Coconut Almond Flour Muffins (Cupcakes?) and Trying New Things

For the past few days, my friend Jena and I have been experimenting with some recipes using coconut flour and almond flour—for recipes she can use with her kids. Kids are the toughest crowd usually—they don’t just judge based on if something tastes good, but they also judge based on if it’s different than what they usually have. That makes it more difficult to change things! It’s ok though–it’s just a process.

Amelia, age 6, is a great eater (she will try almost everything, and she eats a lot of veggies and greens and healthy food everyday). There are a few things in her diet that Jena would like to improve upon, so she attempted making pancakes this morning with some almond flour. We both thought they were amazing—but Amelia said she did not like them (which we took as that they were different than her normal pancakes). Of course, we didn’t warn her that they were different, so she took a bite expecting her regular pancakes. I guess there could be a benefit to either approach–the sneak attack or informing her ahead of time that they would be different.

We also made the Coconut/Almond Flour cupcakes yesterday, but instead of using mini muffin pans, we used larger ones. And the coconut flour Jena had was a different brand (much more texture and coconut flavor) than the one I originally used. So they turned out a lot different than the originals. Amelia liked it though, and so did her sister, Dylan (age 1). Amelia said they felt like carrots—the texture definitely had that feel. So they acted more like a muffin than a cupcake (which is fine too, right?).

So I suppose with any recipe, the end product is just going to depend on the brands and varieties of the ingredients. I always adjust my recipes as I go along (which is why it’s so hard for me to keep track of how much I put in of each ingredient).

Coconut Flour Almond Muffins...with a slightly carroty texture! I left out the stevia and added an extra Tbsp of coconut flour based on how the batter was acting.


We also turned the leftover avocado pudding into fudgsicles---Amelia wasn't crazy about it, but we thought it was darn good.

Instructions: Blend (we used a Magic Bullet) 2 avocados, 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1/4 cup milk. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.

Now this is totally irrelevant, but it’s so weird that I have to share it. We stopped at a roadside stand and bought eggs. The lady said they were all double yolks (how do they know, anyway?).

larger than normal eggs, but still "normal" looking
One of the eggs was slightly cracked, and Jena broke it----there was a yolk inside, and also another egg with a shell. We cracked that one--it had no yolk in it, just some gooey white. That's weird, right? We were kind of freaked out by it. Have you ever seen that before?

How is your week going? I’m going home Monday, and I think Jena and I are going to an event that’s like a Farm Tour with lots of food and drink samples from local restaurants tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that!

Do you adjust recipes based on how it seems to be turning out, or do you just follow the instructions and hope for the best? I’m definitely a changer…I rarely follow a recipe exactly!

8 thoughts on “Coconut Almond Flour Muffins (Cupcakes?) and Trying New Things”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Oh yes, good point, sometimes it’s about it being different and not so much the taste. I need to definitely remember that one when cooking for others. And I’m most definitely a changer too. Recipe? What recipe! 

  2. I have found too that you really need to adjust as you go when baking with almond and coconut flour. I have never seen an egg like that, weird! That would’ve freaked me out too!

  3. The Farm Tour sounds fun!  We are heading to the beach for an early dinner, some rides and games, ice cream, and some family time in the fresh air.

    With cooking, I adapt recipes, with baking, I usually stick to recipes, but I have gotten more adventurous.

  4. enjoy our weekend with jena, lisa! so glad you are getting to spend this time with your friend.
    that is just WEIRD with the eggs! yes, i want to know, too, how THEY know they are double yolk?!!
    your first paragraph rings so true!! i clearly recall as a child 1) not liking frozen yogurt the first time i had it because i was expecting ice cream 2) not liking “all-natural” potato chips because they did not taste like the regular ones. so i would fall into the camp of prepping kids ahead of time: “this is x. it’s not going to taste like our usual x. it has a,b and c in it. yummy!” or something like that!

  5. Gina (Candid RD)

    I’m definitely an adjuster! I took two food science classes in college and I feel like a pro (even though I’m far from a pro).  I sometimes wish I Would have gone into food science….seriously, in my next life I will!
    I’ve never heard of an egg inside an egg.  Immaculate conception?!   SO STRANGE!

  6. avocado pudding into fudgesicles? i love it! so creative. interesting discussion about kids not liking foods for taste vs for difference from what they are used to. i used to claim i didn’t like TONS of things when i hadn’t even tried them, but didn’t like how they appeared different from what i was used to. pretty sure the fact that wheat bread was brown made me claim i didn’t like it for years. now i love it WAY more than white! and i think a muffin-like consistency is way more satisfying and heartier than a cupcake consistency. i’d take muffin any day!

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