It’s a 15-Minute Work Out Kind of Day

I got up early today, just like I had planned. I tackled my To Do List, and I even took chicken broth to my Mom who has an ear infection, a sinus infection, and bronchitis. It made me ponder how thankful I am that I am not sick. And then I washed my hands.

For lunch/dinner (because I ate too much to call it one meal, and because I ate it at 3pm blending the two meals), I made Faith’s Spinach, Portobello, and Ricotta Gratin. It was amazing! Please go look at the recipe, and also check out her portfolio of amazing food photos. I can’t wait till her cookbook comes out soon!


Egg, ricotta, spinach (I used chard), and onion. I added mozzarella after the pic.


The finished product---the portobello (broiled first) is on the bottom, and mozzarella cheese was mixed in and sprinkled on top.




Other than working and playing in the kitchen, I didn’t do much today—I only went outside to run over to my mom’s house and to move my car. It’s cold outside, and I don’t feel bad about it! I had intended to work at Starbucks (I can sometimes focus better there) this morning, but when it came to getting dressed and going out in the cold…I decided to stay home.

I finally finished my yoga teacher training final exam. It wasn’t hard, but it took a very long time—I suppose I had to prove that I know what I’m doing now (on paper anyway). I’m looking forward to using my new skills, and I have a potential new opportunity in Canandaigua that involves yoga, food, and mind-body skills…all at once!  More info later…it isn’t really developed yet, I was just approached about it yesterday.

Earlier, I thought I was all done with my work for the week (aside from a few discussion posts each day), and then it occurred to me that I have 45 final exams to grade and 22 “welcome” messages to write. Oh well—I think I can get it all done tomorrow!

So I sat a lot today—I alternated between my desk, the couch, the table, and back to the couch…I was warm and hydrated, and had a better than average ability to focus. I realized that I like my jobs, and I don’t mind doing them. Not even one little bit. I’m meant to work at home—and then be social for fun. (Who wants to hang out?).

At a certain point, I realized I was either going to drink wine or work out…and I didn’t want to walk to the gym in the cold at dusk (which meant it would be colder and darker when I returned home). So I did an Ugi Ball workout…and it reminded me that I want to do another Ugi Review. I worked out for 15 minutes, which is my average workout time three days a week, the other two to three days are about an hour (but the intensity is different).

I’m going to do more fitness focused posts in the near future because:

1. I have several trips planned between Feb and May and I want to be in good shape (why? I don’t know, I just do!).

2. I bought a new bathing suit from Athleta and I lovvvvve it. So I want to wear it, and feel extra good about myself…in spite of not being tan.

3. It’s winter, I sit a lot for work, and I love how I feel after I work out.

4. I paid for a whole bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science (or, I had a couple scholarships and my parents’ graduation gift to me was to pay off my loans), so I need to put it to use.

5. Since I started my traditional approach to nutrition, I have increased my quality protein intake, and I’d like to explore the effect that has had on my muscles being bigger (I recently put a shirt on and it’s too small in the shoulders).

Today’s workout conclusion: 15 minutes was enough. I was out of breath, sweating, and I worked many many large and small muscles groups to fatigue.

And now, I will have a glass of wine.


15 thoughts on “It’s a 15-Minute Work Out Kind of Day”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Ugh, I feel like all I have done today is sit. I sit most days all day, but today no workouts (sinus mess happening). Sometimes just 10 or 15 mins is what you need to just feel better though. Enjoy the wine 😉

  2. Love this post. I bet you look extra fab in that bikini!

    Looking forward to your fitness posts. I always like hearing what you have to say!

  3. hope you enjoyed the wine, lisa!
    i love blog posts like this – i feel like we just had a lovely personal chat about your day. i am excited to hear more about your upcoming yoga/food/mind-body opportunity. sounds perfect for you. that recipe looks delicious! congrats for getting that yoga exam checked off your to-do list. i am ALSO excited to hear about where you’ll be traveling in the next couple months…i hope some sunshine is involved!!

  4. Hey Lisa, Do you hang that suit up in your closet where you can see it regularly? That kind of thing often worked for me!

    Good luck on everything. I’ve been getting up early again to get to the gym. Ugh! But when I get there and see everyone working out, I get some enjoyment from having “company.”

    Seems like when you really want good results on anything, you need to go above aand beyond!

  5. I wish with all my might that I lived close to you so we could do yoga! Congrats on finishing that! Your day sounds fabulous and you still broke a sweat. That’s a success. I hope your mom feels better soon and keep washing your hands!

  6. Sounds like you had one very productive day!
    That recipe sounds delicious and I want to try it soon. I have always loved ricotta since I was little.

    I’d love to see some workout posts from you! Who wouldn’t want to get muscles like yours? 🙂

  7. Awesome!  That gratin looks amazing!  I love 15 minute workouts … sometimes that is all I have time for!  Have a great day!

  8. Great post! Several things to comment on here. Firstly, that recipe looks BOMB. I was drooling over the second pic with the finished product, and then the “forked bite” pic put me over the edge. Sounds like I’m talking about something sexual but I guess this qualifies as food porn – ha!

    I love the last portion of this post. As someone who struggles with beating myself up over skipping a workout, drinking wine, or, worst of all, doing both of those things in one day, it helps to keep posts like this and blends like you in mind! I’m glad that you enjoyed your wine (I’m just guessing you did) and got your sweat on in an efficient way.

    I really like your mini-goal list. I feel like I want to make one…maybe I will in my post tomorrow. There have been a ton of “mentally healthy” things I have been meaning to do and I’ve been doing a bad job of making time for them.

  9. That recipe looks delicious! I’m definitely going to check it out. And 15 minutes work outs are the best. I’ve been contemplating buying an ugi ball…and a dip station…and a nice sand bag. Damn those body rock work outs! 😉 Enjoy your wine!

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