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What’s Beautiful Campaign

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Please join me 🙂

I love helping people reach their goals with fitness and food, and the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Campaign is putting a fun spin on that!

Just so you know, the way I’m going to pick team members is that I’ll look for people who have similar goals (because I think the group effort will be most beneficial to you that way). If I don’t have five people email me about it, I’ll just call my friends and we’ll do it for fun… (and if my friends are reading this, you can email me about it too if you’re interested).

I do hope you won’t be shy—just email me at and tell me the following:

1. Your goal (or the general idea of it–we can make it specific later)

2. What point you are starting from (how far away from your goal are you? There’s no right answer!)

3. How you know me!

Please remember that the only payment you need to make if you’re chosen, is that you need to be enthusiastic and participate on the UA website/profile page, documenting your journey toward your goal, etc. Also, you can’t quit 🙂

If you’ve been trying to get started or motivated to work toward something, this is a perfect opportunity for you! I will share my best information, motivation, and advice with you at no cost (and just so you know, it will add up to be worth over $1,000.00).

Please check out the UA What’s Beautiful website if you want to learn more about the campaign! Also, you can sign up individually, and I hope you do—but first, send me an email to be on my team! I am already thinking of ways in my head to add more than 5 people… Anyway, don’t be shy 🙂


Side Note:

I’m going to talk more about it tomorrow (plus announce the avocado giveaway winner), but I wanted to let you know that our Nutrition and Yoga for Pregnancy course is live… and we’re offering $100 off for the first 25 people who enroll. You just have to enter the coupon code: first25

Enroll Here!

25 people


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