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Today, I have a review to share with you. Over the last 7 years, since I read the book, Naked Chocolate, I have been a great fan of all (unprocessed) things cacao/cocoa. Like most people, I spent most of my life believing that chocolate was an indulgent dessert.

It wasn’t until I learned about the health benefits of cacao, that I began to change my tune…and eat chocolate for breakfast without guilt!

Don’t get me wrong, you couldn’t pay me to eat a milk chocolate Hershey bar, but I’ll gladly spend money on high quality superfood chocolates and add (unprocessed and non-alkalized) cacao/cocoa powder into my food and drinks. When you see cocoa labeled “Dutch” or “Processed with Alkali” it means that it has been processed and the nutritional benefits have been reduced greatly, so I try to limit my intake of those varieties and focus on the raw unprocessed versions.

Actually, if you’ve visited my blog before, you may have noticed that trend! Recently, I stopped at a store that only had Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder (which is half-alkalized and half unprocessed—so it was half what I wanted!), and I begrudgingly bought it (because I’m impatient) and I’m happy to say it’s gone and I’m moving back to my regular brands, like those found at Live Superfoods, Sunfood, and Navitas Naturals (which I can find in my local grocery store).

I’m very picky when I accept offers to review products here on my blog (which is why I hardly ever do it!), and I never try something that I haven’t reviewed the ingredients for. Last week, when Kenzie from KHolistic Nutrition asked me to review her chocolates, I said yes right away because I know that Kenzie and I share a passion for quality ingredients, and a love of superfoods! She sent me some chocolates for free, and I agreed to write a review here about them (no payment involved). The opinions are completely my own, based on tasting the truffles.


Chocholistic Truffles – I’ll leave most of the ingredient and superfood details to Kenzie–her website describes it in great depth!

My Review (after eating 3 the first day I received them: one with coffee, one with tea, and one before a bike ride!)


High quality, good variety of superfoods, and some of my favorite things! I’m a sucker for superfoods, and these chocolates contain so many great ones.


In general, I don’t categorize superfood-based chocolates as “dessert” chocolates because they are likely to not be as sweet or as smooth as a dark chocolate Dove bar or other dark chocolate you’d find in the store. That doesn’t mean they aren’t as good, but they’re just good in a different way.

  • I liked the strong cacao flavor in these truffles, and I’d love to eat them again. I felt great after eating three in one day! But they are very rich, and one truffle goes a long way. Three in one day was probably excessive, but hey, I was taste testing!
  • Person B tried one, and she said she’d probably eat half of one at a time because it was so rich and even though they are small, they pack a punch. She said she could see eating it as a healthy snack at work.
  • Person C said he prefers the dessert style dark chocolate bars. It didn’t feel like enough of a decadent “treat” to him.
  • Person D (an 8 year-old) took a bite, said he didn’t like it, and then ate the rest of it because I told him it was too fancy to throw away—but seriously, I didn’t expect him to actually eat it (I was going to eat the rest). I’m not sure many kids would enjoy these unless they were really used to unprocessed cocoa—my Person D is definitely not one for eating raw cacao and I’m still impressed that he ate the whole thing (if he thought it was that bad, he would’ve spit it out!).
  • Person E wouldn’t try one–he doesn’t like chocolate (what’s wrong with him?).

I probably would not have liked these truffles at the time in my life when I was not eating raw cacao and superfood based chocolates, but these days I do very often, and I rank these in my top 3 favorite raw cacao superfood truffles. Side note: It’s difficult to compare a dark chocolate Godiva truffle (for dessert) to a raw cacao truffle (for anytime)—they’re both made from dark cocoa, but beyond that, they’re not really comparable because they’re too different in ingredients and purpose!  Also, if you are a milk chocolate fan, these chocolates will probably not be for you. They’re dark—they taste deep and rich and dark! I ate one with coffee, and it was a great combination.



Like most superfood chocolates, these chocolates are textured and not silky smooth like more processed chocolates—they have chia seeds and other ingredients that add texture, but no big crunchy bites or chunks!


There are so many key words in the ingredient list and the description that I’m happy about. If you’re into super dark raw cacao and superfoods, I highly recommend these chocolates—plus, I know Kenzie really puts her heart into making these, and I swear that makes a difference.

