Traditional Nutrition – Much More to Come

Thanks for all the kind words for Matthew! I know it’s rough for him to lose Camo his pup-brother, and I wish I could make life just happy and easy for him, and protect him from any bad feelings ever. What–it could happen!

Here’s a pic of the new short haircut:

I laughed a lot at myself for taking a self-portrait in my office, and then for using instagram to spruce up the colors a bit...but hey, when you work at home alone, there's no one around to take a pic of your haircut for you!

I might actually use this one for a while on the blog too, just because I realized the one I have here is…well, a year and a half old. Am I the only person who is never ever in any pictures? I am pretty bad at taking pics, even with my family, but even when I do, I’m not actually in the pictures. I’ll say that I’ll work on that, but I’m not totally sure I will.

I know I said a few weeks ago that I was working on a blog re-design, and I am…but I over-committed myself to teaching this semester, so I’ve got a bit of a hold-up (I suppose it didn’t help that I signed up for yoga teacher training too—but that’s fun, and I’ll admit, harder than I anticipated).

I have so many informative things in my head that I want to say, but my focus is going mostly to grading papers and planning classes right now. The good news is that as of Dec 16th or so, that will be different…and I have an awesome project to work on with a friend this summer. I don’t want to say too much about it now, except that it involves food and film and hopefully a photo novella (if I get my way!).

I think I’ll give you a snippet into my food-life though–I’ve been sort of secretive about it lately, but it’s getting hard to hold back 🙂

In case you missed my prior post about this, on approximately August first, I cut all grains and pseudograins out of my diet. I also cut my sugar intake to around 10g per day or less (I don’t add it to anything and I’m not eating fruit right now). I also added in certain foods like organic pasture-fed animal products (including butter and eggs).

Don't judge this book by its cover---yes, it's warm egg salad, but the yolks are not quite cooked fully, and it has curry, turmeric, and chipotle powder. Oh, and vegenaise. Eggs are brain food---but it's really important to get farm eggs, not just organic ones from the grocery store (but if you have to get Eggland's Best, it's better than the regular ones). If you disagree, watch Food, Inc., and then come back.

I’m not calling this the Paleo Diet or Low-Carb, or anything like that—there’s no name for it. It’s kind of like I’m going back in time 100 years or so and eating the way my childhood idol, Laura Ingalls, probably did 🙂

Butter and cheese that is imported is often higher quality than the standard stuff from local manufacturers. Americans want things cheap and fast, and we take shortcuts. Cheese is a good example--I'll tell you all about it later 🙂

(You think I’m kidding—I’ll have to find the Laura Ingalls dress my mom made for me when I was 5–I used to wear it to school all the time with the bonnet hanging around my neck. But please don’t tell anyone about that.)

If I had to name the way I’m eating, it would be Traditional Nutrition. There are so many topics I want to cover about why I’m eating this way—meat cooked on the bone (and the relationship to bone and joint health), eggs (and choline and brain health), unpasteurized and/or full-fat dairy (especially from goats), cod liver oil (yes, I said that), and …still… veggies (mostly organic ones).

Quick summary of my benefits: clear skin, no brain fog, a billion times more energy, no joint pain (especially no knee pain), more muscle tone (but I’ve also changed my workouts, so I don’t know how much I can attribute to food), no puffiness, no digestive issues, shinier hair (I wash it less often)…my eye color changed a little too I think–or my eyes just look more clear.

I believe that we all need different nutrition habits to support our own specific and individual needs. I also believe we have some common needs, and that it’s probably as healthy for some people to be vegetarian/vegan as it is for others to be omnivores. I don’t want to get hung up on those details–-but to just focus on quality.

What about you? Do you value quality most? Or cost? Or fitting into the nutrition paradigm you’ve chosen to follow? Or taste?

Happy Tuesday!

Here’s a Rumi quote my mom sent to me yesterday:

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?
Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.


22 thoughts on “Traditional Nutrition – Much More to Come”

  1. lauren@spicedplate

    I’ve been eating more eggs lately as per my acupuncturist’s recommendation..I just started to go for a few issues and have really enjoyed the experience.  I also spotted goat butter in my health food store and was super curious about it….Traditional Nutrition is such a lovely cookbook/eating guide…although I still can’t bring myself to eat meat, it’s such a wise volume of work.
    I love the haircut!  it’s so modern and lovely.

  2. I think there are lots of ways we can apply the principles of the traditional approach to non-meat-eating… And I do so intend to work on that too (I’ve got some ideas, and have worked with a client or two on some substitutions..but it doesn’t feel totally organized yet)!
    Maybe we can collaborate 🙂

  3. This is interesting and I can’t wait to learn more!  If you don’t mind my asking, why did you choose to eliminate fruit? I would imagine that seasonal fruit would have been an important part of a traditional diet.  Just curious!

