Testing Out the iPhone 4S … Sunday Morning Pics, and One of Life’s Unfortunate Lessons

When I was contemplating topics and methodologies for my dissertation, I really wanted to do a photo novella…but everyone (in academia) to whom I mentioned that idea…well, they laughed (not at me…I don’t think).

I ended up going with a narrative inquiry (story telling) methodology, but I think there’s a lot of overlap between that and photo novella—I had really wanted people to tell stories with pictures. So, I’m an expert in narrative inquiry (apparently), but I’d like to add the picture angle for depth. Don’t you think that’s why/how people get wrapped up in blog-reading? Maybe it’s informative, but people return for the stories (via words and pics).

On Sunday morning, I went to breakfast at 7am with Joe (his idea).

Diner Food: So far, the Lafayette is better, but Patty's Place is closer (and the Wagner in Penn Yan wins over both---McJohn anyone?)

After breakfast, Joe was going running, and I wanted to walk with my mom—but she has this annoying habit of sleeping in on Sundays (well, at least till 8am). So I took my shiny new iPhone and walked for a couple hours.

My neighborhood.


Camouflage style trees line this street---next to the Army Reserve Center...maybe this is on purpose?


Any guesses as to what is behind this door? It reminds me of when I first read Bridge to Terabithia when I was a kid.
There are so many trains in my neighborhood...I was doing a webinar recently, and my students could hear the train whistles (I had my windows open, but still)
Do you ever walk or run in the cemetery? This one is really hilly (and there are a lot of rules---no pets, restricted decorations---it makes my childhood neighborhood cemetery look like a scruffy yard full of trashy lawn ornaments)

Chess Pieces?

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

After the cemetery, I decided to walk down Main St (to get coffee). This building is part of the YMCA (formerly known as the Post Office and Courthouse)--the building has additions, but the former back outside wall of this building adds interior character to the current lobby.
My new favorite coffee---locally roasted (in a yurt), organic, fair trade coffee...with chinese herbs. More on this later...


Later in the evening, Joe wanted pumpkin seeds...neither one of us wanted to actually carve the pumpkin, but he gave in and did it. He says it was worth the $3.50 and the mess!

Fall isn’t so bad…so far. I did spend all of yesterday afternoon watching 7 year-olds play lacrosse in the monsoon-like weather. That wasn’t so great.

Matthew has called me three times this morning to talk, the first time sobbing—he’s taking the day off school to mourn. His dog, Camo, was hit and killed by a car early this morning. He had hoped his best friend Camo would make it to old age like Maddie (his mom’s dog, who is 15 and still alive), but now that won’t happen. He also said that he wishes people would drive slower.

Me too 🙁

Have you ever had a pet die? Matthew knows about death because of what he knows about his mom dying when he was born and a couple great grandparents have passed a few years ago…but he hasn’t lost anyone who was such a big part of his life till now. I guess it’s all about life lessons—blah. I wish we could have avoided this one for a while.

Do you ever visit people in the cemetery? I don’t “visit” my sister’s grave very often (I don’t really feel like she’s actually there), but I do walk through the cemetery in my neighborhood a lot. I like that it’s off the path of cars and people, and it just feels really peaceful there.

What is your neighborhood like? Do you notice its style on a daily basis? I get used to things and forget to notice them—but once I started snapping pics (mostly b/c I wanted to use my iPhone!), I noticed things again.

The iPhone camera is 8MP, and I have it connected to my iMac, MacBook, and iPad through iCloud…my life just got a whole lot more convenient!  Have you tried the new iPhone or used iCloud? My opinion so far: It’s easier and better (for my unskilled photog-self) than the pics I get from my Nikon D40X. For a point and shoot…it wins for sure.

Have you tried herbal coffees? I’m going to post about it soon–it’s really interesting, and I bought Mexican coffee with longevity herbs…Joe, Mom and I all thought it was awesome!

Happy Monday…I’m off to get my hair chopped off!

23 thoughts on “Testing Out the iPhone 4S … Sunday Morning Pics, and One of Life’s Unfortunate Lessons”

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about Matthew’s dog!  The loss of a pet is truly the loss of a loved one.

    Your new neighborhood is stunning!  What a great place for long walks.

    I have to say, I love your photo novella idea…I think photos add so much!

    Lastly, that coffee sounds incredible!

  2. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    Love all the pictures! Thank you for sharing. So sorry to hear about his dog. So sad. My neighborhood is old – my house was built in 1890. Sadly, many of the homes are in dire need of repair.

  3. Poor baby! That’s just awful about his puppy. I found my dog after he had been by a car when I was 18, and it was so traumatic. I can’t imagine it as a child. 

    On a brighter note, the pictures you took are gorgeous. I never would have thought of running through a cemetary, but  love the idea!  You live in a beautiful place, for sure.

