Juil Flip Flops and a Kid Friendly Road Trip

I’ve mostly readjusted to being home…after a road trip with my friend Carrie, two of her kids (ages 5 and 6), and Matthew (age 8). We went to the Jersey Shore for a few days and had a blast! The kids had never been to the ocean before, so it was a lot of fun watching them experience that for the first time. On the way home, Carrie and I contemplated whether or not anyone will believe us when we tell them how great the trip was…no one had a meltdown, everyone was happy, and we even found a place to eat that the kids and adults all loved!

When I got home, these flip flops were waiting for me. I’m beyond excited about these. I have been wanting grounding flip flops for a few years, but I never found any that looked good until now. I thought I had a post about getting grounded (electrically speaking), but I can’t find it, so I’ll write one this week and talk about why I’m so excited to wear these flip flops (and one of the reasons I love the beach).

Here are a few pics from our trip:

We left at 6am, and thought the kids would probably sleep for some of the 6 hour drive…but they didn’t! They talked, played, and giggled the entire way!

The boys did not have much fear of the ocean at first (even though we tried to explain why it’s important to be careful), until Matthew got clobbered by a wave…then they were more cautious (and I was glad).

After dinner on Thursday, we were walking around, and Carrie wanted to get a picture of the kids standing under the sign for the resort. She told them to go stand under the sign, and Kyle and Marion took off running…the opposite direction. We had no idea where they were going until they stopped right by the stop sign. We decided to go with it, and sent Matthew over to join them. In the future, we’ll specify which sign we want a picture under 🙂

I haven’t traveled with kids in a long time, and aside from not having wine to accompany my dinner, it wasn’t too much different. The kids really entertained themselves with the ocean and the pool, and I did a lot of sitting with my feet in the sand (exactly what I would have done even without the kids being there!). It was great for me to travel with a friend that I’m so comfortable with—we’re so much alike that there was no compromising needed, and it was great for Matthew to have travel companions (that are kids) so he didn’t have to just hang out with grown-ups.

This week, I’ll catch up on work, and then catch a flight Friday morning to Cali—I have TRX training in LA on Sunday, and my cousin says we’ll do a wine tour in Malibu on Saturday. Sounds good to me!

What are you up to? 

Do you ever try to “get grounded?”

10 thoughts on “Juil Flip Flops and a Kid Friendly Road Trip”

  1. I can honestly say I have never thought about grounding flip flops.  Although I recently got a pair of flip flops that I love!   Cute story about the sign..  kids are fun!  Sounds like you had a good time!  Have a great week!

  2. i’m so glad the trip was such a success for every person involved, lisa! it sounds like just a blast. i love LOVE that story and pic by “the sign.”
    you know my weakness for footwear, so i would love to try those flipflop!
    good luck getting things prepped for your trip this weekend – it will be totally different (maybe wine will be involved? haha!) and yet also fun!
    grounding – this will sound funny but cleaning the condo and organizing makes me feel grounded. and stretching (i’d say yoga but when it’s me on my own doing some poses, let’s face it, it is stretching!).

  3. Great pics — it looks like it was an amazing vacation!  Definitely want to hear more about the flip-flops!  🙂

  4. Jersey shore???I assume North Jersey?? I’m so glad it was a blast!!! You ill have to meet me at the shore one time!!

    That’s hilarious about the sign! Too funny! Sometimes you have to just giggle and go with it 🙂

  5. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Too funny about the sign! haha it sounds like you had great trip! I’m totally jealous of all the places you’ve been visiting this year!

    As for me, I just stopped working for the most part. I’m still doing a couple things from home, but now i’m just concentrating on getting a lot done around the house and preparing for baby!

    I haven’t looked into “getting grounded” too much, but of course would love to hear more about from you!

  6. All your travelling makes me so itchy because i would looove to travel right now. but i need to work all summer and will travel in fall… will be even  better then i am sure but right now its a pain!
    I am trying hard to get grounded, i have always been a bit of an airy, super restless person with a million things to do. I need to find my base and often a meditation helps or even teaching yoga and seeing other  people relax helps. sounds weird but its true!!

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