  4. Food Inc and In Defense of Food both changed me for the better =) I’m right there with ya! and warm eggs… ahhh so good! I can’t keep my hands off them right after boiling them.. i have to eat them the second those babies are out of the shells with nothing more than a pinch of salt. so boring. so good =) hehe

    LOVE your new hair cut! so pretty! and so are you! mwah!

  5. Oh you know I’m a quality girl 😉 I love goat cheeseeeee! I have some in my mini fridge that madre brought me from home — garlic dill. So freaking good. Miss you girl, and I love the hair!!!

  6. LOVE your hair cut!!! You look great!!!

    I love hearing about your eats too!! I need to get back on the 10 grams of sugar a day thing. I have been slacking on that lately.

    Curious about the fruit!!!

  7. Ohhhhh my goodness. You are my Little House soulmate! Guess how I got my name 😉 haha. Luckily my Mum was a huge fan so I grew up with the boxed set of books and went on a family vacation to De Smet to see her house and homestead and all that first hand… no joke… I just watched home videos of it last weekend.

    Love your new cut… your hair looks so full and healthy!

  8. i like your updated photo, lisa! i take photos of myself, but rarely 100% love them…so i have not changed my blog photo (or the photo beside my comment, here) in ages. you have mastered the self-photo, too!
    i enjoyed reading about your traditional nutrition approach (can we call it the laura ingalls diet?!). hey, you gotta do what you enjoy, what makes you feel good, and what you believe in. and i do think those eggs look good!
    isn’t it great to have summer plans to look forward to already. hopefully that will make the (ick) winter fly by! and dec 16th is less than 2 months from now – hang in there!

  9. I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that part… I actually eliminated sugar for health reasons (as an experiment), and it helped so much that I’ve kept even natural sugars at almost 0 for now. Fruit would definitely have a place in a more traditional diet, and I could fit in a few berries or an apple here and there (I’m just not trying it yet).

  10. Okay, you were def. not alone in your Laura Ingalls obsession – my best friend and I had dresses that looked the part and would wear them every Wednesday and play “Little House” at recess.  🙂  We also played with my sister and a few other friends, acting out the episodes, although I always had to be Carrie or Cassandra because I wasn’t the oldest or next to oldest 🙂

  11. Love the pic and love this post!
    You are spot on w/ the traditional nutritional approach!  Everything is so processed now and people wonder why they have so many health problems!
    Love it…
    Oh and love Laura Ingalls too.  Have the dress and everything.  I think I was her for multiple years at Halloween and of course read every book =)

  12. Oh my gosh, I love it! That’s so funny‹my sister and I used to do that at home sometimes (but my friends possibly just thought I was weird). I put my dress on everyday at 5pm to watch “Little House” and I’d pretend I was Laura running down that hill in the opening credits (on the couch)…complete with the little jump at the end. We should start a fan club 🙂

  13. love your new haircut! we need to update the pics on our blog too, just never seem to remember plus do not have many recent pics of us together. Over the years we have to come to realize certain “diets” just do not work but eating real food is the way to go whether that included meat, eggs, etc or not. Everyone has to find what works for them, and for us we still love our raw foods, but also love eggs, fish! It is about eating pure, unprocessed food as much as we can. So happy you are finding what works for you! We think we are making small progress to with our health.

  14. I love your new picture!! I use intagram all the time in my facebook pictures to spruce up my “tan”. I am all about finding what works for you as an individual as long as those foods are quality, real foods!

  15. i love that you do these little diet experiments! so interesting to read the benefits. i LOVE eggs – eat them daily 🙂

  16. Lol, Laura Ingalls was my childhood idol too!  I think your way of eating makes perfect sense…and boy does that egg salad look good!

    Your new haircut is really cute!

  17. Wow, I’m always impressed by all the different foods you eat and don’t eat. I’ve come a long way with my eating. I mostly eat whole foods and limit my animal product in take. Do you plan on making this a lifestyle or are you only doing it for a certain amount of time?

  18. You look beautiful!

    I love Laura too.  But the Ingalls definitely ate their fair share of grains back then!!  🙂 

    We did a gut cleanse 2 weeks ago with basically the same guidelines. We ate lean meat, eggs, greens and even eliminated some veggies.  I honestly noticed no differences and if anything, a lack of energy.  I couldn’t figure it out!

    I need grains for my sanity! And bananas! And chocolate. 🙂 

  19. I am really intrigued by the traditional diet!  Do you have any articles you could pass along?  I would love to learn more about this subject!  Are you going do more posts on the traditional diet?  By the way, you hair cut is fantastic!!

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