How do you end a great weekend? With peanut butter ice cream!

I was SO busy having fun this weekend that I completely ignored the Internet…how great is that to do once in a while?!

Rather than a hot dog, this guy requested a salad (with carrots) for lunch. Note: the hot dogs were organic grass fed all-beef hot dogs (and he ended up eating one eventually)


We did a lot of this...even in the rain (at least it wasn't freezing!)


Unfortunately our photography and posing skills are lacking...but can you see the tiny island in the background (right over Matthew's head)? It's Squaw Island---the smallest state park in NY.
We learned the definition of "daredevil" and I learned that 8 year-old boys, after picking a scab, will wipe the blood on the arm of your couch without thinking much (at all?) about it. Note: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is magic for sure---thanks for the tip, Ali! Also note the new sneakers---we're sure they make him run faster, and I have the video to prove it!


"Joey, can you cut my hair like yours? I want a bulb head too." ...And that's how we rounded out our morning (with me crossing my fingers that Daddy would not be mad when his kid came home "bulb"---he wasn't!).

Matthew left, I went in the sauna, Joe and I watched a few episodes of Weeds, Mom and I went on a walk, and I’m now procrastinating! This is why I like to get up early and do work before the day starts—once things start to happen, there’s no telling where my attention will go! I have several things I must do before midnight (some of my classes’ weeks end on Sunday night and I have to post wrap-ups and also Monday’s content)…I hope I start soon!

Last night, Matthew spent the night (across the street) with my Mom, and I went to dinner with a friend at Red Dove in Geneva—Ali and I both got the same thing, and it was really awesome. I wanted one of the sandwiches they had, and also a salad, but since I don’t eat bread/gluten, I asked them to take the contents of the sandwich and put it with the salad…it worked and it was perfect! I dislike asking to modify things on a menu (and rarely do it), but I’m glad I did, and I hope they didn’t spit in my food because I tailored my order! (I doubt they did—they seem really nice there)

In my procrastination efforts this evening, I had big plans for the kitchen, but when I looked around at what I had on hand (and the likelihood of my vision turning out well), I went with my standby—-coconut cream based ice cream. This time….peanut butter!

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Low carb, no dairy….no guilt! In fact, eat it for breakfast!

8oz  container of coconut cream, refrigerated (I use WIlderness Family Naturals 8.45 ounce container–you can try this with a can of coconut milk too, just make sure to refrigerate it overnight and when you open it, pour the liquid off the top)

1 tsp liquid stevia (vanilla)
2 Tbsp Peanut butter powder (you could try regular smooth peanut butter too—I’m betting it would work!)

With hand mixer, blend all ingredients until smooth. Then freeze in small blobs.

On a plate lined with parchment paper, freeze small blobs of the mixture (I use the Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator, but you could just spoon it too)


Once frozen (it doesn't take long at all--they're small!), put the blobs in a high speed blender (I use a vita-mix) or food processor, and blend/process until smooth. I added a splash of milk to get it going---any kind of "milk" is fine, and you may not need this.


How was your weekend? 

Do you ask for modifications to what you order in restaurants? 

For people without kids….when kids come into your space, how do you deal with the destruction and messes they cause?! I totally understand now why my Dad would lecture us that “the couch is not a gymnasium!” ….This weekend, I almost said something along the lines of: I paid hard-earned money for that stuff you’re ruining and putting your grubby feet on!  (I stopped myself)

Coming soon…

Review of Chocholistic chocolates (tomorrow) and a giveaway of My Favorite Things (very soon)! ….So far on my giveaway list I have my favorite peanut butter, coconut cream, Finger Lakes Roasters coffee, and I want to add a few more to make it worth it.

22 thoughts on “How do you end a great weekend? With peanut butter ice cream!”

  1. awww! such a great weekend! Matthew is so cute! I love that picture of the to of you!!!

    my nephew is 3 and he’s in that “boy” stage, you know, like growls and runs and jumps on everything. We have to remind him to be gentle around Ella, and he’s jumping on everything but we too stop ourselves from saying what our parents used to say! Only a matter of time though!

    excited for your giveaway. I’m totally all over it!

  2. You’re a strong lady for keeping your mouth quiet about the grubby feet. I don’t do well with kids sometimes, unless they are family. Even then my little siblings drive me mad. NOTHING this PB ice cream can’t fix though..DELICIOUS..and so simple. I must try this asap..I will fire up my Blendtec. 

