Dark Chocolate Toasty Nut Butter {and a HIIT workout}

Today, I spent most of the day working (and a little cleaning…and a little mess-making in the kitchen). I stayed up too darn late last night, so my eyes are burning, but who cares because I made a new nut butter that is totally amazing!

Dark Chocolate Nut Butter (no sugar added)

In a food processor:

1.5 cups raw cashew pieces (buy the pieces–they’re cheaper this way!)
1/2 cup raw almonds (you can soak and dehydrate these first if you like)
2 Tbsp dark cocoa powder
3/4 tsp liquid vanilla stevia or 1Tbsp other sweetener (like grade B maple syrup or honey)
4 Tbsp Butternut Squash Seed Oil (or sub in another one that you like)
1 Tbsp coconut oil
pinch sea salt

Process until smooth. You’ll probably have to scrape down the sides a couple times. You can use maple syrup instead of stevia if you’re not as offended by sugar as I am. Also note that the amount of stevia you need will depend on what kind of cocoa powder you use—so add some and then taste!

I’m storing this in the fridge. I think this will work because there’s only 1 Tbsp of coconut oil (more would cause it to get hard).

Use this for whatever you’d use nut butter for!

I have BIG plans for this stuff! It’s an awesome texture after being in the fridge for several hours (I ate some for…dessert). I think it will go great with other dessert-y and snack-y things too.

News/Notes: Things are going well over at Fit Body Style (which is really just right here in a different tab on my computer). Shirley and I are going to work out together tomorrow at lunch, and we have more things going on in the background too. It has been fun—I won’t lie, it’s refreshing to just think about fitness rather than the wellness stuff that’s all about the complexities of long-lasting behavior change. Blah to that (at the moment–I feel sort of burned out from talking people into caring about their health)—wishy washy people who want results but do not want to do any work for it. There’s something more black and white about fitness—do you want the body? Then do the workouts and eat right!

This evening, I met my friend Kyle for dinner at Wegmans in Canandaigua—they have a wine bar, so why not? It was fabulous as always—we drank Fox Run Cabernet and ate mostly from the hot bar (it’s freaking cold and rainy in NY right now), and for some reason (happy hour?) the wine was only $4 a glass.  Tomorrow I have a workout, wellness coaching (corporate), regularly scheduled online teaching, and a new yoga class to teach (plus I’ll need to pack for my Florida trip which is happening on Wednesday morning!).

Also, I’m considering going to a TRX training—do you know anything about it?

Here are a few more pics from yesterday’s workout. p.s. Action shots are often blurry.

Rockin’ out with my bad self. Ha. This one’s my favorite.
How low do you squat?

I swear that although I have all the knowledge I need to do a kickass workout for myself, I still work harder with my trainer than on my own (regardless of who designs the workout). He makes me keep going when I’m tired. I won’t say I never think I have a better idea than he has…but it doesn’t matter—I have 30 minutes with him, and he makes me benefit from every single one of those minutes.

I did do this HIIT workout today—the jumping rope intervals are the higher intensity ones (read: jump fast).

Photo by Jen at PhotoCHICA



9 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Toasty Nut Butter {and a HIIT workout}”

  1. That nut butter looks amazing!! I made (well tried) to make some a few months ago with roasted hazelnuts and coconut oil and it just didn’t come out the consistency I wanted. No idea why. Where would one find butternut squash oil???? You never fail me so I want to try this!

    It’s so funny to hear you say you want to just focus on the fitness stuff now and less of the wellness stuff. Unfortunately, I have found the same “wishy washyness” (is that a word LOL) in the fitness industry. That’s why I was looking to “reinvent” myself. I see what you’re saying though. You tell clients…okay…you want results? Work your ass off and eat better. Simple as that?! Only you get clients who cancel for ridiculous reasons and  don’t understand why they are not seeing results {as they confess how much ice cream and other crap} they ate all weekend. Or complain of IBS and migraines and other problems that effect their workouts {in addition to their lives} but refuse to consider it’s from things they are eating. The frustrations are still there! That’s why I like doing boot camps now. It’s black and white. Sign a waiver, get clearance from a doc if you had injuries prior, prepare to work hard. I will give you modifications for each exercise, but you are pushing at your own risk. If you want results…work for them. Seeing people one on one and developing relationships can get tricky after a while. I am loving the group setting because it challenges me as well. As opposed to “oh it’s okay you keep cancelling on me” or redundant advice I am sick of hearing myself say!
    Overall, I do have some great clients who are dedicated but at the same time, I have the same frustrations as you! I love the video “Shit women say to their personal trainers”–I sent it to all of my clients and they were cracking up like “I say that…and that…and that…LOL”

  2. very cool pics, lisa! the nut butter one is a winner, too, though! sounds GREAT and i would have it for dessert, too (i just got a jar of maranatha crunchy yesterday – since i will not be making my own nut butter, just to be honest!).
    good luck with your day – sounds busy, but full of things you enjoy.
    a hot bar with wine at wegmans?? that is funny! glad you got to meet up with your friend.
    and yes, i totally believe that we work harder when with a trainer/with others than on our own. 

  3. Gina (Candid RD)

     I think I’ve told you, I’ve been into the HIIT workouts lately, and I’m going to do this one today, so thanks!!  And, thanks for the recipe, one quesiton though…what would compare to butternut squash oil???

  4. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    “they have a wine bar, so why not?” <— teehee, love it! I haven't done squats with lifted heel in ages. Need to remember that one!

  5. The chocolate nut butter looks amazing!!  Sounds like a pretty fantastic workout too…I love jumping rope, it always kicks my butt!  🙂

  6. Oh my gosh Lisa, that nut butter looks insanely good! I am so into dark chocolate lately – a little is so much more satisfying than a lot of milk chocolate AND better for you! Plus, nut butter is never a bad thing :). 

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