UA What’s Beautiful Campaign – Team Thrive!

In this video, I’m just telling you about the plan for my What’s Beautiful Team — It’s going to be fun!

I emailed all the people who responded the first time around, and have started to get responses and confirmations about being on the team.

Of course, I was little overwhelmed with the over-50 emails I received about being on the team… so I had to change the rules a little (and decided I’ll just sleep in July!).

Anyway, here’s the deal:

Based on what usually happens with this type of program, I believe I’ll end up with about 1/4 of the people who showed initial interest… that means, I also don’t want to leave anyone out who didn’t see my post about it the other day. If you’re seeing this and you want to participate, email me at!

I’m going to post my own goals tomorrow (here, in video format, probably…unless I change my mind again), and I’ll also post the UA WB site info, how to join my team on your own (cuz anyone can show up there and join in… it’s just the people who connect through me that get extra special targeted training!).

I’m hoping we have some chatty-pic-taking participants so we can keep it interesting and exciting through the 8 weeks (and also give me some content for the mini-documentary… oh missed that detail? Watch the vid!).

One of my favorite parts of this has to do with my own goals (which I’m 90% decided on)… I am going to have three (I think).

I’ll tell you one I know for sure…

My first goal is to do a press handstand in yoga… if you don’t know what it is, check this out!

That’s Pilar, by the way! She’s the awesome yoga instructor and expert for our Nutrition and Yoga for Pregnancy Course, and she’s going to train me for this goal. We’re going to do a whole tutorial on how to work up to doing this pose. For the WB campaign, I may have to settle for doing it straddle-legged…. but it’s a stepping stone for doing the pike-legged version eventually!

Don’t you love Pilar’s arms? She’s amazing… I saw her on Friday (5 weeks post-birth), and she’s doing great! Her baby, Maya, is also amazing (and super cute, with Pilar’s long legs!). Our next course together is targeting new Moms… and you’ll see that in July!

Anyway, back to the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Campaign….

I’m thrilled about my team, and about working with them on their goals… My fabulous intern, Heather, is going to be great in this too!

One more thing… several people from my home town area in NY are on the team… so when I’m home at the end of June, we can meet up in person!

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