Planning to Plan: Fitness and Food (and Work)

If you were a fly on my wall, you would hear a lot of laughing. And it would mostly be Joe laughing after I’ve said, “I have an idea. Do you want to hear it?”

He isn’t really laughing at me (well, maybe a little), but he is definitely laughing at the fact I have so many ideas.

I’m hoping that I can stay on track enough today, for at least part of the day, to make my plan that incorporates all of my current new ideas. Implementing is a different story…

One thing on my Plan to Plan list—is to do a better job at measuring ingredients when I make food (and then writing it down).

For example, I made waffles. No wait, I made one waffle (because if I make more I eat more), and it was really really good.

Almond flour....almond milk, egg, (whites beaten till stiff), vanilla protein powder (optional), and organic maple extract.


But I didn’t measure anything, so I can tell you the ingredients, but not the amounts (and maybe I’m forgetting an ingredient or two as well).

Hopefully, I can work on this one right away. I’ll keep you posted.

I also need to plan (or figure out) what the heck to do with the radishes I bought the other day. Maybe I should plan to stop buying things that I just think are pretty. Because I don’t really like radishes (but they’re good for me, right?).

Pretty radishes...totally unnecessary.


The Weekend Plan

I’ll have Matthew with me this weekend, so I’m hoping he wants to go swimming at the Y, maybe ice skating too (although last I heard, he told Grandpa he was never doing that again–hoping to undo that feeling).

The Fitness Plan

I’ve got a 15 minute Ugi/Sandbag workout that I made up, and am (hopefully) doing this morning. I’m trying to figure out a way to share it with you that isn’t confusing and doesn’t take me hours to write-up. Also, I’m thinking about adding the Bodyrock 30 Day Challenge to my plan. Would you be interested in following that? I’d have to make modifications — I have a phobia about bothering people, and jumping around in this old house would probably shake the whole thing (my landlords own the house and live upstairs).


The Food Plan

Obviously, I’m grain-free. The summary of my way of eating is this: veggies first, organic grass-fed meat/fish second, raw cheese/dairy/coconut oil/butter third, raw nuts/seeds last. This past week, I ate some things I don’t normally eat (still in those categories), and my skin is, um, not happy about it. Lori and Michelle have been writing posts about dealing with their skin challenges, and they mentioned that one cause of skin problems can be the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in the diet. Nuts have “healthy fats,” but with the higher omega-6 content, I’m thinking I need to cut back and see if that’s the problem. Or maybe it’s too much dairy, but I haven’t increased that lately. Or maybe it’s the piece of chocolate I ate the other day (I don’t believe chocolate causes skin issues, but there is sugar and soy lecithin in it…so maybe it’s that). Or maybe it’s because I had extra caffeine this week. Maybe the solution is an elimination diet? I mean, that’s probably what I’d recommend to a client! (I should walk the talk, shouldn’t I?)

I believe that most physical issues can be traced back to food!

Ok, I’m off to grade some final projects, post some discussion forum posts, work out, clean up…and thaw out my car! I hope you have a fabulous day and weekend.

Are you good about measuring and writing down recipes you make up in the kitchen?

Do you try to connect your physical issues to the food you’ve been eating? 

Are you a Bodyrock fan?

Happy #WineFriday!!! What’s on tap for happy hour today?!

21 thoughts on “Planning to Plan: Fitness and Food (and Work)”

  1. Um please remember that waffle recipe so I can make them this weekend 🙂 I LOVE bodyrock! Mainly because it’s quick and effective. There’s supposed to be a snowstorm today so I might end up doing one at home. 

    I know most of my acne is from my hormonal balance, but you just made something click in my head. I’m pretty sure I have an allergy to soy lecithin and sometimes forget to avoid it.  It’ll always sneak up on me the one time I don’t read a label…. I wonder if this is causing my occasional breakout? I’ll have to look into that! Thanks!

  2. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    LOL – you sound like me. I’m always spouting out my newest ideas to Jason. I used to be better about writing out recipes in a little notebook. I do have my blog to go back to at least, but I’m not great about truly measuring. And those waffles look amazingly crisp!

  3. I want that waffle recipe too Lisa! Sounds so good and I should starting pulling my waffle maker out more! 🙂

    I don’t think certain foods cause me to break out. When I do breakout, it’s almost always on my chin and that’s hormonal. I’d always break out the week before my cycle started no matter what I did.
    Thankfully, while being pregnant, my skin has been pretty good and the breakouts have been occurring less. Hopefully it’ll stay that way!

