Starting Monday with Lists, Hoping it Carries Over to Productivity!

Happy Monday!

I have a feeling it is freezing outside, and I’ll be walking/running to the gym momentarily…with three layers on. It’s only two blocks away, but I’ve proven I can practically freeze my fingers before I get there. I’m pretty excited about my new PIP. Remember way back when I was doing my Personal Improvement Plans (PIPs)? That was a while ago—I think I’ll dig up the posts, and see what I was focusing on. It’s probably the same things as now, but hopefully I’ll feel like I’ve made progress since then!

Things I’m working on this week:

  • Work – lots of work online. Right now, I have 9 classes (but 4 will be done next week, 1 new one will start next week, 2 started today, 2 are halfway done, and 1 started last week—what will I end up with??? I think….6.). I need to come up with a better system of checking email for all 5 schools. The end of the week for online classes I teach is mostly Sunday night, and for one school it’s Tuesday night. So I have a huge wave of grading and new content to post on Mondays, and then a smaller wave of that on Wednesdays.
  • I need to practice teaching yoga. My last teacher training weekend is next weekend, and I’m pretty sure I have to teach a whole class. I know I can do it, but when you teach teachers, it is especially important to do a good job!
  • I am working on putting together a nutrition for fertility/pregnancy resource for two specific friends. This takes a long time because I want to cross-reference what I find with research studies (you know, the unbiased ones that are harder to find).
  • For myself: a new PIP and an elimination diet plan – I’m doing/eating something that is not working for me, and I don’t know what it is. It’s frustrating.

Yesterday, I failed at breakfast again—but I’m blaming Joe because he convinced me to do blueberry waffles and I had a feeling Matthew would not like them. He didn’t. But he was pretty happy with yogurt and almonds…and then we went to mom’s house and he ate veggies and dip. So, not terrible, but I still have a bad breakfast reputation—I’ll have to try again next time.

I’m hoping to have a workout plan set up by tomorrow afternoon. I’ll share what I come up with—I am thinking of blending in some of the new ZWOD workouts from Zuzana (sans jumping, of course, due to my locational limitations). I’ll keep you posted.

When the weather gets really crappy, I like to make lists of where I want to travel to….here’s my list for the next 6 months:

  • Vancouver – the cousin is there for shooting the second season of The Killing. But it’s cold there…maybe I’ll wait till she’s back in…
  • Santa Monica – the cousin has an apartment two blocks from the beach/pier. How can I not go there?
  • San Diego – (not really San Diego, but Fallbrook, which is 40min outside of SD) To visit the Aunt/Uncle. They’ve always hosted my Cali trips—since I spent summers out there in the 90s.
  • Charleston, SC – a BFF lives there with her hubby and two lovely girls. She has an art show in March that I’d love to be there for, but I may go after so we can just do nothing.
  • NYC – the other cousin is stationed on Staten Island for the Coast Guard. How can I not visit there? I really want/need to go to the Flor store–yes, that’s my first thought and I’m admitting it. I may go more than once—Matthew needs a NYC trip too. Eight is a good age for the city, don’t you think?
  • Florida – this one I tacked on for good measure because I always want to go to Florida, and I’m hoping either Joe or the Ali-Cat will want to go. Someday, I’m sure I’ll be meeting my Blend Cathy there 🙂
This is the only vacay pic I have on this computer---which means I need to go on another one!

My mom and I are trying to think of a good place to take Matthew this summer. We’ve done Disney for the last two summers, but honestly, he really just wanted to be in the pool last year (and we really wanted to sit on the balcony watching the giraffes and drinking wine…but we sat by the pool happily and starved because the food was so yucky).

Any good ideas for a kid vacay for this summer? We have a grandma, an aunt (me), and an eight year-old boy—we are willing to fly, drive, etc., and we’re not hesitant about being a little adventurous, but NO camping will be involved.

Look at all my lists—I’m SO organized 🙂

How is your week looking? Any travel plans for the next few months?

23 thoughts on “Starting Monday with Lists, Hoping it Carries Over to Productivity!”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Oh I’d love to be in FL overlooking the ocean right about now. Just so relaxing and peaceful. And wow, that’s a lot of classes to be teaching! Don’t freeze heading to the gym 😉

  2. Starting Monday off with lists is a great idea, I really like it! I think 8 could be a good age for NYC but there is usually a lot of walking involved so depends on how good he is with being patient about getting places (and waiting in lines, lots of cool things to see in NYC have lines)! But it is still a great place to go, my little brother went at 7 or 8, and I think he did OK. Some complaining but that’s a given!

