Build a Sexy Back {plus Biceps and Core!} Workout …p.s. I’m back home!

Here’s a workout Shirley and I did last week on Tuesday before I went to Florida and she went to Italy…

{Photo by Jen at PhotoCHICA)

If you do this workout, you should pick a weight for each exercise that is very hard—meaning, you can’t do extra reps in each set, but you can finish what’s required!

News/Notes: I got home from Florida last night around 1am. Then I went to my trainer this morning and tried to catch up on things (hence the workout finally being posted). Ali and I talked about how great it was to walk out of the airport at home and not have it be freezing cold—it takes the edge off leaving Florida (just a little!).

We had a great time on our trip—and since our flight was so late last night, we had time to go shopping in Naples too. I may have splurge on several new lululemon things. In the past, I’ve never liked lulu pants (the yoga pants). I think they look really bad on me–and I never understood the hype! But then I started buying the run crops (specifically the run excel crops—it has a good low rise), and now I’m sold! I bought 2 pairs of shorts, a sports bra, and more run crops in black (that makes 4).

Are you a lulu fan? Athleta?

Do you do specific workouts for various body parts on different days?

12 thoughts on “Build a Sexy Back {plus Biceps and Core!} Workout …p.s. I’m back home!”

  1. Welcome home!!

    I love this workout! I need to try it this week for sure!

    Well, I was totally against Lulu, but I tried their wunder unders and I never saw pants look as good on me before so I splurged. I really need to find a good sports bra. Seriously I’ve been dealing with the girls trying to jump out every second of my HIIT workouts and it’s really starting to get annoying and interfere with my workouts! I never used to have that problem!

  2. I seriously love lulu – I’ve been wearing it since I was about 10 years old, as the brand was created in my hometown 🙂 I probably wear at least four of their pieces everyday, and have a huge wish list of items I “need” to buy when I get back home (it’s cheaper in Canada than it is where I am now).

  3. welcome home, lisa! nice that you still had sunday “off” to get used to being home again!
    i LOVE lulu stuff. i have purchased numerous items over the years – my stuff never wears out! i find it hard to justify sometimes, though, since i can get such a good discount on nike, adidas etc at the store. never tried athleta!
    naples FL is SUCH a lovely spot…!! hope you can get back to marco again in not the too distant future!

  4. Hope you had a nice trip, but it’s always nice to get back home.   I have no idea if I like lulu – there isn’t one near me, and with workout clothing (especially that is pricier), I’m not too tempted to order online.

  5. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Looks like a great workout – but holy high reps 😉 I love looking at Athleta clothes but just not in my budget range. And I know that’s silly as much time as I spend in workout clothes!

  6. I am starting a new running training plan and I have to do some strength days. I will be referring to your charts for those!! Thanks for sharing!  

  7. Maria@healthydiaries

    Welcome home!!

    I tried on a few on Lululemon pants and didn’t think they looked that great. Maybe i just have too much booty! ? 

    That workout looks awesome, I’ll have to keep it in mind this week.

    (Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve last commented, things have been crazy busy around here!)

  8. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Welcome back Lisa!
    I don’t own anything from Lululemon, but that’s because there aren’t any locations too nearby me! 🙂

    I too, like Maria, wasn’t a fan of their pants, but I’ll have to check out their run crops!

    This looks like a great workout. I did my usual 45 min strength training session this morning and made a mental note to change it up a bit next time! Thanks for some ideas!

  9. I know what you mean about walking out of the airport and not being cold. Def takes the edge off coming back! That’s was nice about a warm month vacation…that is, warm months back home. Easier to come home and not as chilly to do so. Ahh I’m still holding off on my first Lulu purchase, I know I’ll be hooked and my wallet will be crying once I do it.

  10. Welcome home, it looks like it was a pretty fabulous trip! 

    That workout looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!!

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