Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello, My Friends!

Today, I decided I would make coconut flour chocolate chip cookies, so I googled it and kept finding the same recipe over and over. You can find it here.

I did, however, make some changes.

  • I left out the coconut flakes—the idea of flakes in my chocolate chip cookies did not appeal to me!
  • I added an extra egg, based on reading a comment that said they were kinda dry (note: other comments said otherwise).
  • I did not use regular sugar. I substituted in 1/2 cup of Just Like Sugar (which is way over priced, and I don’t recommend buying it) but it did not make the dough very sweet, so I added 2/3 cup Erythritol and 1 dropper full of vanilla stevia.
  • I did not use parchment paper.
  • I baked one pan for 13 minutes, and one for 17 (because I was facebooking and I forgot about them).


The dough---not nearly as good as traditional chocolate chip cookie dough (I'm a dough connoisseur)


These are really very good. The texture is hard to explain---it's not gooey and chewy like regular chocolate chip cookies, but it is still a really nice texture. It's like a cookie w/ 5% muffin.


Here's the overcooked batch (with a piece of non-burned cookie for comparison). I won't lie, I loved the toasty taste of these even though the picture makes them look really ugly. I think my recommendation would be to bake them for about 15 minutes, just like the recipe says to!

Joe was home briefly before going to play basketball, and he ate one (he must have been starving—he never does that). I told him he probably wouldn’t like it, but he said he loved it. I was surprised—he’s really picky! I’ll update this later if I can get Mom and Fred to try them.

I love using coconut flour because it is super high in fiber, and it’s obviously grain-free. The thing about it is that you can’t sub it in for other flours without adjusting the number of eggs/moisture in the recipe. For example, this cookie recipe called for 4 eggs and I used 5! The other thing to note about these is that if you use a sugar substitute, you should probably start with 1/2 cup of your substitute and then add more to taste if you need to.

How is your weekend shaping up? I spent most of today (because I was totally caught up on work) working on my website (not this one, obviously). I’ve got the layout done, but no content (just some filler text to see what it will look like once there is actual information involved). If you’re so inclined, you can check out the design–I’m only showing it to friends at this point to try and get some feedback on ways I can improve the design/layout. It’s

 Happy #WineFriday!  What’s on tap for Happy Hour tonight?! I’ve got a local favorite of mine—Heron Hill Eclipse. Cheers to Us 🙂


6 thoughts on “Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. love coconut flour, but like you said it is hard to bake with. so many variables. i laugh sometimes when I see other people’s recipes using and wonder does it really come out?? i always find it so dry.

  2. hope you enjoyed wine friday, lisa!
    i esp love the second photo in this blog post of the cookies – it looks artsy, i think it is the lighting and the background that give it this special look!
    neat cookie idea – choco chip is my very favourite. coconut flour is completely new to me and with five eggs, this recipe sure is unique!
    glad you had such a productive web-designing friday!

  3. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    I’ve never used coconut flour. I’m not really a fan of coconut so it’s not anything I have ever thought to look for and use actually

  4. These look really good Lisa! I got behind on all your wonderful posts this weekend. Don’t you love it when the guys like the healthy treats we make? I made banana muffins with almond flour and only 1 tablespoon of maple syrup last week and Rinaldo loved them! Yippee!

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