Happy Wine Friday and Other Random Thoughts

Last evening, my friend Kyle stopped by to see my new place, and I knew we’d drink wine. And talk a lot.

I am supposed to be heading to Boston this weekend for a baby shower (college roommate)…but the baby decided to come early yesterday morning (very early in all senses). Mama and baby are fine, but there will be no baby shower.

Now, I must:

1. Be sad that I won’t see my friends (it’s been 10 years since we graduated and we get together at least once a year).

2. Cheer because I now have time to get my work done!!!!!!!

3. Find a way to get the pack ‘n play (gift) to Boston. I bought it online and was going to wrap it and take it with…but maybe I can return it to the store (Babies r Us) and have them hold one at a store close to my friend so she (her hubby) can pick it up. Anyone ever do something like this and have advice? I already paid to ship it once!

4. Tell you what Kyle taught me about wine (she manages the tasting room at Fox Run Winery).


Sorry for the blurry nighttime phone pic...bad lighting is an understatement! 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon. This was awesome---but I shouldn't get used to it apparently, because it's almost gone.

Have you ever had any Finger Lakes wine? I’ve had lots of them, but I need to try harder at learning about them. The truth is, I haven’t seen Kyle much lately (she’s busy–it’s wine season), so we didn’t talk about wine and I forgot to ask her to teach me something. But Happy Wine Friday anyway…

Do you enjoy Baby Showers? Wedding Showers? {Is that a trick question?} I enjoy being around people I care about for any occasion. That’s all I’ll say on that.

Does pregnancy scare you? Pregnancy does not scare me, but labor and delivery does. I know two people who have had babies in the past 48 hours, and it gives me this deep dark anxiety in my gut. After I heard my friend was in labor the night before last, I may as well have gotten up and run around the block 10 times to try and diffuse the anxiety. Is it irrational? Yes—people do it all the time and come out unscathed. But, even though it “happens all the time” without a hitch, it’s still a serious event. My sister died doing that—I’m not sure I’ll ever shake the anxiety and flashback reaction, regardless of how rational I think I am as a person.

Do you clean when your friends are coming over? I ran through, cleaned the toilet and the kitchen, straightened up a bit…and intended to dust but I lost my motivation and figured Kyle wouldn’t stop being my friend if my coffee table was dusty…

Happy #WineFriday! Tweet to me if you are celebrating.

17 thoughts on “Happy Wine Friday and Other Random Thoughts”

  1. I had no idea that your sister died in childbirth.  When I read that, my stomach dropped.  I’m so very, very sorry.

    Baby showers?  Hmmm.  I love being with friends and family.  Do I love the showers themselves?  Not so much.  I don’t like the silly games and I hate having to say “ooooh, it’s so TINY” everytime the mom-to-be holds up a onesie.  But I love babies, so it usually all works out in the end!

  2. Heather (Where's the Beach)

    At least mom and baby are good. I am not a fan of showers at all. Didn’t even really want to have wedding showers myself. And pregnancy, I’ll leave that up to the stronger women in the world!

  3. HA.  Scrubbing the toilets is always the first thing I do… even if it’s just my parents stopping by!  I’m so excited that we live close- there will be plenty of opportunities to talk and learn about wine!  We should actually chat a bit about Riesling Hour before it happens… you’ll want to give your readers a heads up about it and encourage them to participate even!  (Oh!  Maybe I should be doing this on my own blog as well… hmmm…)  Anyway, happy #winefriday!!

  4. understandable that’s how you feel – I’m sorry about your sister! definitely valid and not irrational.

    I clean when anyone is coming over. I try to keep the common areas of the house fairly clean, so it’s more of a “tidy up, get rid of clutter” thing. 

    happy Friday!!

  5. I’ve never been to a baby shower or a wedding shower! And I’m in noooooo rush to have kids so yes, it likely scares me a lot. I’ve been swearing up and down I’ll adopt since I was 7 or 8 years old.. poor Mum still thinks I’ll grow out of it!

  6. I agree with Kristina, of course that’s a rational fear for you.  I’m sorry about your sister too.

    I usually tidy up, but don’t “clean” when people come over.  My husband cleans (more of a clean freak than I)! 

    I’m not a fan of baby showers/wedding showers – unless I know the person really well.  For example my oldest friend (known her since we were babies and were best friends until 15ish) is getting married tomorrow – and her wedding shower was great – it was like a family reunion!! 🙂  So I can’t wait for tomorrow!! 🙂

    Have a great day! 

  7. Yes I clean up the house when friends come over — just a quick tidying up, wipe down the bathroom, etc.

    I am terrified of being pregnant, being in labor, etc. Not sure if I’ll ever decide I want to give it a try to be honest!

    Maybe return the pack and play and get a gift card and mail it to them? Not sure about getting your shipping refunded though.

  8. lauren@spicedplate

    Have fun in Boston!  I love taking day trips there.  I always clean when my friends are coming over…even more so when the in-laws are coming over!  I’m going to a wine tasting at our local market today, maybe I’ll get to pick something new up!  I’ve never tried a finger lakes wine that I know of, but it sounds intriguing.

  9. The entire process of pregnancy scares me. Labor, baby bumps, eating too much..all of it. Kids scare me too. I am no where near ready to even think about a child coming into my world. For now I will enjoy looking at them from afar and enjoying being able to get up and walk away when they scream like a wild hyena. Your fear of labor is completely rational. Something that traumatic happening to you does not simply escape from your mind as if nothing happened. Just know that your anxiety is normal (which I am sure you do) and you are one strong lady! 

    I clean all the time anyway, its sort of my obsession. I guess you could say I have a slight OCD when it comes to keeping my house clean. Plus I use it as my therapy when I am angry, or sad. Haha. Man I am weird. 

  10. So sorry about your sister, Lisa. Matthew is her son? She is with you every day, leaving signs for you to know that and feel comfort.

    Cleaning? I seldom have visitors, but when I do, it’s my big opportunity to clean. I find dirt I didn’t know I had.

  11. since you drank coffee for me this morning, i really should drink wine for you tonight, right?!! alas, no! i’m downing carbonated water…i know, not even close!
    surrrrre, lisa, blame the phone for the blurry photo. how many glasses had you had when you snapped that pic???! 🙂
    sorry your weekend plans got switched – but with good reason. i’m just glad to hear mom and baby are fine. re the present: i’ll just be honest – not sure if i would arrange to have them go to the store as that now puts “work” onto them. but i wouldn’t want to pay for shipping if i was you….hmmm…that’s a dilemma!
    i keep my place tidy so no need to clean before people come over! one of the benefits of being a clean freak! 🙂
    have a great weekend and DO NOT work the whole time, now that you have time at home, ok?!

  12. maybe this is crazy, but pregnancy almost scares me MORE than labor/ delivery. All of the little things that a doctor isn’t there to take care of… plus I’d probably be one of those people who ends up sick for 9 whole months. agh.

  13. You’re so right—I don’t want to have my friend have to pick up a gift! I think I’ll still return the thing to the store, and then just order a new one online and have it shipped to their door. It would add about $10 on, but to ship it myself it would be about $50!
    Haha, about the wine pic—fortunately for my productivity the next day, I kept it to a little over a glass. I normally don’t drink much, and red wine can easily give me a headache, so I try to keep it under control 🙂
    I only had two cups of coffee yesterday too (one for you and one for me!).
    Enjoy the knitter’s fair today….I’m off to pay a million bucks to have my premature grays covered up 🙂
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  14. Pregnancy scares me too – little children are just like little “aliens” to me.  Maybe I’ll grow out of that, because someday, I actually do want a child of my own – but it’s not someday soon, I know that =)

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