Fishing and Meatballs (but not together)

I spent today fishing. And believe me, if I wasn’t already aware, today I really realized how lucky I am that much of my work is online. I worked for an entire day today…before 8:30am and after 4:30pm. In between those times? I picked up my favorite 8 year-old and we went fishing for 6 hours. Matthew caught a lot of fish…more than 20. I caught 1, sort of accidentally (he just wanted me to hold the fishing pole while he was casting the other one).

Note: we only got one hook stuck in a tree, and only had to cut ties with one stuck-in-the-rocks lure. That felt like success to me–fishing makes me slightly sleepy, but Matthew chattered the entire time about fishing and life, and our upcoming road trip to the ocean with our good friends. He didn’t so much appreciate my “fishing hat,” and he laughed at me when I exclaimed my desire for catching a tiger fish (apparently it was a perch). But we had fun, and I resisted my urge to hug him every time he got near me (after all, there were worm-y hooks swinging around).

This is my fave pic:


Catch of the day---fish #18, he says it's a rock bass. Yup, ok. Note: he is responsible for all removal of hooks and re-entry of the fish into the water. He's a pro.

Other news/notes:

I still have a post about detox in the works. Please forgive me for being slow. I’m overwhelmed, in not such a bad way, but still.

I am making meatballs as I write this—grassfed organic beef, 25% of which are pureed beef liver. I will post more about this topic too. I did write about beef liver once…here. Ever since I came across the nutritional profile of beef liver and the idea of traditional nutrition for promoting health (Cate Shanahan–Deep Nutrition, Sally Fallon—Nourishing Traditions, and the Weston A. Price Foundation),  I’ve been intrigued by things like offal and animal fat. I’m not going to go into all the health benefits right at the moment, but I will do a post about this as well. I don’t mean to say that every person needs to eat beef liver or eat like me. I do really believe there are many roads to good health—we all just have to figure out our own best roads.

I went to the chiropractor guy to try out the Active Release Technique for my sore achilles tendons. The end result—he tried to sell me a $3000 package of laser treatments for my achilles. Now I feel like they’re sleazy and sales-y, and I really just wanted him to knead the knots out of my calf/lower leg muscles in a way that would help both of my achilles stop being inflamed and sore. Boo to that. He made it sound like I’m doomed if I don’t do the laser treatments. And my shoes must be bad. And I shouldn’t work out till it’s better. And the sky is falling.

Today, I’ve expanded my day at both ends to accommodate fishing, and tomorrow I start again at 4:30 and go till…sometime in the evening. I notice that I don’t get tired doing this—I feel like I’ve found my nutritional niche in many ways. However, I do contemplate that threshold of necessity and enjoyment in regards to coffee and wine… where does the line stop between being nutritious and being a contributor to quality of life…and being negative (note: I don’t think I’ve crossed the threshold on either, but I’m wondering if I can/should lower it more)? I guess asking the question is the first step 🙂

Oh, here are the uncooked meatballs---you just make whatever meatball recipe you like, but for every pound of ground beef, you add 1/4 lb of pureed beef liver.

What are you enjoying this summer?

How much coffee/alcohol do you drink?


13 thoughts on “Fishing and Meatballs (but not together)”

  1. That sounds like a perfect day. Tony and I talk about this all the time. Working or yourself is hard on one hand since you are responsible for the work (getting it and doing it), but then again, we can go out on the lake for the whole day and still get in a full days work! That’s a definite win I’m my book! Oh and coffee helps me get through the rough times as does a little walking around when I get a little tired or restless. 

  2. Lisa, I wished I knew you were going to a chiropractor for your achilles so I could have talked you out of it!  Come see me and I will treat your achilles and make them feel better!  And I promise I won’t sell you $3000 worth of laser treatments.  I’ll text you my office phone number 🙂  I wish I could work from home.  I would love to work in the early mornings and late night so I could enjoy these beautiful days!