  3. Oh my goodness that peanut butter ice cream looks absolutely amazing!!! Where do you get your peanut butter powder from? I’ve purchased peanut butter flour online before, but never peanut butter powder! I must make this asap. I think I’ll try to hunt down coconut cream tomorrow at whole foods!

    Mathew is too cute! I love the bulb head! 🙂

  4. I enjoy the show Weeds as well. I’m not sure if I could have kept my mouth shut about grubby feet, but you have to pick your battles! I wish my nieces and nephews lived close enough to come over now and then! What an awesome kid- wants a salad for lunch. That’s great! Is that what you were having for lunch? heheh bulb head… so cute! I love the pic of you and Matthew, he looks really excited to be spending time with you! 

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!  I love that pic of you and Matthew!  You both look so happy to be spending time together 🙂  This PB ice cream is calling my name.  Can’t wait to see you this week!!

  6. I always ask for modifications in restaurants. I actually don’t feel guilty about doing so and figure if I am paying for my meal anyways, a few substitutions here and there shouldn’t be a big deal.

  7. in austria spring has arrived and this past weekend i saw a TON of people eating ice cream and going for long walks in the parks. it really made me crave ice cream too.. this recipe comes just in time. 🙂 thx lisa! great to see some photos of your family too!

  8. oh, i love seeing all the photos in this post, lisa! it’s just wonderful that you had such a great weekend with your guys…and i commend you on holding off on the couch comment…i bite my tongue with my nieces once in a while, because something that my mom would say (that i didn’t like) is on the verge of being said!
    great weekend up here – not as hot, but i had fun working, shopping, movie-ing… no complaints!
    yum – this pb version sounds delicious!! thanks for sharing!

  9. Gina (Candid RD)

    I’m glad you had a nice weekend!  I’ll be honest, I love kids, but NOT in my house.  The last time kids were in my house I couldn’t stay comfortable.  I really need to learn how to deal with that anxiety….I mean…..yeah.
    The ice cream sounds fantastic.  And yes, I do make modifications at restaurants, especially when it comes to dressings and sauces.

  10. I like the idea of a favorite things giveaway! That PB recipe looks super decadent. You’re so good at making guilt-free treats!
    Glad you had a relaxing time. The bike riding looks fun! I am a chronic restaurant menu item modifier :-/ but I am ALWAYS polite about it. That was really nice of them to put the sandwich contents in your salad! Good idea.

  11. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    LOL – good to know on the magic eraser. Hydrogen peroxide usually gets out blood as well. I make modifications to my orders pretty much always!

  12. I love that picture of you and Matthew!

    I made PB ice cream this weekend too! I made it in the ice cream maker with peanut flour, unsweetened almond milk, Greek yogurt, and vanilla stevia! Great minds think alike? 🙂

  13. SO fun. Glad you enjoyed your time with the little man! The ice cream looks ridiculous good. I used to be super afraid to ask for mods- now I do it all the time!

  14. Ok I’m making this tomorrow night. I just put the coconut cream in the fridge so it’s all ready! 🙂

    So glad you got to spend some time with Matthew over the weekend! It looks like you guys really enjoyed your time together. He looks like such a sweetheart!

  15. It’s funny….I wasn’t even eating lunch when Matthew did, but he does like to choose things he thinks I would approve of—-I caught him bragging about me on the playground recently, “Yeah, well my aunt eats healthy, and she helps people get healthier. We don’t drink pop or eat sugar.” (he calls all junk food “sugar”)
    He’d rather look like Joe though—we bought him sneakers and a whole spring wardrobe this weekend—every time I wanted him to like something in the store, I just told him that Joe has one just like it. He fell for it every time! …And now he’s really a mini Joe. Ha.
    You’re so right about picking battles…I was really tempted on that one (but thank gosh for Magic Eraser!)
    Have a great day!

  16. I’m glad you mentioned that—I was going to post a pic of the peanut butter powder and forgot. It’s something my local grocery store has just started carrying this year by a company called Just Great Stuff. Amazon only has it listed in a 12-pack…it’s not really any more expensive than a good nut butter and is really fluffy and smooth (great for recipes) _1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1332754929&sr=1-1

  17. Oh my gosh, the little boy thing is so funny‹I’m glad matthew is past growling and jumping and thinking he’s spiderman—but now he’s SO big and he still wants to always sit on my lap and cuddle ‹I can’t turn him down, but now I’m just bruised. Haha. I was just thinking while we were bike riding—how FAST time goes! I’m sure you feel that way sometimes with Ella already too!

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