PB Cups with a Cacao Nib Layer

We had two successes in the kitchen yesterday at Jena’s. First, I made pb cups a few different ways.



I made another batch (without washing the bowl...so the pb layer ended up being a pb/chocolate mixture and the bottom was just darker chocolate)
The second batch also had cacao nibs in between layers---I was trying to show them here, but they're hard to see. Maybe I'll add more next time--it was good!
Jena also made coconut flour flatbread for Dylan (age 1) for lunch---she loved it!

Both of the kids loved the pb cups, even the dark ones with the nibs (actually, I’m not sure Dylan tried the one with the nibs. I know Amelia liked it and asked for one before bed too—but the cacao may have been too energizing at that time of day!).

We went to see the Angel Oak, went to the playground, and Amelia and I played 95 games or so.

Jena has been asking Amelia everyday this week if she wants to go to the Angel Oak, to which Amelia replied each time, "NO." Yesterday, it was presented as going to look for fairies, and Amelia was the one who did not want to leave. Kids are so gullible!

We decided we’re not going to do the Farm Tour event today–it’s not really what we thought it would be, so we’re looking for something else to do instead! I’m pretty low maintenance as a guest (I like to think that anyway, maybe Jena should weigh in on that!), so I don’t really care what we do. I’m not new to the kid thing–so I realize that food, naps, and other needs always come first, and I’m perfectly happy just tagging along. I am, however, used to spending a lot of time by myself, so this week is very different for me (not bad, just different…). I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to be able to bring my work with me (well, the online teaching, not the wellness coaching). I am a little bit behind, and like I said earlier in the week, I thought Jena would be working this week (she works at her daughter’s school till 1pm), so I have had less time to write productive posts and email people back who are not clients. I’ll be home on Monday afternoon though, and back on track! I also really want to get back on my workout/activity schedule (not that it was really rigid or anything, but before my stitches I was spending a lot of time being active).

I had to call the doctor and tell her I took my stitches out. Actually, I lied and said that a friend who is a nurse took them out. I’m not sure why I did that—but I just felt like they were going to yell at me or something. Anyway, I need to go back in three months to have the areas checked again. Really, the whole process was not so bad–but I’m seriously hoping they do not have to cut more of the area out…22 stitches is no joke!

One last thing…Will you join me and Maria and Lisa from Healthy Diaries on a 28-Day Sugar Free Challenge? They wrote a great post about what it is and why they’re doing it, and I’m definitely joining in! I hope you do too–let me know here, and stop over at their blog and let them know too!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have you tested any winning recipes on any kids lately? 

15 thoughts on “PB Cups with a Cacao Nib Layer”

  1. Laura @ nevernotbeautiful

    I was contemplating a sugar-free challenge for the month of May… it means no cake on my birthday but I’m sure I’ll get over it, haha.

    I can’t believe you took your own stiches out but I’m so happy that part of the ordeal is over for you! I appreciated you sharing your story – it was the wake-up call I needed because you’re right – 22 stiches is no joke!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    That tree is awesome looking – as well as that flatbread. I think I would have lied to the doctor as well!

  3. Please, please, please come hang out with me.  And bring food.  Love that tree!  It tells a story.

  4. ok, i am envisioning your written recipe, lisa: “DON’T wash your bowl, and…” glad to hear your recipes are a success with jena and the children. wow, playing games, outings, new fun things to eat…for sure, they will wish you could stay longer.
    i hear you on needing your own time, each day…but you have a great perspective on that, on work, and on how a vacation with friends flows along.
    happy sunday!

  5. Gina (Candid RD)

    Thanks for the PB cup link/recipe.  I’ve been searching for one to make at work…but I have yet to find one that is simple enough to make and share with guests!  These sounds pretty amazing, and not too difficult.
    I think I Would be interested in the sugar-free challenge….I just need to convince Nick  to get rid of our leftover Easter candy first!  Seriously, that might be a tough fight!

  6. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    Thanks for linking our challange Lisa!!

    I really want to make your coconut flour flatbread for lunch today but I’m out of coconut flour! boooo I’ll have to pick some more up tomorrow!

  7. Yes both of those recipes look like a major win!! My plans for the weekend are in Cleveland – it is always good to come home! Hope you are enjoying yours too Lisa :). 

  8. Those cups look fabulous!!!! Glad youre having fun! I would love love to meet up next time youre here. Can always pick you up too!

  9. Your cupcakes look so pretty and delicious!!!

    I am definitely in for the challenge too!

    We have some catching up to do this week–and an announcement to make 🙂

    Glad you had a great trip!!!!!! You are so good about blogging!!!

  10. i gave one of my best friends a sample of your peanut butter cups and she was dying. seriously, Lisa, they are soo good! Have you tried to make them with peanut flour? I actually prefer them made with peanut flour!

  11. I still need to make your PB cups and coconut flour flatbread!! 
    It’s amazing how kids react with a little change in perspective… I have to remember that when the kids are complaining of going somewhere… just to turn it into some kind of adventure!  Thanks for sharing =)

  12. haha i would have lied to the doctor about that too! i have a thing about people getting mad at me…anything i can do to avoid it! oh the convenient nurse friend.

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