Working Out Smarter, Not Harder.

Since the newest spin on my exercise/activity habits involves working out “smarter, not harder,” I’ve really gotten more into functional training. Right now, I’m primarily doing a lot of low-moderate-level cardio, interval timer strength/cardio training (with a variety of intensity levels), and yoga (the teacher training I’m doing helps push me to keep it a priority).

You may have seen my recent review of the Ugi Ball. This is definitely my current favorite tool for working out. After just two weeks (including a 4-day break for a Florida trip), I can tell a difference in my muscles. My arms and abs are more defined, and my legs probably are—it’s just more difficult to tell with the bigger muscles. Today I put on that purple workout shirt I had on in my last post and the arms are too tight…

I like the BodyRock workouts and occasionally do them, but I can’t do the jumping exercises at home (too loud), and I don’t necessarily always want to do things in the sequence/combination that Zuzana does. However, I do combine some of the moves into my own workouts and I love the idea of the sandbag…

My newest Fitness Accessory - the parts of the sandbag. I just need to decide if I should fill it with sand or rice...


I was feeling slightly guilty about buying more "stuff" ...but then when I opened the box, this 4 of Clubs fell out. Since 4 is my favorite number, I totally took this as a sign of synchronicity---I'm exactly where I need to be, doing what I need to do at this moment. I'll be posting about the sandbag again soon when I put together some workouts to blend the Ugi ball with the sandbag (and whatever other tools I pull out of my fitness stash).
New topic: Lately, my food has been really boring (hey, I've been busy!)...but I bought some local organic pasture raised ground bison and made curry bison, yum.
Fage Greek yogurt (I like it because it's not "low-fat") mixed with organic pumpkin, spices, and a splash of maple syrup. It's as close to the pumpkin craze as I'll get (in the kitchen, anyway).
.....annnnnnd I got an iPhone today. Fun. (I need to accessorize it!)

This has been an interesting week! I’m looking forward to being low key this weekend, and hoping to catch up on grading papers (and sleep). My grocery store scavenger hunts all went well, and the students gave me some good feedback (phew!). I’ve made some decisions about next semester that will impact my schedule (and allow me to be working at home even more…and focusing on fun wellness things instead of just lesson plans).

How was your week?

Have you ever worked out with a sandbag? (Should I fill it with sand or rice?)

Do you have an iPhone? I feel like I have a lot to learn…Siri and the iCloud are at the top of my list!

Have you ever had bison meat (it’s buffalo, by the way)?

Happy #WineFriday!  I have a picture of my wine this week…but I took it with my iPhone, and can’t access my iCloud from this MacBook yet (ahh!).

18 thoughts on “Working Out Smarter, Not Harder.”

  1. we use the sandbells from one of our local companies here. They are great for bodyrock workouts. Glad to here things are going well. Whats the one major difference you’ve seen with your workouts?

  2. happy wine saturday! (it’s too late for wine friday!).
    i’ve never worked out with a sandbag or had bison…no opportunities for either have come my way!
    i say fill the sandbag with rice. i’m thinking of what would be easier to clean up if it leaks/explodes – haha! congrats on the iphone – please share your feedback. i have a bb right now but really want to explore the iphone as a replacement for when my contract is up…i think the iphone would “suit”‘ me  more.
    hope you can relax this weekend! it’s looking pretty rainy up here!…

  3. Gina (Candid RD)

    I agree, working out harder is the way to go!  Lately I’ve been doing Exercise TV videos and I know that Jillian Michael’s videos are the hardest for me, therefore I choose to do them more often (better workout, in less time!)  I should look into some new equipment because my current weights and other accessories are getting…boring.  The beanbag idea sounds neat.  i would fill mine with rice, less mess just in case it spills!

  4. I’m thinking rice too….less potential mess!

    I love the iPhone already, but I’ll be sure to give you the scoop once I figure out all the features!
    I was “rained in” yesterday, and I think today will be much of the same—right now it’s calm and freezing out there so I may have to get out and do something before the rain comes back! Hope you have something fun planned this weekend!

  5. I know…when that card fell out of the previously sealed box, I just laughed‹and totally took it as a sign. There was just no logical explanation for that! 🙂

  6. My friend in Seattle is a ugi trainer…she swears by them….I have never used one before… 
    Just got my iphone 3 months ago…its fun!  Enjoy!  Facetime is cool!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  7. You got the white iphone?! Sooo awesome, that’s what I’m getting for my next upgrade!

    I’ve actually never used a sandbag during a workout, but it sounds like a fun way to mix it up and keep things interesting. 

  8. I’m finding that I hit a lot of accessory muscles rather than just lifting heavy and working big muscle groups (not that I was lifting all the heavy, but it was definitely less functional). I’ve been getting sore in accessory muscles rather than just the big guys…so it feels really balanced. And I also prefer this dynamic multi-step workout, compared to one-step exercises. It’s fun!

  9. I may have already mentioned this before…not sure…but have you checked out primal play on youtube?  It’s all “mountain man” working out, with sandbags and ropes.  It’s pretty intense…and it looks a million times more fun than typical gym workouts.  I first learned about primal play about 6 or 7 years ago, and I actually set up a circuit in my backyard at one point, but my giant goof of a dog kind of derailed those plans by jumping on me, hip-checking me, licking me, and otherwise making a pain of himself.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures with sandbags!

  10. Glad youre enjoying your workouts! Whoop to more muscle! I had bison a long time ago and really enjoyed it

  11. Congrats on the iPhone!! I indeed have one, mine is still fairly new too. I have fallen madly in love with this phone and do not regret the purchase. Mine is identical to yours. 

  12. I tried bison today!!!!! I didn’t like the sauce on it but it was really super interesting to try buffalo. I snagged it off of pauls WF box and am curious how it’d be with BBQ sauce instead of the weird vinegar and spice-y stuff they soaked it in! 

    and I eat fage exclusively now! i cant ever go back to the other “trendy” stuff b/c its SO FLIPPING GOOD!!!!

    happy sunday my love!

  13. i totally believe in functional training too. I have seen so many sportsmen overtraining and not achieving what they wanted. Do less, but do those trainings right! I cant believe you put on muscle after 2 weeks of training with the UGI ball, i so want to try it now. 

    I dont have an iPhone, I am a hardcore blackberry user 🙂 

  14. I’ve never worked with a sandbag  but it sounds like a cheap alternative to a set of weights! Also never had an iPhone or bison meat, so I can’t be much help at all today, haha. Hope you had a great weekend! I missed wine Friday but I might just have to make it wine Monday…

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