I Must be Detoxing…

Every time I have something wrong with me or I don’t feel well, Joe laughs at me because my go-to assessment of the situation is, “I must be detoxing.”

I probably did think that a couple times, but now I just say it because he expects me to.

Side note: I feel awful right now. I have a horrible “hangover” feeling, but it’s not from drinking too much. I’m not going to speculate what is causing it—I’m just going to hope I sleep it off!

I don’t have a specific topic for this post, but just a few random things.

1. Thanks to the people who commented and/or emailed me about the fertility and food post. It was hard to keep it short and simple—I really had to stop myself from explaining everything in-depth—but that would have turned into a book! I also thought of some things to add (like coconut oil and chlorella), but maybe I’ll just do a Part 2 at some point.

2. My mom texted me earlier to ask if I wanted to hang out in bed with her. So I ran across the street with my air-dried hair to get in bed and talk (I really hope no one saw me–I wasn’t planning on leaving the house today). That’s my “place.” You know how Meredith is Christina’s “person” on Grey’s Anatomy? Well, my Mom is my person, and hanging out in bed with her is my place. It reminds me of when Matthew was tiny and he spent weekends with us (when I lived with my Mom)…we’d lay in bed for hours, and Matthew would play fishing and diving.

3. Elimination diet update: for two days straight (even though I have rot gut and a stabbing headache), I have really been crave-y. I’m just mouth hungry, not belly hungry—but damnit, I want to eat a piece of toast or something! Joe had bagel pizzas for dinner, and I just sat there next to him and smelled the pizzas. That actually kind of helped. I need to re-group and try some new recipes this week, so I can feel like I’m getting more variety. I’ve had several people ask me to post what it is I actually eat on an elimination diet, so I’ll do that in a couple days. I have high hopes for this research study I’m doing on myself, there will be no cheating no matter how crazy I feel!

I feel the need to reiterate this: I really hope dairy is not an issue for me. I don’t know if I can live (happily) without cheese.

This week is going to be great for me—I have a lot of work to do, but also a lot of time budgeted in to work on my other projects. I dislike winter, but there’s nothing much to do except be productive (or hibernate)!

How was your weekend? Any real hangovers going on?

Do you get Sunday night dread about starting a new week? I used to when I was stressed out about work…but now, I’m way too happy with my jobs to dread anything.

19 thoughts on “I Must be Detoxing…”

  1. Hope you feel MUCH better tomorrow 🙂 I think its sweet that you and your Mom hang in bed! Weekend was great! No real hangovers. I don’t think I’ve drank a full beer in…gosh…maybe two years? 

  2. Oh no – I hope you feel better soon!  No real hangovers here just one glass of wine for me last night! I really used to dread Sunday nights but now, like you I am very happy with my job. It makes life a lot easier!

  3. hope you feel better today, lisa, and that those cravings subside – not fun times!!
    i love mondays so i don’t have sunday dread, at all. i used to when i was a teacher, though!
    i’d love to see a part two of the fertility post! and read more about your elimination diet.
    glad you got over to your mom’s – i was over at my parents a couple times this weekend, and it’s very centring to talk talk talk with them!

  4. Feel better, Lisa. Monday dread? Well, maybe “dread” is not the word. I have to steel myself, though. Weeks are a whirlwind, demanding lots of energy. I consider the good stuff about working 9 to 5 (paycheck, benefits, professional credibility) and try not to focus on the negative stuff (the commute, long hours, energy and time drain).  I try to stick in stuff “just for me” always. It helps.

  5. I love what you and your mom do! So awesome that you guys have each other to talk to! 🙂 I didn’t do much this weekend. Cleaned what I had to, but I so could have gotten more done, but wanted to rest instead! No hangovers for this pregnant girl, but I never really drank before so I’m not missing much.
    I get depressed every Sunday night knowing that tomorrow is Monday and the start of the work week!

  6. I never spend much time with my mome unforunately, i have been travelling so m uch and now live 3 hours away so there is not much time to see each other. so nice to have a close relationship with your mom though! I hope you will find out soon about the diary issue! keep us posted!

  7. How nice to have your place right across the street! My mom is my person, too. I always know I can go to her with any problema and she’ll make me feel better and not judge. 

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that dairy isn’t your problem. I hear life without cheese is doable, but it sounds infinitely difficult to me! 

  8. When you talk about your mom is makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and a little teary eyed.  I love the relationship you have with her.

    I hope you feel better 🙁 No hangovers for me but I am freezing today…can
    t get rid of this chill!

  9. That’s definitely cute that you a “place” with your mom!  And so lucky to have your mom to close =)  Hope you’re “hangover” has subsided!

  10. I don’t get Sunday night dread as my work schedule is all wacky but in my soon-to-be-left job I do get that dread feeling! You are very blessed to have something you look forward to each week :). 

  11. Carrie (Carrie on Vegan)

    Hope you feel better, Lisa, and keep us updated on the results of your elimination diet. I’m sure you’ve read all the research about the high incidence of dairy allergies and intolerance, but, rest assured, life without dairy is very doable, especially if you feel better without it!

  12. Thanks Carrie! I do feel better today…I think there is a little bit of detoxing going on over here (plus I cut way down on caffeine…). I cut dairy out for a couple years, and lately have just been really selective about it—I’ll come to you for ideas to fill my cheese cravings if I need to 🙂

  13. I was nursing a real hangover yesterday but felt so much better after some clean eats and a shower at the end of the day. I am wishing you a discovery that does NOT involve a need to eliminate cheese from your diet! I’d be sad without cheese too.

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