12 Amazing Cabbage Recipes (and why you should eat more cabbage!)

When I was younger, cabbage was not on my list of favorite foods. In fact, I thought it was weird. And stinky. I grew up in farm country—near cabbage fields. If you’ve smelled rotten cabbage then you know exactly what I’m talking about and I don’t need to say anything else about it.

These days, I can’t get enough cabbage! It’s amazing. I’m addicted to raw sauerkraut, but beyond that I’ve been experimenting with cabbage recipes I’ve found on the Internet.


I’m not surprised if you’re wondering why I would eat so much cabbage. It seems kind of pale and blah, but this cruciferous sulfurous vegetable is one-of-a-kind when it comes to nutrition.

  • Cabbage isĀ significant in cancer prevention (all types, but especially bladder, colon, and prostate cancers). Make sure to steam or cook your cabbage rather than microwave it because microwaving destroys the cancer-preventing glucosinolates.
  • Red cabbage has more anthocyanin polyphenols (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, protective against diseases) than green cabbage, but all cabbage provides benefits!
  • Cabbage is super high in vitamins K and C, and is a very good source of fiber, manganese, and folate
  • Cabbage juice can help heal the digestive tract (including ulcers and bacteria imbalance)

Not to mention, one of my fondest childhood memories is from the year when people went crazy about buying their kids Cabbage Patch Kids for Christmas. Of course, we were in a small town, and CPKs were expensive. So, my Mom, being the amazing mother she is, made CPKs for my sister and me. We were very excited, and I can’t remember if I knew my CPK was a fake right away… but those dolls were pretty scary looking! Later, I got a couple real ones, and even had a CPK birthday party on the porch with my neighborhood friends one year. Everyone brought over all their dolls and gear and we played birthday party and ate brownies. You probably couldn’t have paid me to eat cabbage back then though!

Back to the recipes!

Eat more cabbage!

What’s your favorite cabbage recipe?

I love all the ones I listed above (yes, I’m addicted to slaw!)… and I have another one to share of my own. I just have to make it again and take a picture of it before I share.

I love superfoods that are cheap and easy to find. Cabbage is definitely one of these foods–and it lasts a long time in the fridge before going bad (I have a habit of buying produce and then having too much and letting some of it rot…).

We’re doing a great job of meal planning over here lately, and I’ve also been trying to be more thrifty. I have an awesome soup coming your way soon—its main ingredient is broccoli stalks!

Please +1 and comment below! What’s your favorite way to eat cabbage?

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  1. I love cabbage and am, too, addicted to slaw. But I love it raw, cooked and fermented. Is there any difference in the nutrients with raw vs. cooked? Thanks for the post!

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