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Today was another day spent entirely outside of the kitchen (I mean, except for coffee). I trekked to Rochester to meet my fitness partner, Shirley. We met with a graphics guy, and also both worked out—we used this opportunity to take some photos. The end result of today was that we’re going to put out what we have done so far, and just build on it as we develop more (like website, etc.).

To back up a little, let me explain something. Fitness is my baby. I have a degree in exercise science, but over time, as I got more and more education and experience, I naturally got pushed out of fitness and into things like admin (boo), wellness (which I still love), and nutrition (which I also love)….

Shirley and I met four years ago. She was pregnant. I was wellness coaching at her place of work. We connected after her son was born—when she was working on losing baby weight and getting in shape (she had worked out through her entire pregnancy, but she wanted to take it back up a notch). Over the last few years, Shirley and I have discussed fitness at length, and she recently decided to begin competing in fitness (bikini) competitions.

Shirley is smart and beautiful—she is an engineer, and she hails from Colombia. I love having Shirley in my life because she is totally on the ball. We’ve had a great time collaborating so far, and well, mostly planning.

So here it is—Fit Body Style.

It’s a soft opening right now. I’m doing personal training, wellness coaching, teaching nutrition…and Shirley is working full-time as an engineer and also training for her next fitness competition.

What is this all about?

We’re just going to share what we do, how we fit in a healthy lifestyle, what we eat, and how we work out. We’re not exactly the same—we have different strengths and weaknesses, and we don’t eat exactly the same way. But what we do have in common is that we love being fit and healthy.

I mean, if you like to jump rope...or if you like to look at weird facial expressions while trying to get motivated to jump should definitely check out our site. ha.

Check us out on Facebook right now, and stay tuned for our website release in the next few months.

You can also find us on Pinterest and Twitter (although we haven’t really started tweeting yet–maybe tonight!).

9 thoughts on “Fit Body Style”

  1. Love this, Lisa!!! I saw this on facebook and got so excited for your new fitness venture! You are a rockstar…and you can tell you work your butt off for that awesome amazing body!!! So excited to follow you girls along! You know fitness is my baby too!!!!

  2. congrats on your new venture (adventure?!), lisa!! this is really exciting news! glad to hear that you have found a partner to team up with! looking forward to hearing more as you go on!…the jump rope photo is cool!

  3. Good luck with your new venture. I liked to jump rope pre kids, jumping and I no longer get along, If you have kids, I’m impressed you can still jump. Sorry if TMI. 

  4. Congratulations!!! This is the coolest!! I’m off to “like” your page and follow you guys on twitter and pinterest now! 🙂

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