  4. I am crying. Poor Matthew. Oh…that is SO hard. It’s horrible to say but sometimes it’s tougher to lose a pet that you were so close to than a distant relative. I lost a couple of cats. Our one cat, GOB, was only 3 years old when we lost him. My parents let him go outside (even though I told them not to) but the cat insisted. We raised him from a kitten. Literally birth. Our cat gave birth to kittens and we kept 2 of them. He had the best personality. I remember sobbing for weeks over it. I wasn’t even living at home but it was a fw months after I moved in with Michael. So hard. If anything happens to Munchkin…or hopefully a LONG time when he’s like 22 years old I am sure I won’t be able to handle it! I feel for him. Poor thing!!! That is so so so so super sad 🙁

  5. iPhones rock! love their picture capability! The walk looks fabulous. And the coffee sounds fantastic. having a pet die is SO hard. I’ve had two dogs die, but once was when I was much younger. The second died when I was in college and I was a mess! I feel for the little man

  6. Ugh break my heart, my thoughts go out to Matthew and his puppy!! I HATE when pets die. Getting old is no good. On a happier note, these photos are awesome! I need to come walk with you because your area is gorgeous! 

  7. Ugh break my heart, my thoughts go out to Matthew and his puppy!! I HATE when pets die. Getting old is no good. On a happier note, these photos are awesome! I need to come walk with you because your area is gorgeous! 

  8. oh, i’m so sorry about matthew’s dear camo…the poor little guy. so glad he could connect with you, lisa.
    great great awesome photos. i love that door one. did you ever read the secret garden? that’s what popped to my mind. and i love that stone bridge.
    we had rabbits for a very brief spell and then we gave them to our friends on a farm. their dog ate the rabbits. :/ i was sad but not devastated…we were just not a pet family, growing up.
    i never visit my grandparents’ gravestones in the cemetary. i connect with them other places (feel their vibes – it’s nice, not creepy).
    i LOVE my ‘hood and notice the architecture most often. and the seasons changing in the park.
    good luck with your haircut – show us a pic?
    oh and 7 a.m. is …. early for breaky!! 🙂

  9. Your neighbourhood is beautiful and I’m really curious about this coffee with chinese herbs! I love me some coffee and I love me some chinese tea… so the potential for amazingness is there!

    I haven’t been to a cemetery since I lived in the Yukon… my great great grandma and great great great grandma are both buried in the “pioneer” cemetery there. Cool hey?

  10. So sorry to hear about Matthew’s dog 🙁
    Such a horrible thing!

    When my bird that I had for 15 years died while I was away at school, I was devastated. Cried in bed for days because we were so close. It’s hard but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

  11. I can’t imagine the day when I will eventually lose one of our dogs – it’s amazing how much those 4 legged creatures are a big part of our lives, isn’t it?  Hope it gets easier for the little guy with each passing day =)

    And p.s. post pics of the new haircut! =)

  12. good info on the iphone4.  I want it but i have the most recent version, prior to that and am not eligible for the upgrade for another 12 mos…darn!

  13. Very intrigued by your idea of using a photo novella approach to your dissertation.  I think that would have been very interesting!  Your neighbourhood is lovely…it looks so stately and beautiful.  I think that I would walk for hours if I lived there too.  I’m so very, very sorry that Matthew lost his dog.  My heart aches for him.

  14. Ahhhh I want to see your haircut!!!! Also this weekend is family weekend so since you’re family you should come. Leeeeeeese your neighborhood is so pretty! Ugh so beautiful. I miss real neighborhoods, as much as I love it here. Poor Matthew!!! I remember when we had to put Sam down last November — it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I literally felt like I was going to throw up out of grief. I felt him die in my arms — there is nothing as heartbreaking as feeling a soul’s last breath. Matthew is right — people need to drive slower! My Dad would most definitely agree. He gets passionate about it. Maybe him and Matthew should bind together and fight speedy crime. Love you!

  15. Will we get to see a picture of your new hair cut?! 🙂

    So sorry about Camo! Poor little Matthew.

    I never had pets growing up, besides goldfish and birds so I don’t know what it’s like to lose a pet. I do have a cat now so I will experience it sooner or later.

    All of your pictures are amazing! I love the area you live in. Everything is so pretty and it all looks a little medieval!

    I love that my neighborhood is  full of old trees! It’s particularly beautiful now in the fall when all the leaves turn amazing colors!

  16. I think partly I also just like the name “photo novella” ….. 🙂
    I have a new fun summer project that will involve a photo novella, so I’m looking forward to that!

  17. oh, Lisa, you know I am touched by this (you know how I love Basil so…) I have tears in my eyes as I reaad that ans as I write this… I am SO sorry for Matthew and Camo. that is such a hard thing to go through (yes, I have lost pets). big hugs to all of you.

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