Get Amazing Skin! My Secrets for Perfect Skin

For most of my life, if you had asked me to talk about skin, I would’ve not only said no, but it would’ve made me feel pretty awful too. I spent a couple decades wrangling around with my skin—and honestly, for most of that time I had clear skin (or clear-ish) because I was medicating it. It was still a pain in terms of texture, dryness, oily-ness… and just blah-ness.

To be truthful, I’d rather not admit all that—I’d like to just forget about it. But I do believe that all “struggles” we encounter contribute to making us who we are. I also know how it feels to be frustrated about skin appearance… so I want to share what I know. I’m going to do a series of videos, and break it down into little topics and ideas.

Here’s the first one—-The Fundamentals

What do you think? Are you into skincare (and natural skincare)?

Do you have skin frustrations? How about melasma?

Seriously, if you have melasma, let’s chat. It’s hands down the most frustrating thing I’ve encountered with my health—and I’m vain enough to admit that it concerns me more than anything going on inside my body (although I know it starts inside).

Here’s the link to Laury’s recipe for Body Butter!

My LIving Libations Products:

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Zippity Dew Dab

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News/Notes: I went to the Getty Villa today. I also sat on a oceanside deck with drinks (mine had pineapple juice and jalapeno in it!), and took a walk down to muscle beach and the pier. Yep, good second date.

Also, I tried slacklining last night (briefly). It is SO difficult… so, I promptly ordered a slackline, and plan to go to the beach to use it everyday until I don’t look like a drunk tightrope walker on it. I’ll embed a video below that shows the slackline setup in Santa Monica and what it is—note, I am not aiming to do tricks (right away). I’d just like to be able to walk on it. This video is kinda long, but just watch for a few seconds to see what it is (and where I live!).

Here are a couple things I made for my client this weekend…


Fish Tacos…. I have never had fish tacos (shhhh, don’t tell my client!). She needs more omega-3 fatty acids but isn’t a huge fan of seafood, so I’m trying to get creative… I’ll let you know if she liked these!


More lettuce wraps....  These have beef (!) bacon, cauli cheese rice (just a bit), rosemary feta mushrooms, and sour cream
More lettuce wraps….
These have beef (!) bacon, cauli cheese rice (just a bit), rosemary feta mushrooms, and sour cream


Here's the bacon made from beef---I'm way too excited about this! I'll be honest, it's not a 100% perfect sub for regula bacon, but it's good. I hope Whole Foods keeps stocking it because I can use this in a ton of stuff. Note, it didn't get super crispy like regular bacon. But it's still awesome!
Here’s the bacon made from beef—I’m way too excited about this! I’ll be honest, it’s not a 100% perfect sub for regula bacon, but it’s good. I hope Whole Foods keeps stocking it because I can use this in a ton of stuff. Note, it didn’t get super crispy like regular bacon. But it’s still awesome!


I'll share this recipe soon--I need to try it once more to make sure of the measurements. It's slow cooker chicken---amazing.
I’ll share this recipe soon–I need to try it once more to make sure of the measurements. It’s slow cooker chicken—amazing.


Anyway… my life revolves around food, whether it’s mine or for my client. I’m loving the personal chef thing, even though it literally caused my morning to move forward at a near sprint today. I had to get it done before the afternoon!

Side note: I really do believe that eating food like this of the best quality contributes to clear beautiful skin. It has to, and speaking from experience, it makes a difference for me.

And now, I have to go get some work done so I can play more tomorrow…



4 thoughts on “Get Amazing Skin! My Secrets for Perfect Skin”

  1. we have heard of living libations but we have never tried their products, we will have to look into their products more now 🙂 they all sound great! we love natural oils for our skin!

  2. The only I’ve ever dealt with melasma is during pregnancy – especially the pregnancies that overlapped with summer and lots of sun exposure. I try to limit mid-day sun exposure pregnant or not, but I still got dark patches on my cheeks and forehead during pregnancies #2 and #3. My dermatologist said it would be permanent, but the spots did eventually fade each time. I’ve heard Jillian Michaels talk about melasma on her podcast and she says it happens to her because she’s “estrogen dominant” – which makes sense knowing that it happens to me during pregnancy. I’m guessing you’ve looked into the role that hormones play with your skin given you’ve put so much time, thought and effort into skin care! Do you know if you’re “estrogen dominant”? Have you ever heard that term before? Not sure that there’s anything you can really do with that information to change the way your skin, but it’s interesting to think about at least.


    oh man! I want to learn how to slackline now! that looks so hard but fun!

  4. Laury (the fitness dish)

    Thank you my dear for sharing my recipe 🙂

    You have the most gorgeous skin and you can tell that you work hard for it….clean eating, the whole sha-bang!!!!

    I am looking forward to the slow cooker chicken, it sounds and looks amazing!!!!

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