Abs are Made in the Kitchen Step 1: A Calorie is Not a Calorie

abs in kitchen


Here’s the first step of making your abs in the kitchen…

Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen information – Check out the list so you can decide which produce items to buy organic and which types don’t have a high pesticide residue in the conventional version (clean 15).

Action Steps:

  1. Eliminate “Gunk” from your diet
  2. Eat True Food Nutrients

Eating this way creates the foundation for making your abs in the kitchen (i.e. reaching your ideal body composition and shape). I’ll post the next step soon!

Side note: I shot this video in my cousin’s apartment, i.e. Pottery Barn 🙂

News/Notes: I’m finally feeling back to normal after spending 10 days eating jelly beans and pizza (seriously, I did that), drinking too much wine, and not sleeping enough in NY. My Mom reminded me that last week while I was there visiting, I kept saying that I couldn’t believe I was eating/drinking that way and not being active (at all!) and getting away with it. Well, I wasn’t getting away with it… there was just a delay before it caught up with me in the form of laryngitis, a cold, brain fog, exhaustion, and well… a Case of the Blahs.

I came back, cut down on my coffee intake (again), stopped eating (so much) junk, and started walking and doing yoga again (although I’ll admit I’m having trouble getting into the yoga habit–for some reason I don’t want to do that when I feel blah even though I know it will help!). I’ve been home for a week, and I’m starting to feel pretty good again.

Also, I’m obsessed with prosciutto and goat gouda (for vitamin K2!) right now. I’m loving having access to Classic GT Kombucha (grape!), and although I skipped a few days of gelatin intake while in NY, I’m back on the wagon now (update soon!).

Yesterday, I was stressed out because Joe (the ex but still bff) was running in the Boston Marathon, and although I knew he was done running at the time the explosions happened, I also know he’s likely to cheer for people crossing the finish line. Luckily, he was ok and not near there, but it was quite an anxiety filled day for the people who care about him and for anyone who heard about the events and watched the news. I won’t say how I feel about the news coverage—other people can go there, but I want to say that I love Boston and my heart aches for the people affected. I walked yesterday at the beach and said a special prayer, sent as much love as I could in their direction, and tried to focus on the displays of humanity rather than the terror. I know the people affected cannot avoid the terror feelings and dealing with the aftermath, and I can only hope they can find some peace.

See you soon, my Friends.

abs in kitchen 1

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3 thoughts on “Abs are Made in the Kitchen Step 1: A Calorie is Not a Calorie”

  1. Remember… Pottery Barn < Arhaus!!! (The West Coast just doesnt' know it.) I call dibs on you early in your next visit home, and promise to not overload you with wine (well, I'll promise to try 😉 haha). Good to hear that Joe was no where near the explosions.

  2. Arhaus all the way (which will make an appearance in the next video from my own liv room!)… and you totally have dibs–I’ll be home the last week in june if I actually buy a plane ticket. And yes… I already knew how I felt about joe, but I had to tell him extra today. That guy…
    I miss you! Let’s drink lots of wine and eat grilled cheese 🙂

    On Tue 16/04/13 22:12 , “Disqus” notifications@disqus.net sent:

  3. Yep, I just wrote a post on this topic 🙂 And of course, I said…a calorie IS a calorie, because technically it is. But, you’re right, certain foods may increase your energy burned, AND make you more full therefore you will eat less. I’d much rather eat 2000 calories worth of vegetables and fruits, than McDonalds (which would be, one meal probably!)

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