…And now, I have chocolate on the brain, so I just have to leave you with a few of my most favorite recent chocolate thoughts (all I did was work, workout, walk, go in the sauna, and make an unsuccessful mess in the kitchen).

Are you asuperfood fan? 
Raw cacao? 
How do you like your chocolate?
Would you consider the health benefits when choosing it, or is it more about taste?!

16 thoughts on “Chocholistic Truffles”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I wish I could like chocolate – don’t even like the milk chocolate variety. I know it’s supposed to be good for you. 

  2. These sound right up my alley! I just wish they were a little cheaper. Of course I created a budget to stick to starting in April. I guess I have a few days left to splurge… 🙂

    I used to hate dark chocolate, but now I love it. I too cannot stand milk chocolate anymore. It’s way too sweet! I’ve been meaning to create some healthy cacoa treats but if course haven’t gotten around to it!

  3. Ummm….that ingredient list is ridiculous {in a good way!}!

     Kenzie…I will review some if you like 😉 😉

    They sound and look amazing! I definitely turn down a lot of product reviews that you would typically see in the blog world (biscoff spread, pop chips–no thank  you).

    I haven’t eaten Hershey’s chocolate in YEARS. When I was pregnant, I was craving smores so badly. I love my dark cacao chocolates. But, I wanted Hershey’s for some reason? Maybe the subliminal message from a commercial or something tricked my pregnant mind 😉 Anyway…I got it, I made them, and the chocolate tasted nasty. Like chemicals. Blech. I went back out and got my high quality chocolate and my non-hydrogenated graham crackers and made them again haha

  4. wow- I’d say you know you’re living the dream when people send you pure and unprocessed chocolate for free to write about! that’s my dream, anyway 🙂

  5. thanks for the fun review, lisa! and you are a reviewer with integrity – i like your style! i also laughed at “person b, person c…etc” i can guess b, c, and d!
    these chocolates sound great! i love the sound of including chia seeds – the crunch would add a delicious texture. i do not think i have ever tried raw cacao?? i would be interested, both from a taste and health perspective. i do like dark chocolate.
    it’s really interesting how our taste buds evolve over time…and i so agree that children usually do not love “different” or “exotic” types of treats – give them the bargain chocolate, for example, and they are happy!
    enjoy your day – bet you need a sauna….it turned cold again up here, anyway!

  6. Great review, Lisa!  I’m a the-darker-the-better kind of girl when it comes to my chocolate so I think these would be right up my alley (especially paired with coffee!).  And that is a pretty fantastic ingredient list!

  7. I love superfoods, and I love raw cacao. I like my chocolate almost anyway I can get it, the darker the better. I wish I could say I had your willpower to turn down processed chocolate, but a Reeses bar is my weakness. I do like to consider health benefits 9/10 times when choosing chocolate, but I do splurge that one time to keep myself sane. These chocolates look amazing! Great review! 

  8. Great review! I absolutely adore chocolate so any excuse to eat it is okay with me! I used to be all about milk chocolate but you’re right – the real stuff is not only better for you, it’s so much more satisfying!

  9. thanks for the review, never really of that brand of chocolate truffles before. they sound delicious! as we love our raw cacao!!!!!!!!! it is funny how we have changed too with what we prefer to eat now, how our tastebuds have changed. how we actually LOVE cacao and not a big fan of processed cocoa in the stores. 🙂 

  10. I know….the ingredients made me way more excited than anyone should be about chocolate! I told Matthew that it would make him a superhero—I swear he totally ran faster afterward 🙂

  11. Haha, I can totally guess person’s B-D 🙂 I think my taste buds would have to adjust to those kids of chocolates. I used to never like any kind of chocolate but have started to love dark chocolate this past year. Still something I’m interested in trying! 

  12. How interesting! I need to check my cocoa powder labels!! Thanks for the info. The chocolate sound great. I don’t like milk chocolate at all! Dark all the way!

  13. Luckily for me, I can consider taste and health benefits when choosing chocolate because I love dark chocolate – the darker the better – and apparently that’s the healthiest kind!

  14. i love doing chocolate reviews! the ingredients list looks great! i remember that it took me quite some time to get used to raw vegan chocolate and thought it tasted AWEFUL in the beginning! it just takes time and creativity… i am a big chocoholic and prefer the really dark stuff. i recently started making my own chocolate too. its so easy! love it!

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