Nutrition and Yoga for Pregnancy – Online Course!

I’m so happy to tell you about the first course Pilar and I developed and created together. It’s a comprehensive training class on the topic of Nutrition and Yoga for Pregnancy, and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s completed and launched!

Please watch this video to learn about what the course is all about, and to decide if you (or someone you know) might be interested!


You just have to go to:

Even if you’re not interested in this course, please check out our website and facebook page! We’ll be releasing courses as we complete them throughout the year—all about women’s health topics!

We put our hearts into this course, and I am so happy it’s ready to share with you. I have been studying nutrition and pregnancy for several years, and I’m so lucky that I can call this “work.” Each day, I wake up and can’t believe how fortunate I am that I can blend my pleasure and work together—I love food and nutrition, pregnancy, babies, and women’s health in general. I’m crazy about the idea of using food as medicine and to build our best selves. I just wish there were more hours in the day, so I could do more and share more! But… I’m working on my patience, so it’ll just all have to trickle out to you as I get things done.

If you were to ask my students, or read my course evaluations, you’d hear about how my passion for nutrition comes through in the way I teach and how I share information that is useful in real life. I love helping people gain real useful information… and then put it into action. It all goes back to how we craft our lives through our lifestyles.

I have several new things coming along soon, and I’m also determined to share more recipes—I have a huge list of ideas brewing!

If you missed yesterday’s post, check it out! I’m working for an Under Armour Campaign called What’s Beautiful… and I’m creating a team of people to work with me on the campaign (on their own fitness goals!). Note: Under Armour is contributing this effort through sending me a bunch of their products to wear, but I am donating the training to my team members.

News/Notes: I’m going to San Francisco and Napa this weekend with my cousin and aunt to check out wedding venues (for cousin, not me, obviously… I’m currently married to my Apple products and new Under Armour wardrobe!). I’m so excited—I’ve never been there! I’ll take pics 🙂

I’m going on day 20 of drinking green juice everyday… and although I took a hiatus from my beef liver adventure (I ran out), I was taking the dessicated liver pills at that time. I have a presentation half done about liver that I’ll share soon (I know you can’t wait).

The gelatin update… I have taken a day off from it here and there, but overall, I’m still on the wagon. It’s definitely making a difference in my hair growth and knee pain. I can’t tell a difference in my skin yet, but I’m keeping an eye on it!

Pilar and I are shooting new yoga videos, starting this Friday, for our next course… new mommies are gonna love this one! After we pick a name, I’ll share more info! It’ll come out in the beginning of July. I’m also working on a course about skincare using natural products and food that will be released in a few weeks.

I read my horoscope ( for May, and things look darn good right now. I don’t know why I read that—it never comes true, but it’s still entertaining! She says I shouldn’t focus on being social this month, but rather, I should be mostly focusing on work. I’m going to take that advice starting now—my weekend was excessively social, and a lot of fun! I drank too much, danced a lot (seriously, I have bruises on my feet), and I even found time to meet up with friends to work out (so at least that was productive)!

Do you read your horoscope?

What new projects or things do you have going on?


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