  3. lisa, i love those two pics of matthew and the fishing/fish. i am so glad you got to spend so much time with him yesterday. that is just what “summer holidays” is all about!
    this summer, i am enjoying knee socks, aviator sunglasses, cut-off denim shorts and other fun clothing! and time outside, of course!
    i drink two cups of coffee as soon as i wake up and 1-2 before noon. some days i forget the morning coffees, and i can’t believe that as i NEVER would forget to drink a diet coke when i was into that!
    sorry your ART experience was less than stellar…try a new person??
    good luck with your busy day today!

  4. love that fishing picture!

    lori and I are trying to eat more animal fat. we had grass fed beef last week, and recently got some grass fed butter. taking it slow and see how we do. 

  5. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    It always makes me smile when you talk about your nephew. I know how much that little guy means to you. I love that you guys went fishing together. Such special memories. 

    Sorry that the ART didn’t go as you’d hoped. Maybe check into the dry needling. My PT was actually telling me that he had done just 3 sessions on his wife for achilles pain and she’s already back to funning full speed ahead. 

  6. Love that pic of Matthew with the clouds. Can you believe I’ve never been fishing?! I need Matthew to teach me, he seems to be a pro 🙂
    I really want to try adding the liver to my meatballs, but think I might wait just because I was having gallbladder issues last month. I started taking my butter/cod liver supplements that’s a start.

    I would love to work from home, but I’m lucky to where my hours are pretty flexible and I can come in really early and leave early too 🙂

  7. I think coffee and alcohol are absolutely part of enjoying life!! I do think they are both best enjoyed in moderation though. I usually stick to one coffee a day, one drink in an evening. If the evening is more special, I will drink 2 or 3 but anything more and I find it stops being special and starts feeling like too much (I’ve certainly done it before!)

  8. LOVE this! You and Matthew have the sweetest relationship! I always feel so bad for the fish. I could never hook or unhook, etc. I don’t blame you for making him do it!!

    I don’t drink coffee, although sometimes I think I am crazy and should. I am not a big alcohol drinker too. However, as Ella got older, and after not drinking for like 15 months I guess, I have been enjoying more wine on the weekends. Or a tall glass of Blue Moon. My summer weakness! Moderation…it’s part of a FUN life!

  9. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    It looks like you guys had a great time fishing! How awesome that Matthew is a little pro at it!

    Right now I’m obviously not drinking any alcohol 🙂 and I’m staying away from coffee too. I didn’t drink it too often before getting pregnant so I figured why start now? I have a feeling I’ll be needing some coffee in the mornings once baby is here! 😉

  10. Sounds like a fun day…I haven’t been fishing in forever!  Looks like you guys had perfect weather — the sky in that pic is gorgeous!  The meatballs sound good…I’m not really a liver person but I think I could do it in meatballs.

  11. I went to a chiropractor once that tried to cure my shingles with a light treatment. Ummm yeah I should write a blog on sales’y chiros as well! I drink 8-16oz. of coffee a day on the weekdays. It varies depending on my work schedule/where I am/if I am in meetings etc. Most of the coffee I drink is black except on the weekends I tend to enjoy a “specialty” drink with some flavors. Weekend coffee can vary as well -sometimes I just don’t have any.

  12. I usually have about 5-6 alcoholic beverages per week, but I’ll also go weeks without having any…just depending on what’s going on in my life.  My coffee consumption has really increased since I started having night shift clinicals.  I used to have about 1-2 cups of coffee per week, but now I’m up to about 2 per day when I’m at the hospital.  I’m ok with that, though.  It feels so wrong/right to have a nice, big cup of coffee at 2 a.m.!

    P.S.  I love the beef liver meatballs.  I think pureeing liver into ground beef is definitely the way to go…if you can get over the way the pureed liver looks before it’s mixed in!  🙂

  13. Oh yes….the liver is quite disgusting in its pureed form! Lol…. I throw it in the food processor and walk away, and then dump it into my meatball mixture and stir with a big spoon so I don’t have to touch it right away!! 🙂

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