Focusing on Action (not measurements)

I’ve been posting pics from my day on instagram—you can see them over on the side panel too, sans comments. I didn’t exactly do what I planned today…(relax), but I did do a lot of things that were good. There was a moment when I started thinking about the future and planning, and trying to figure everything out. As you can imagine, that did not feel good–but I regrouped and knocked it off 🙂

Scenes from Cali so far...

Want to hear how ridiculous my thought process was?

I got anxious because I was having a really awesome time. I went (2 blocks away) to a farmer’s market (and they had things like organic grassfed beef, raw cheese, and raw milk!). Then I walked 0.6 miles to Whole Foods…and then I stopped a block from the apartment and got a green juice. I also worked out (upper body only, due to stitches), and found a place I could get Classic Kombucha…this was all after I worked for several hours in Starbucks this morning. The weather is perfect, the people are friendly and happy… and I just really feel like I belong here.

So, the ridiculous part? I like it so much here that I got worried that I will end up deciding I don’t want to stay and live here (for who knows what reason), and if that happens I’ll be really disappointed.


Anyway, I came back to earth, and I’m just feeling pretty good now as I sip my GT’s Classic Grape. I have some great ideas for recipes to teach to my client, and I’m eagerly anticipating the stitches being gone so I can work out more and do yoga.

Do you ever let your thoughts get away from you and cause irrational anxiety? I thought I was pretty good at not doing that, but I suppose it was probably because (up till now) I had been in a comfort zone for so long.

I’m not great at being dramatic, so the anxiety thing lasted about 30 minutes, until I distracted myself by doing something positive. Life’s much better this way 🙂

Just a random salad I had last night...why do restaurant salads always taste better than ones I make?
Lots of local Cali products at the market... I can't wait to use the walnut oil!
🙂 Classic Kombucha (-:

I wanted to share this email I got yesterday from a client/friend. It made my day 🙂

I’m calling it:

What You DO (not what you look like) Is Who You ARE

SO…. I had my usual meeting with my Dr. yesterday.. you know the one where I give him a 40$ copay so he can write me my 5$ prescription for paxil…

He is trying in the worst way to find a reason that I need to see him every three months… (much to my dismay)

He takes my blood pressure (107 over 60) hmmmm…. That’s good…

He looks at my latest blood tests…. Cholesterol = 163 sugar good too…. (of course I made him read it to me 🙂 )

He says, are you still smoking… ?

I said, oh no! never have! And I don’t drink much and don’t do drugs either…. Lol


Then he weighs me and says…. Wow your BMI is really High….. (I knew he was going here eventually)

I said yes I know, you’ve got me there… BUT… If you knew me like my health coach you would know that I eat healthy….

He says, do you snack?

I said yes…. On raw almonds, veggies with hummus and nut butters except peanut butter because I don’t want the trans fats and sugar that are added…. I then said… I do cheat occasionally (Dr. Smiles) and I will eat a granola bar… (smile gets bigger) He says I see you do know how to eat right… (DuH)

He says, you must drink soda?

I said occasionally but it is Always diet with a wedge of lemon…

He hesitates for a minute and says, How about exercise…. You should be exercising at least three times a week…

to which I replied… yes so I walk a mile every day with the guys at lunch when time permits… etc…

I said, Dr., I told my Health coach that you said that according to my BMI, I was obese… she laughed and said, “If you’re obese, you are the healthiest obese person I know.”

He started to laugh and said, I’ve never heard that before but I think I like it!

I said, You know Dr., she has taught me not to think of “Skinny” as healthy and that some of the skinniest people are a mess physically….

At that point he sat down, put his clipboard down and said, “she is right.”

End of subject….

Yeah! One for us! Thank you again Lisa!

Don’t you love it when you get evidence that what you do makes a difference? Now how do we get all the doctors to have this perspective about actions vs. numbers too?



8 thoughts on “Focusing on Action (not measurements)”

  1. cathy@1970kikiproject

    loved reading about your day in cali, lisa!! i would have loved to see the farmer’s market – so fun to explore!
    i get anxious of silly things, too, or things over which i have no control at all…usually TIME is the best … the feelings will wear off on their own, or i will think up a solution or i will calm myself down with mental talk!
    have a great day and just soak up and appreciate every moment! glad you can get rid of the stitches TOMORROW!

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying california!
    Yes, I definitely get anxious about things that are simply ridiculous. In fact, most of the time I get anxious I can say that it’s over something that is not such a big deal. I read the series of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” books, and I need to read them again 🙂

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Oh girl – I hear you on panicking when something seems too good. I hope you really just take the time to soak it all in and enjoy it. And I so agree – skinny (hate that word) does not equal healthy.

  4. Sounds like you are going to just have to accept that you are happy 🙂 Sometimes the scariest times are when you’re happy because it feels like it could slip away so easily. Live it up!

  5. That e-mail was awesome!! You are awesome!! I only wish I lived near you so I could benefit from your awesomeness!! As for feeling anxious, it happens to sucks, but it happens!! Enjoy yourself!! You have earned it!

  6. What a great email! Must’ve made you feel so good to receive it! As for that irrational anxiety – helloooo I am the queen of that, haha. Your thoughts about Cali sound like something crazy I’d think up 😛 good thing you were able to move past it and enjoy yourself. Those local products look great especially the grass-fed beef, yummy!

  7. Sorry you are having some anxiety .. I think that is pretty normal though with all the changes you have going on. Sometimes it is the hardest thing to do to make ourselves accept what makes us happy!

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