Give your body the tools it needs to heal itself!

It’s Thurrrrsday! This week feels funny to me because I haven’t exercised or been active at all, and I keep checking in with myself to make sure that I really can’t yet, and am not just using my wounds as an excuse (so far, I’m not). I know, you know…I have stitches. I’m still in awe that someone sewed through my skin and that it’s going to be able to hold itself together at some point (it doesn’t look like it’s ready for that yet). Western medicine is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

(You won’t hear me say that often)

This process I’m going through to heal physically reminds me to keep a balanced perspective on how/when to use Western medicine. You won’t find me on antibiotics or medicating much of anything anytime soon. I’d rather rely on my lifestyle. Although, I’ll admit I’ve taken Tylenol this week—it helped I think, but I tried Tylenol PM and it didn’t make me sleepy at all.

Side note: I’ve been sleeping on the couch because I can be half propped up–the bed is flat (obviously), and it stretches my belly too much. (So I just yell my thoughts from the couch to Joe in the bedroom–he loves it). He’s also glad I can still hear his duck alarm from the couch—he wouldn’t want me to miss that.

But really, I’m amazed at (1) how 22 stitches and this week knocked me on my ass, and (2) how the human body can heal itself.

I look at Matthew’s knees, for example, and am amazed at the vast number of bruises and scrapes one 8 year-old can have at a time (we won’t talk about the dirt aspect). And his body intuitively heals and repairs itself. The bruises heal and fade, and eventually go away. The scabs do too, once he stops picking them.

It makes me want to promote thinking about the insides of our bodies in the same way—when you have a bruise, do you tell your body how to fix it? No, your body knows what to do. The same thing happens inside when any of your systems are out of balance.

You just have to give your body the tools and resources it needs to do its job and heal. 

Your food, activity, stress, mental state, and toxin exposure determine whether your body can heal itself or not (and how out-of-whack it gets in the first place).

Address the things you have control over, and you promote healing and wellness.

Sometimes the most important thing to do is to get out of the way and stop trying to control the process. I may not be able to coax my wounds into healing more quickly, but I can rest and eat the right foods. I don’t have to know how my body is using my salad to nourish and heal my physical injuries or whatever other imbalances I have occurring, but I have faith that it is doing exactly that.


I worked all day. I also tried to figure out how to use my In Design software (it’s hard and I have no skills), and I thought about doing my laundry.

Matthew has lacrosse practice this evening, and Mom is going to pick him up afterward. I think I’ll blow up the air mattress so we can have a slumber party in the living room (I’ll be on the couch). He has tomorrow off from school, so we’re going to try and do something low impact and fun. I can’t wait to tell him about my stitches and relate the outcome/consequences to not wearing sunscreen. I never saw stitches when I was a kid, but I’m thinking/hoping it makes an impact. Although, he’s a pro at hunting and has helped gut a deer, so maybe it won’t faze him.

I have a new recipe to share tomorrow!

Do you have plans this weekend? 

Are you good at giving your body the tools it needs to heal itself? 

9 thoughts on “Give your body the tools it needs to heal itself!”

  1. Yikes. 22 stitches??? As a former sun worshiper I am officially scared!!!

    And Matthew helped to gut a deer??? No he will not be fazed.

    And of course I agree with you about giving your body the tools to heal! 

    I have to go make a avocado mousse pie (no sugar of course ha) for Passover..then I plan to play around with the docs! I was thinking of things all day I want to add but of course didn’t write them down(because my best ideas come while driving or showering). Exciting stuff 🙂

  2. 22 stitches we are impressed!!! you go girl! 
    we try to listen to our bodies and give it what it needs to heal. sometimes it is easier then other times. we do believe in that if you give the body the right things then it will heal 🙂  we are doing that right now for our faces. it is a slow process but it is working and having the faith is soooo important too we feel! 😉 

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Ugh sleeping on the couch stinks – or at least when I try to sleep on the couch when I’m sick. I hope you feel better soon. And I’m probably not very good at healing myself…

  4. After I had surgery last fall, I thought it would be really hard to not work out for so long ( I barely walked down the block for about 8 weeks), but my core was so tore up that I didn’t even want to. Now I’m back to working out almost every day though 🙂

  5. I agree, our bodies are really remarkable, especially if we treat them right so they can live up to their full ability.  I’m a firm believer in using food as medicine, along with exercise. 

    My weekend is pretty full…my apartment is a shambles (we’re having a couple renovations done and they started this week…ugh, I feel like I’m camping lol!) so I’ll be cleaning what I can.  Plus my grandpa is in the hospital so I’m hoping to visit him a couple times.  And then dinner at my parents’ on Sunday!  🙂

    By the way, those pb cheesecake brownies in the last post look killer!

  6. I am so glad your stitches are doing well, and that you are resting! Taking a break from working out is mentally tough sometimes. I now give myself rest days when I know they are needed. The human body fascinates me beyond belief, you will be up and at em’ before you know it! Keep baking goodies, and send them my way if you make too many! 

  7. i hope you continue to feel better each day this weekend, lisa! the camp out sounds like fun – i bet matthew enjoyed it (but how about the movie?? i saw your tweet!!).
    thanks for sharing your reflections no healing. it is amazing how the body is so forgiving. i agree with the poster, that all of those components promote healing – and mind, body, spirit are all intertwined!
    i bet matthew will be fascinated to see the stitches, haha! that age group loves things that are like that!
    have a great weekend – i am off today and am cleaning, socializing, watching a movie, spending time outdoors. perfect day!

  8. I hope you feel 100% soon Lisa!  It is amazing how the body heals … and even when we treat it badly, it still bounces back!  Have a great day!

  9. What a great point – our bodies are amazing works of art, aren’t they? Able to heal itself pretty well as long as you provide for it, care for it, honor it. I noticed that just this week while battling this cold that I was able to bounce back much quicker this time around – because I slept a lot more, I hydrated even more, I fueled even better and I paid attention to body cues, pulling back where needed. Honoring the body in the truest sense of the word.

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