What Makes You Come Alive? Do That!

I had a couple days last week when I was feeling wishy washy about my career. I do that occasionally—I get really sure and motivated with an idea, and then I wake up one day laughing at myself. Why did I think that was a good idea? It will never work. 

I do, however, think it’s healthy to reflect with skepticism sometimes. It can be the “thing” that helps you realize that you’re really not following your bliss…or it can help you realize the opposite is true, that you’re exactly where you need to be and doing what you need to do.

This time, when I started to question myself, there were a few very specific things that helped keep me on track.

1. One day while we were on a walk, I told my Mom I was questioning my plan, and she immediately responded, “Really? I think it would be a great loss if you didn’t follow through.” This got my attention because my Mom is my #1 supporter—she usually agrees with every decision I make. In general, she has the motto of: “Make a decision, and then make it right,” rather than hemming and hawing over what the right decision is (which means that every time I make a decision, she supports it!). So when she took a stance on what seemed “right” for me, it really got my attention. I’m feeling pretty lucky that I have people in my life who will be honest with me, and even though I usually keep things to myself until I’m “sure” about them, spilling my guts definitely has its benefits!

2. The second affirmation occurred when I got this comment on my blog last night:

Please don’t misunderstand why this affected me—my goal isn’t to be a “hero.” But it is unbelievable to me any time someone tells me that they made a change for the better based on something they talked about with me (or that filtered through someone to them from me). I can’t believe it—I still don’t, really. But, it gives me a feeling of purpose and awe about what I do—I have this set of knowledge and ideas, and it can actually help people make their lives better. Each time someone makes a change, it’s not just another improved blood pressure or weight loss goal met to me—it’s social change, one person and one thought/thing at a time.

3. The third thing that got my attention this week was a quote. I have several favorite quotes. I was looking for a specific one and ran into another favorite of mine by Howard Thurman:


…And I’m happy to say that I’m feeling back on track! The reason I’m sharing this is because I want to know what you do when you start to question your path? When I did my Mind/Body skills training, my mentor would joke that she has a Ph.D. in Self Doubt (but you would never know it while interacting with her). So I know that we all have confidence and skills and we make big life decisions all along the way. But what makes you sure you’re on the right path? Or are you not sure, and you just “follow your bliss” and hope for the best? 

I also really just wanted to reflect on how much people, stories, and relationships play a role in my life and my own story. I may have indirectly helped a few people improve the quality of their lives this week, but because I’m lucky enough to interact with so many people and hear their stories, I benefit just as much as they do.

One final related but random thought…

There are certain times in life when we become wildly certain that it is not things that matter in life, but people and relationships.

How amazing that we can even do this through the Internet!

Happy Friday! I hope you’re spending it with people who matter, and reinforcing your passions and bliss by doing things that make you come alive!

11 thoughts on “What Makes You Come Alive? Do That!”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Love this post so much. Isn’t it amazing when you realize that you have an affect on someone and you never ever thought it possible? I do question my career and know that I am not doing what makes me come alive. 

  2. lisa, did you know that the howard thurman quote is the one i have at the bottom of my emails?? and i featured it on my blog post yesterday, too! wow! i do love that one (obviously) because it captures “the meaning of life” – what is life?? (i know deep q for a saturday morning!!) well, being passionate in how we spend our time is a big part, imo.
    that quote from your mom: “Make a decision, and then make it right” – that is excellent and i will write that down. so glad your mom is always in your corner – that is wonderful.
    happy weekend!

  3. We’re just too in sync—-I just commented on your post/quote and then came here and read this. Lol!
    I didn’t know it was on your emails…but I do think it’s cool that we posted the same quote on the same day!!!

  4. I like your mother’s quote, too! It’s all about perseverance–hanging in there and making things work rather than looking for evidence they can’t/won’t work.

    Yes, you’re always going to have moments of self-doubt. I think it’s normal and natural. But then you’ve got to remind yourself of your original goals. It helps. (PS – That’s probably why so many diets fail. People start second-guessing their path–sometimes with good reason!) I think life is full of many little adjustments, like a sailboat going across a lake. You’ve got to shift a little to catch the wind. 

  5. Gina (Candid RD)

    Ok, so I have two comments/questions.  First, I question my career all the time, and really I question a lot of things in my life all the time, but then when I really think about it, I am SO lucky to have what I have, and rather than giving up what I do, I realize that I just need to keep learning and keep trying new things, so it doesn’t get boring.  So, keep staying alive by trying new things and exploring all I can.  I LOVE that second quote!!!  I may have to print it and tape it to my computer…..  If more people loved what they did, and found ways to “come alive” I think our world would be a happier place.
    Second, completely off the subject, do you have the link to your pin it widget?  I like how your shows how many pins there have been.  Mine doesn’t do that!

  6. Happy late Friday Lisa, and now Happy Saturday! I am spending the whole weekend with those who matter and doing the things that make me come alive, indeed indeed. 

  7. How timely!  It’s amazing really.  I’ve never really loved what I do, and every time I try to get away from it the attempt somehow fails.  I’m ready to be alive, but I keep hitting roadblocks.  I just want to be happy and fulfilled and alive!

  8. It is good to get that affirmation every now and then.  I’m glad you are feeling back on track!  Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I completely agree! Why fill a bunch of desks just to get the quota of whatever position you think you need- people can be so versatile if they are passionate about the end result!

  10. Ahh I just love your posts — you ALWAYS leave me thinking and mulling and most of all, you leave me INSPIRED. I agree with your mom – it would be a great loss if you stopped following your path, it’s totally where you’re meant to be. It’s you following your bliss — so keep at it, please!! My version of “following my bliss” is somewhat of a happy medium. A job that affords me a lifestyle that I love, it’s not a job that is my DREAM, but it’s a job that gives me good work/life balance so I CAN follow my dream onthe side – to teach classes, blog about my passions, run races, etc. So that’s my version ofbliss. Perfectly imperfect. Awesome post!!

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