    I’m guessing a body rock challenge wouldn’t be suggested for pregnant ladies? Do you believe that we should keep our heart rates under 140?

  4. Sometimes I can trace my skin issues back to my sugar/dairy consumption and sometimes I feel like it has a mind of it’s own. I’m really interested to hear if you figure out what’s at the root of yours… I’ll try just about anything at this point!

  5. Sometimes I can trace my skin issues back to my sugar/dairy consumption and sometimes I feel like it has a mind of it’s own. I’m really interested to hear if you figure out what’s at the root of yours… I’ll try just about anything at this point!

  6. yes we are bodyrock fans, we are thinking of incorporating the 30 day challenge into our weekly workouts too! and thanks for the mention! oh yes the joys of finding what causes our skin to hate us is never fun. we think we have made good conclusions, we shall see 🙂

  7. Carrie (Carrie on Vegan)

    Hey Lisa! I sympathize with your skin issues, I’m still dealing with occasional hives that are no doubt connected to the foods I eat (I think I’ve narrowed it down to a histamine intolerance). Have a great weekend!

  8. I had to laugh at the radishes, because I do the exact same thing.  I have a big bag of beets in the kitchen.  While I don’t dislike beets, I certainly don’t like them enough to eat an entire bagful.  But they’re pretty, so…you know.  I’ve been having some gut issues (OK, yeah, gas…I’m not too proud to admit it) lately and I’m trying to figure out what I might be eating to cause them. 

  9. I would need to make ONE waffle too..other wise I would eat way too much. Waffles make me weak and yours looks amazing. I try hard to write down measurements when I plan on sharing what I made on my blog, otherwise I just go with it. I never measure out spices..I just roll with it! 

  10. I actually am the worst for writing down recipes. I get inspired in the kitchen and just like to play around. However afterwards I often regret that I didn’t write it down. That should be my goal for 2012. I am so loving the topic of mind body connection an how our food plays a role in that.

  11. happy wine friday friend. Well, you know i am a bodyrock fan. Thank god for those right? I still think you need a TRX. another lifesaver! Have fun with matthew. So fun!

     i never measure recipes. i’m lazy!

  12. those waffles look delicious, lisa! yes, please keep recreating until you get the recipe written down, as you like it!
    have fun with matthew this weekend!
    sounds like your brain is whirring a mile a minute with so many ideas and plans…that is great! i love brainstorming future ideas, too.
    i fully believe that our physical bodies reflect the mental and emotional STRESS in our lives – illness, skin breakouts, running injuries…and i do try to put two and two together for myself. it’s hard – sometimes i think gluten/dairy is affecting me, and other days i am fine…so i come back to the topic of STRESS!!!
    happy weekend and i hope you get swimming AND skating!

  13. i never ever measure ingredients, i actually dont even owe a kitchen scale or measuring cups. i am also bad at writing down everything i create but i told myself to get better at it- its a small aim this year!  i sometimes do connect my physical issues to the food i am eating but it depends on my overall state and also the stress i have had etc. sometimes certain food changes do make a big difference though. but we are all different and thats the difficult thing about it- you cant really read about how to get better and change a situation somewhere else, you have to experience and find it out on your own!

  14. I do try to figure the links between my diet and a variety of things–my skin, my weight, my bones, my energy. And sometimes I have to consider that stress can do a number on any of these things, too!

  15. I need to measure ingredients also!  It’s always such a bummer when something turns out delicious and I didn’t take the time to measure it out!

  16. You know I am a body rock fan!

    I definitely link food to body issues. My skin has been great since I cut dairy out completely. I will still do some for treats, but not since I’m BF since I found it bothered Ella. When I DO have it, after not having it, little volcanoes pop up on my face.

    I hope you figure it out! I’m sure you will….you’re one of the smartest gals I know 🙂

    Recipes…I am bad about it and have SUCH a bad memory. If it’s something I am doing for the blog, I try to write it down quickly, but I usually get distracted haha.

    Oh, and YES how awesome you used to teach at RIT!?? CJ LOVES it there. He’s so smart and adorable. I want to visit him! My sister went to NSA for high school on an ice hockey scholarship too. My fam loves upstate NY! If we ever make it up there, I am sure we will for graduation, but if we di before we will have to grab coffee!!!

  17. The waffles sound awesome!  I’m pretty good at eyeballing measurements, and I try to write things down as soon as I can afterwards.

    Like Matthew, I think I’d be bragging about you, too.  🙂

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