Weekend Playing…

I got a new video camera. I’m working on a few projects that I need it for, and I got a few snapshots with it this weekend too.

I’m currently working on a review for TheraFit shoes, and so my goal was to capture some video footage of me in the shoes around Santa Monica.

Here are the pics from this weekend…

Who needs a car in Santa Monica?
Totally posing, trying to get a pic of the shoes with the Santa Monica Mountains and the ocean in the background...
Too early to actually ride the ferris wheel, but never too early to pose with it? I'll work on my skills...
At the grown-up playground on the beach... I'm not sharing the video where I tried to do chin-ups. Or maybe I will. Ugh. I did get up on that bar without help...that counts!


Are those hot dogs made from organic beef from grass fed cows?
This one is from yesterday... I sat outside Matthew Kenney's raw food restaurant for the pic, and was promptly told I couldn't sit there because it was for people dining (of which there were none). I do want to eat there---I just have to find someone to go there with me!

And here’s one tiny video of me playing on the playground. I wasn’t sure if I could do these ring thingys—or if they’d rip the skin off my hands. It wasn’t that hard…but these aren’t the difficult ones either!


So there you have it. I played a lot this weekend, all in the name of work! How could I beat that?

I also made pesto chicken and a fun salad on Friday night (that I think turned out pretty well). I finally have some things hung up and put together in my apartment. As soon as I get the rest of my pillows for my bed, and one more thing on the wall, I’ll do a video tour…

Did you play this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Playing…”

  1. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Love the workout clothes. Yesterday was my first day doing an acutall workout since giving birth and it felt so good but weird to put work out clothes on again!!
    We had a baptism to attend this weekend which was fun but going out is always stressful since it will always conflict with Roberto’s naps!

  2. Haha what a fun play day! Way to hold yourself up on those bars! Sounds like these raw restaurant folks are snobs. That prob wouldn’t be enough to deter me from eating there though 😛

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