo is pretty disgusting when you think about what goes into it. I’m not talking about eggs. Or vinegar. Or mustard.


I’m talking about canola oil.

Canola oil frustrates me to no end, and I’ll tell you why.

8 Reasons You Should Never Eat Canola Oil (or buy mayo!)

1. Canola oil is made from the rape seed, and to turn it into a colorless, odorless oil, it is treated with chemicals and then bleached and deodorized. It looks and smells harmless, but…

2. It is highly toxic to your body. In addition to the extreme heat and chemical exposure, the oil processing causes the fatty acids to be oxidized, and oxidation (sometimes referred to as being rancid) damages your cells because…

3. Oxidation produces free radicals. Free radicals wreak havoc on your tissues and cells, causing inflammation, and…

4. Inflammation leads to many serious diseases and a whole range of health issues. Unfortunately, canola oil is still being promoted as “heart healthy” and a “healthy fat,” and as a result…

5. People are being misinformed, mistakenly eating unhealthy foods, and are being damaged through the food they eat, and…

6. Mayo is a major vehicle for this deception. MOST mayo you find on the shelf (even in the health food store) contains canola oil (even if it says Olive Oil or some other oil on the label). So-called healthy brands will boast about safe processing practices, but the problem with that is…

7. It’s not just an oxidation problem! And it’s not just canola oil! The fact is, most plant oils (canola, corn, safflower, grapeseed, sunflower, and more) contain a high omega-6 fatty acid content in comparison to omega-3 (even if they are processed “safely” and without chemicals). This is a problem because…

8. Omega-6 oils are consumed in excess amounts in the developed world, and this is known to cause inflammation and lead to degenerative disease (and many other ailments).


Here’s my advice:

  • Make your own mayo out of stable low omega-6 oils
  • Check labels of food you buy in the store
  • Avoid: canola, corn, soy, grapeseed, safflower, sunflower, cottonseed, sesame, peanut, flax, and walnut oils
  • Only cook with stable fats: coconut oil, butter, lard, bacon grease, macadamia oil (only up to 250 degrees F)
  • Use these oils raw: olive, avocado, macadamia oils

Homemade Mayo Recipe

1 1/3 cup oil (use any combo of the stable oils listed above. I usually use coconut oil, bacon grease and olive oil)

1 egg

1 Tbsp dijon mustard

4 tsp vinegar or lemon juice

Directions: In a food processor, combine egg and mustard until thoroughly mixed. Drizzle in oil until fully incorporated. Add vinegar or lemon juice and blend. You may want to add half of the vinegar and then taste the mayo. The flavor of this will vary based on the oils you use and the brand of mustard. Sometimes I’ve found the really grainy mustards have a taste that is too strong.

Although I love bacon grease in this, using bacon grease as the only oil is not my favorite way to do it (the taste is a bit too strong). You may want to put this in the fridge for a few minutes before you use it, but you can use it right away. It should keep in the fridge for a week or so. I usually try to use it within a week, so I haven’t really pushed the limited of that!

Click +1 below and tell me if you dare make your own mayo!! 

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  1. Marjorie Morrison

    I made this homemade mayo & it came out great! Thank you for the recipe. I had been resisting making my own mayo & now I don’t know why I waited so long. (no more gmo soy oil mayo for me!)

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