Breakfast Fail but Fun with Friends

I had a test this morning—the kind where I make something for breakfast and then see if Matthew will eat it. When he was younger, he would just tell me that something was, “destusteen.” Now that he’s eight, he actually tries to not hurt my feelings so it’s more like, “This is not really good.”

He does roll his eyes at me and my healthy food, but you better believe that when we’re around other people, he brags about how I don’t even eat sugar or any junk food.

My goal today was to make waffles that he would eat. And like.

But the catch was that I wanted to eat them too—and so I wanted to take out the grains. I used my Mom’s waffle recipe—and I have no idea where it came from. But, I know she’s made them for Matthew, at least many years ago…back when waffles were wah-bows.

Here’s how it went:

Matthew helped me make the waffles.

They were disgusting. 

I toasted some organic flax waffles that were in the freezer for him.

They were disgusting. 

Matthew ate yogurt and almonds for breakfast.

Next, he’ll tell everyone he knows that I make bad waffles. Well, apparently, he’s right!

I’ll try again tomorrow, but I’ll go back to my other method.

If I measure, and it’s good, I’ll share.


Last night, Matthew played with friends (Joe’s nieces and nephew), and then we saw them today at the pool for a little while (Matthew stayed in the water for an extra long time).

Here’s the crew 🙂

Katie, Marion, Matthew, Kyle, and Megan


It was impossible to get a pic with everyone smiling, Matthew not making faces or pretending to stick his finger up his nose, and most of them looking at the camera...


I love these guys 🙂

11 thoughts on “Breakfast Fail but Fun with Friends”

  1. Oh the honesty…sometimes you want it, but really, sometimes you don’t. I made muffins with buckwheat years ago and they were referred to as “bug muffins”. They tasted like what you would think a muffin made of bugs would taste…so not good! I know you can do this. I keep mine pretty simple with the ingredients. Now I want waffles…

    Good luck!

  2. I still remember when my cousin was a little boy about Matthew’s age, he turned down blood pudding (gag!  The mere thought of it grosses me out) by saying “No thanks, I don’t want to ruin my appetite”.  I still laugh about that 10 years later.  Anyway, good luck with the waffles tomorrow!

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Awwww they look like they’re having so much fun. I remember those days of being totally silly with my cousins.

  4. I can’t put even a speck of flax seed in their oatmeal without them balking!  They kindly requested I stop putting yogurt in their smoothies and always double check the glass for any hint of green.  Put a couple of spinach leaves in ONE TIME and they’re forever suspicious!  hehehe…

    Love the pics, watching kids play together is some of the best entertainment out there!  Sounds like you guys are having fun weekend together!

  5. good luck with this morning’s waffles, lisa!!
    love the photos of the kids – so cute! and i hear you on the impossibility of getting all to smile sweetly at the camera at once. i fail at getting “that perfect shot” with just the two nieces! oh well, they all turn out cute, anyway!

  6. Lauren@spicedplate

    They’re all so cute!  A few years ago I taught a group of home-schoolers, and part of the day was having the kids help me make lunch — one that was super healthy, and that all 8 kids would agree on! Sometimes we just gave up and ended up making home made gluten free mac with homemade cheese…it was delicious, but not something I would actually eat!

  7. Gina (Candid RD)

    Awww, how fun!  I miss childhood sleepovers.  And I miss making waffles with my mommmmmy!! 🙂  And pancakes too, with chocolate chips 🙂

  8. Sorry the waffles were a no go with Matthew, but I have faith in that you’ll find the perfect recipe soon and he’ll forget about all the ones he didn’t like!
    All those kiddies are too cute! I love silly kids!

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