    Pool food is ALWAYS yucky. Their salads are always iceburg lettuce and not much else. I feel ya on that one.

    But if you come to NYC let me know! Blog meet up?

  3. Girl you have alot going on!!  I’ve been thinking about teaching online… sounds like a great opportunity to stay-at-home… I can imagine I would only be able to handle one class at a time though. 
    Hmmm ideas for kid vacations… (no camping): rent a beach house for a week, San Diego (so many cool places to go like the SD zoo and Balboa Park), rent a cabin in Yosemite or Yellowstone…

  4. JodyLynn @ HealthyHeyday

    I LOVE lists!  I find they keep me on track and love the sense of accomplishment when I get to cross items off.  🙂  You’ve got me starting one, as I type! 

    You are one busy gal!  As far as the vacay goes … if you go to Santa Monica or San Diego/Fallbrook – let me know, I’d love to meet you (in person)!  I think NYC and LA are great places to take an 8 year old.  So many things to do.

    Have a great week, Lisa!

  5. I don’t know how you do everything Lisa! You have so much keeping you busy! I really need to make a list of things I need to work on and am hoping to get my energy back in these next couple weeks!

    I don’t really have much planned this week, which is nice so I can try to get stuff done! We don’t have any travel plans for soon, but would love to take a short distance road-trip early this summer before the baby gets here and then we plan on going to Italy when heshe is a few months in the old in the fall to meet Rinaldo’s family!

    I saw take Matthew to Chicago! There’s lots of hotels with outdoor pools and you could get a chance to showing him around town. There are plenty of kid activities to do in the summer! 🙂

  6. Look at you so organized and goal oriented! You take on SO much but somehow you always get it done, I totally admire that in you! I love how much you do for others too – your friends, Matthew, family, etc. It’s awesome!

    PS. what about renting a house on a beach in Florida or something where Matthew could play in the ocean, build sand castles, etc. and you could relax on the beach, do lots of cooking at the house and have a healthy but fun, kid-friendly trip together? 

  7. I was going to say camping.  Never mind.  😉  How about just renting a cottage by a lake – preferably with a nice deck?  I spent the vast majority of my childhood summers in the lake.

    Will you be sharing the fertility research on your blog?

  8. Ohh walking to the gym is a great idea! Despite the cold air. I would have eaten your waffles for sure..Matthew will grow to like your healthified foods. Disneyland is always a hit for me and I am well over the age limit of a child..but if he just liked the pool you can go anywhere! Anywhere that has a pool.

  9. we are heading home to south Florida in late February which we are excited about!  love going home now for vacations 😉 
    week so far looking good = busy busy but all good! 

  10. You should definitely save Vancouver for the summer months, speaking as someone who lived there 🙂 I’m pretty in love with San Francisco right now… I’m going back in June and it can’t come soon enough!

  11. I’m thinking the same thing….I’d rather get a break from winter while traveling, not go to someplace just as wintery as home!
    I’ve never been to San Fran…but it’s on my list!!! Cali is a great place…

  12. Austin is definitely on my list of places to visit…just not in the next 4-6 months. But…I’ve been wanting to go there for several years, so it’s bound to happen! You’ll be the first person I’ll “call” for a meetup 🙂

  13. I’ll definitely share the fertility info here (I’m hoping to have enough of it done by Friday to get a post up about it).

    I like the lake idea—my mom/aunt owned a cottage while I was growing up and it was awesome. Since they sold it, we haven’t spent much time at the lake. It would be great to escape to there for a week!

  14. I definitely recommend starting with one class online at first—the first time you teach a class it takes lots of time, and then when you do it again, it’s not quite as much!
    I think SD would be a great place for a kid trip—my mom and I considered it last year, but then ended up going to a grown-up wedding there and left Matthew home. Maybe this is the year!

  15. Definitely a blog meetup when I get to NYC! I plan to go a couple times, so maybe when I leave Matthew at home—you know, the whining and stuff can put a damper on the conversation 🙂

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