Traveling Home with New Focus

I’m partway home, in Atlanta, after an iced coffee (I speed-walked to my gate and was too hot for hot coffee) and wrestling with the wifi for 30 minutes.

Yesterday was low key for Jena and me (and the kids). But we ended the day by walking on the beach, and that was fabulous. Not specifically because of my name (but I like to think that makes it more concrete), I belong at the beach. I know I’ll live near one someday, and back in the days when I was deciding what to do after college, a warmer climate near the beach seemed relatively close in my future (after I worked long enough in Boston to transfer). But life changed things—and I wouldn’t change that now. I lost my sister, but gained Matthew as a bigger part of my life than just my “nephew.” There used to be times when people would ask me if I had kids, and I’d say, “no, but I have one nephew.” And in my head I would be really wanting to explain that it was more than that. I don’t feel that way much anymore, because I care less what people think or know about me. It’s funny though, because as he gets older the relationship gets even “more” than it was previously when he was tiny. I won’t wish away time, but I wonder how we’ll be when he’s 15 and 20 and 30.

Jena is one of those people who is just My People. We are different in many ways, but we not-so-randomly reconnected after not being super great friends growing up (when I returned back to NY at age 25, my mom and I lived next door to her mom, so I saw Jena when she visited). I admire Jena as a mother very greatly. She admires my work path—we spent hours and hours this week talking about how strange and funny life is, and how it’s important to connect with people who matter and make life what we want it. And to slow down and step back a little before life makes things so overwhelming and full of pressure that you don’t have choices about how you spend your time (obviously you can’t escape that altogether). Jena’s an amazing artist, but with small children, she’s had to put that on the back burner completely and focus on other things. She teaches at a Montessori school, and this works well with her lifestyle (her older child attends that school with her).

Being in Jena’s life for a week, and having the conversations we had, made us realize that now is a great time for us to collaborate on a project. So we made a plan. A pretty big one. We have wonderfully complementary skills and knowledge for this project. It makes so much sense that it’s like the universe dropped the idea in on us effortlessly, and now all we have to do is execute the plan. I’ll tell you much more soon, but the focus is on nutrition for children, how to feed children in ways that are both positive (enjoyable) and nourishing. It involves recipes, information, and practical advice—for people who don’t have the time to do the research or don’t have the practical experience (yet).

I really can’t wait.

I’ll keep you posted.

And now, I’m heading back home to my people.

I'm hoping I can entice some of my little people to help me test recipes. I am betting this little one is adventurous enough to try new things to help me out!

So much for getting my work done while waiting for my flight–but whatever. There’s time for that later.

Side note: I have another fabulous wonderful project I’m working on with Laury from The Fitness Dish. I had less time to work on it during my trip than I anticipated, but Laury and I are going to release the details very soon! It involves sharing information that I think many people will be interested in, so I hope you’ll be excited too.

How is your Monday!?

Do you have any new and exciting projects or news to share?


15 thoughts on “Traveling Home with New Focus”

  1. Hi Lisa! Sounds like your time away from home with your friend was inspiring! I also traveled this past weekend and enjoyed the change of scenery and routine. I often get really great ideas when I’m away from home because I find I have more time to think creatively and “outside of the box.” Can’t wait to hear more about your idea!

  2. That is awesome news!!!  I can’t wait to hear more about it!  Hope it’s a cookbook.  🙂  My 8-year-old niece (who is probably the healthiest eater I know, kid or otherwise, lol) is always thrilled to try new things…I will definitely be making your recipes for her! 

    Wishing you safe travels home!

  3. I hope you had a great vacation(sounds like you did). Jena sounds like a great friend. I think it’s so important to have friends that you connect with and that help you live the life you want. I have a lot of blog friends that do, but thinking I need to find that more with people I hang out with. Maybe you could just move to Chicago….even though there is no beach and probably just as cold where you are now ;-/

    I really can’t wait to see what both of your projects are!!

  4. new project is getting our new kitchen all set up and running 🙂 it is a bigger project then we were expecting, but hopefully soon it will get all worked out!
    Monday flew by like always, though we were really productive so that makes us feel good!

  5. I love the feeling when you find out someone else is excited about something the same as you- and you can work together or learn from each other. Have fun with the project!

  6. welcome home, lisa!
    i am just nodding my head as i read along with what you have written today. starting with: “I belong at the beach” – yes! i sure hope you can make it work that you live in a beach town, some time. i anticipate making vacation plans for beach spots as much as i can.
    that is so exciting that you and jena have plans in the works! and i totally get how some people are “my people” – and THESE are the people to focus on – thanks for the reminder.
    i, too, have reconnected with old friends, and when it’s right, you just pick right up where the two of you left off, like there has been no passage of time.
    big news – yup! travel news!!! involving florida!!!

  7. Lisa_healthy_diaries

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I can’t wait to hear about all these new projects you’re getting involved in!! 🙂

    My Monday was great! I got a lot done yesterday, so let’s hope I do the same today!

  8. Marion will love the attention and the taste testing…and because I am her mother I would like a taste test too :-).  I think your plan sounds great.  Thinking about it personally, it would be a great referenence.  There is so much to do and so little time for working parents raising a family.  I hope that you also share some tips or advice for adding supplements to certain diets. 

  9. oh my week didnt start too well but some blog hopping will make it better at the end of today! 🙂

    You have inspired me a lot since I have been following your blog and thats why I had to nominate you for the LIEBSTER AWARD!!! check out the link to my last post! 

    Have a lovely week Lisa! I need A LOT of your amazing peanut butter cups to get me through this week!!

  10. Oh I just love that you have such a wonderful friend in your life — and one that you are now going to conquer the world with, with this new plan of yours. I can’t wait to hear ALL about it. PS. I love how you talk about your nephew, so loving and touching. Seriously beautiful.

  11. This sounds like a fabulous week. I love the idea of your new project and I can’t wait to read more. Children’s nutrition doesn’t receive as much attention as it should, so power on! 

  12. What an incredible week – and I’m pumped to hear about your new project! The only thing better than getting to spend quality time with your people is getting to do creative work with them! 

  13. I am excited to hear about your new ventures. Anything that helps to make nutrition information/recipes etc. more readily available for busy people is great in my book. Glad you had some time to relax! 

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