Satisfying Lunches and Intense Workouts

I’ve still been plugging away at my HIIT workouts 3 times a week (well, it’s more like twice if I’m totally honest…but I intend to do 3). I’ve had several people comment on how toned my arms look, so I feel like it must be working! I definitely feel good (…except my achilles tendons, but I’m going to have Active Release Technique attempted on them on Monday to see if that will help. I’ll let you know).

I had to really stop and think about what I’ve been eating lately… I hadn’t been focusing on balance very much for a couple weeks since I was around people who don’t eat like me (but like I mentioned before, I didn’t compromise my food values). I was also really busy for a bit and I snacked more than I ate meals. Although that worked for a while, it’s definitely not as satisfying. I’m trying to eat more fat and calories in my lunch so I don’t need to snack in the afternoon. It’s really working well (which I knew, but I was out of the habit).

My techniques? Add fat, fiber, and protein, and minimize non-fiber carbs (because then my stomach stays full longer, blood sugar stays more stable, and I don’t get afternoon cravings or sleepiness).

Exhibits A, B, C, and D:


Grilled Cheese---it's filling due to being high fiber, high protein, and high fat. I used coconut flour flatbread, a couple meatballs made from grassfed beef and pureed beef liver, and goat cheese. Oh, and Kerrygold butter (grassfed!). This sandwich works best for me because it's grain and gluten free.
This salad has 4 cups of chopped spinach, a couple meatballs, cashews, and goat cheese. I used basil infused olive oil and lemon balsamic for the dressing---again, high fiber, high fat, high protein!
Chocolate avocado pudding (yes I had this for lunch one day). This has 2 small avocados, 2 Tbsp dark cocoa powder, stevia, and a splash of half and half. It's not super high in protein, but it has a lot of fat and fiber!
Here's just another version of the grilled cheese with coconut flour flatbread. This one is made with organic (no additives) ham and cheese. The magic combo of fat, fiber, and protein is what works best for keeping me full and not feeling snack-y all afternoon. Other fave grilled cheese combos are mozzarella and pesto, and cheddar with spinach and mushrooms.

Here’s the link to the coconut flour flatbread recipe in case you missed it before.

I also have a workout to share with you!

This is one Shirley made up for someone who requested it.

I promise that if you do this workout, you’ll be tired. Or, if you’re like me when I am at my threshold of collapsing…you’ll just laugh. I can’t help it–it’s a coping mechanism. I laugh if someone yells at me, or when I’m nervous, or when I’m working out so hard that I think my body is going to give out (usually only my trainer can push me that hard—and once he asked me if I was crying). Anyway…I did this workout on Thursday and it’s very difficult if you don’t rest in between sets. Remember to drink water and don’t push yourself harder than you should!

Yesterday, I did an hour speed-walk with a friend (before going out for a drink…in our “gym” clothes!), and a short TRX, sandbag, Equalizer workout earlier in the day. In a couple weeks I’ll be in LA for the TRX training–I’m looking forward to it! It is pretty easy to work with already, but I want to learn the finer details. I’m hoping to make it to a hot yoga class tomorrow, but all I did today was walk for an hour with my Mom–we went at 6am and then sat on her porch drinking coffee and chatting for 2.5 hours.

What was your most recent workout? Try any new types of workouts lately?

What do you eat for lunch to give you the best afternoon (energy and satisfaction)?


12 thoughts on “Satisfying Lunches and Intense Workouts”

  1. I *WILL* be making that flatbread soon! (how many times have I said that here??) the page is open in a tab on my laptop, that is how close I am 😉  it always looks SO good (the grilled cheese doesn’t hurt…)  and I know Jason would love it too…  

    I’m with you, minimal carbs for breakfast and lunch if I want to have the most productive day! 

  2. It’s great to see you figuring out and doing what is best for you 🙂 I like snacking mid afternoon as I am trying to gain; however, I don’t like feeling “hungry” so my lunch consists of fat, protein, and a complex carb. Your eats all look great! The workout looks great too 🙂 

  3. Heather - Where's the Beach

    Looks like a great workout. So funny that you laugh. I tend to curse 😉 

  4. YUM!! I’m literally dying. I want all of it. Especially the flatbread. Can we make that? As an appetizer maybe… Ugh yum. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  5. i hope you get to yoga today, lisa! glad you got to spend time with your mom – that is on my agenda for today: shopping at the mall and ice cream with mom! a repeat of last sunday aft just because it was so much fun!
    i will be interested to hear how the ART works for you – i ‘ve had it in the past. fingers crossed it provides some relief!
    an apple with pb or an apple with protein powder (just enough water added to make it like icing) is a great snack for me – yummy and filling! love your lunch ideas, esp the grilled cheese sandwich innovation!
    happy sunday!

  6. Gina (Candid RD)

    YES, I’m doing this workout TODAY!! Thanks!  🙂  And, I agree, you’re pictures have proven that your arms are RIPPED (in a sexy girl way, not a masculine male way).  I’m in love with HIIT training too, I Just hope it gets my arms like yours soon enough for my september wedding 🙂

  7. I love that workout! Right up my alley. 🙂 As for lunches, I prefer a filling combo of healthy fats, greens, and protein. My favorite is a salad made of roasted veggies, beans, and nuts topped with hummus and olive oil! 

  8. I am currently back in the swing of things on the hot yoga front. I am obsessed with the stretch as well as the challenge that it provides me with. It feels so satisfying when the class is over!

  9. I tend to laugh when I am exhausted too. I just can’t help it!! I love these meals, I eat so much fiber, protein and fats it’s not even funny. In fact, those are the only three things I really make sure my meals have. Ha. 

  10. I usually have a big salad at my office desk at work, keeps me satisfied all afternoon and also gives me a little break and time for myself  because it takes a bit longer to eat than a simple sandwich.
    I am amazed by how great and crunchy looking your flatbreads/sandwiches look like. I tried to make coconut flour flatbread and it was just too soft like a pancake almost… and i find it quite sweet as well- does it work with cheese and avocado!?

  11. Your arms ARE super toned! I want them!!!

    You are one of my  motivations to really cut out the grain. I have to say I can NOT believe how satisfyed I am, how much food I am eating, and how LITTLE, non existent sugar I eat/crave/etc. I;ve been playing around a lot with almond and coconut flour..and let me tell you. SO much easier to develop recipes, than vegan recipes. I made these amazing grain-free blueberry protein bars the other night, totally winging it for Ella and I and they were fabulous I froze them and never took pics. Now I need to make them again so I can share them.

    I’m the same as you as far as snacks. I love my avocado pudding mid-day. It gives m a pick me up, and I add some protein too.  For lunch, if I take the time to prep a kale salad with healthy fats and protein, I always feel the most satisfied!!!

  12. Hi Alexia,
    The flatbread doesn’t get “crunchy” like regular bread when you grill it—the texture depends on what you put in it though. Like, I usually put in a tbsp of grated parmesan cheese and this makes it slightly (only slightly) more crunchy and it also cancels out any sweetness there might be from the coconut flour. I’ve found that the brand of coconut flour really determines the flavor/sweetness. I usually use bob’s red mill. I also use a lot of kerrygold (salted) butter in the pan and this impacts the texture and flavor. My milk of choice is half and half—this cause it to be fluffier, rather than flat….
    I have used cheese and avo, and I am a big fan of that combo 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about adding some almond flour to it, just to see what that does to the texture. I’ll let you know when I try it!

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