What do you get when you cross a superfood with an adaptogen?? (hint: it involves chlorella growth factor and eleuthero… what?!)

Last week, SunChlorella contacted me and asked if I’d like to review one of their products. I was excited to do this because I’ve been a SunChlorella tablets fan for years… Of course I said yes.

Here’s my review—free product, honest review!

Here’s the post I wrote a while ago that talks about Chlorella.

The SunChlorella website is here.

This is the product I just ordered: Sun Eleuthero

What’s your favorite supplement? My long-term favorite is chlorella, but I also value my multi-vitamin, MSM, fermented cod liver oil, amino acids (tyrosine, DLPA, 5-HTP, GABA), and gelatin (if you consider that a supplement). Oh yeah, and maca… even though it tastes like dirt 🙂

News/Notes: Check out our Under Armour What’s Beautiful team page… we’re all humming along on our goals!

Notice how I always have this same hat on in my videos? Well, I’ll admit, this thing is losing its newness…my head sweats a lot when I do the stairs! I keep running it through the wash and I think that is killing it. I like wearing hats to work out in because it’s more comfortable than sunglasses. However, I need a new one—and my head is sort of big, so I’m picky. Any suggestions?

I have made so much food lately… obviously, being a personal chef requires that. So, I invented a chicken/bacon/ranch recipe that was a big hit. Plus, a taco salad with chorizo, lots of fancy salads, and some interesting lettuce wraps. Only one thing got iffy feedback (so I’ll chuck that idea and forget about it!)… the rest are winners! I’m going to try and share some of them throughout the week (for real this time).

Any requests for topics you want me to cover? I have a huge list… and am working on a schedule for when to create/post about different things.

Happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “What do you get when you cross a superfood with an adaptogen?? (hint: it involves chlorella growth factor and eleuthero… what?!)”

  1. The Candid RD

    Help me feel less stressed? Hmmm…..I need a bottle.
    I’ve heard of chlorella before, but never knew much about it. I know it’s in Amazing Grass….and I do feel great with that stuff! As for coffee, I’m down to one cup a day, and feel great (1 small cup, of course)

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