Sweat it Out Saturday!

Stefanie from The New Healthy is hosting a Sweat it Out Saturday link party…

And since I sweated it out a lot yesterday, I thought I’d share.

I’m in the middle of my Traditional Fitness plan, which means I’m lowering the intensity for most of my exercise, and increasing the times and quantity of activities I do.  Fortunately, I can fit in extra exercise/activity during the day when I’m working at home.

My goal yesterday was to do 5 hours of activity.

Well…I didn’t quite make it. I ended the evening with 4 hours and 8  minutes, and decided to call it a night.

Here’s how it went:

11am – 1 hr hill walking

1:20pm – 1 hr yoga (intense)

3:30 – 1 hr speed walking

7:45 – 1 hr 8 min walking (moderate pace)

Walking falls between the categories of physical activity and exercise (if you ask me), and in order to do a higher quantity of activity during the day, walking helps not overuse my joints/muscles.

I did an hour yoga class on www.yogaglo.com with Noah Maze.

Have you tried YogaGlo? It's about $19 a month for unlimited yoga videos. It's much cheaper than going to a yoga studio, and the quality of the Anusara classes is as good as I've ever taken in a studio!
I'm considering purchasing this additional workshop with Desiree Rumbaugh. She's my yoga idol 🙂

Have you ever been to a yoga workshop? I went to one with Desiree Rumbaugh a couple years ago at Kripalu in the Berkshires. I’m not a fan of the standard accommodations there (think dorms). But, I’m tentatively planning to go back next year for her 5 day intermediate workshop…and I’m just going to splurge on the nicer newer room.

I do not like to rough it. No camping. No dorms. No shared bathrooms. Gross.


I sometimes think it would be great to do a month of yoga in Costa Rica or someplace like that. But at this point, I can’t find anywhere that guarantees consistent Internet connection (so I can work while I’m there).

Part of my activity plan involves just walking places instead of driving. I went to a new hair salon this morning (and was nervous about that–it’s easy to mess up hair color, in my experience). I walked there. Side note: My hair turned out fine and the girl was nice, but I was the only one in the salon who was not part of a wedding party. Mimosas, up-do’s, bridesmaids, and grandmas…it was entertaining anyway.

I also walk across the street to my Mom’s house approximately 50 times a day.

I walk from my house (pic taken from my mom's front porch)
To Mom's house (pic taken from my front porch).

Maybe I shouldn’t count this, even though it’s at least 50 steps away. Every step counts, right?

Do you feel like your daily walking activities contribute to your health, or is it only valid if it’s a dedicated exercise session?

Also, check out my guest post at Healthy Diaries from yesterday!

18 thoughts on “Sweat it Out Saturday!”

  1. oh, this is a good post, lisa! walking – i do tons of it. it’s one of the best ways to enjoy fresh air and to get errands done. and a walk n talk with a friend is always lovely.
    “I do not like to rough it. No camping. No dorms. No shared bathrooms. Gross.” – > you said it!!! i am sooo with you! i, too, would love to do a yoga retreat in costa rica or somewhere but i need a four star hotel and internet and a pool and tv… :)i did a one day yoga “retreat” a few years ago and it was a disaster. long story.glad you like your hair! always a gamble, isn’t it! your house looks like it has great character! you and your mom can wave out the windows at each other, just about!

  2. lauren@spicedplate

    I love this — I have so much fun when I have a day to be active, walking around trails or to the market and doing yoga.  I have a hard time not thinking that I’m really getting in a good workout if I’m not sweating, so going to the gym on the same day that I do lots of walking and yoga is pretty blissful to me.  I think I get lots of feel-good chemicals from it, or something.  Today I went to an hour long yoga class (low intensity for me, but lots of holding of postures and stretching), walked on mostly flat wooded trails for 1.5 hours, and took a walk around the neighborhood.  It’s a day off from the gym, but I still feel good about my exercise for the day.  Tomorrow I’ll teach a high intensity yoga class and go to the gym, maybe with a little walking thrown in.
    I definitely think walking counts as exercise.  When I studied abroad in Spain I ate so many more calories and treats but LOST weight even though I wasn’t going to the gym — I was walking a minimum of 8 miles a day, with at least 3 days of 15 mile walks!  (We had a 3 mile walk to school, and sometimes walked home for lunch and then walked back to school for afternoon classes, and always went for an exploration walk after dinner)  I think everything totally adds up, and plus, if you enjoy it, that’s great for mental health as well!

  3. Your house is so beautiful!! I would love to do a month of yoga somewhere beautiful. I have never been to any sort of workshop, what is it like?! 

  4. “I do not like to rough it. No camping. No dorms. No shared bathrooms. Gross.” Amen!!!! So with you. I wish I liked yoga period. I really really need to…. And I must say, those houses could be on my street. I live in a historic neighborhood with houses sooooo similar. And yes, I do think any extra walking I do adds to my wellness.

  5. LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish my mom was still alive, and I could live across the street from her.  I’m so happy you appreciate her! Makes me so mad to see people be like, “oh that’s my mom..whatever.”  You’re awesome!

  6. P.S.  I’ve been following your new movement regimen, and I have to say, I LIKE IT! I can’t wait to see the results.  It does seem more like what humans were meant to do.  All this stress we do to our joints pounding away can’t be good in the long run.  Too bad it’s so dang fun!!

  7. YogaGlo looks so awesome!!!   I love having the ability to do yoga at home whenever I feel like it, but my small collection of yoga dvds tends to get repetitive and boring!!

    I say, 50 steps is 50 steps!!!  And 50x a day…that adds up to a lot 😀

  8. Lovely house, Lisa. It must feel great to come home to. I can imagine sitting on that porch with a morning cup of coffee.

    Great job on all the physical activity/exercise! To me, walking certainly counts!  

  9. I absolutely believe that daily walking contributes to good health… especially for people (like me!) that don’t have a car and end up walking several miles a day just to get to and from different places. The sun, the fresh air AND the exercise keep me healthy!

  10. I went canoeing, and walked, and stained the deck some more.  I’m trying to be as active as possible while the weather still cooperates!  How do you think you’ll do with 5 daily hours of activity in the winter?

  11. Ah, that’s a good question….I am going to have to join the gym (which is within walking distance), plus do yoga at home, and also walk outside when it’s not arctic weather. I don’t know if I can do it, but I’m gonna try 🙂

  12. I feel that same way when people complain about their sisters—mine’s gone, so I am just more acutely aware of people taking theirs for granted!
    I still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to live near my mom. I’m sorry you don’t have yours anymore.

  13. Yoga workshops are great (in my experience) because you have these long progressive workouts where you really build to new harder skills. I think it’s a great way to get to a “new level” …and also after a couple days your body gets so tired (in a good way) that you know you’ve just really done something good for it!

  14. After being in school for a year sitting almost every second of the day, I totally count regular walking as exercise.  Because when  I wasn’t doing it, I got chubby – fast.   I try to up it though and get more exercise in every day too, but as long as I don’t spend the day on the couch (like today) I think it’s good!

    ps. both your houses are SO cute!

  15. Every little bit totally counts! Taking the stairs, walking to lunch or taking a quick walk at lunch all improve your health! I love your new exercise plan. I’m not a rough-er either. I need clean, separate space 🙂

  16. I’ve never tried yogaglo! That is so neat! I would absolutely love to do an intensive yoga workshop in Costa Rica! If you find one let me know! I am a firm believer in every step counts. Daily activity adds up and can be a huge contributor to over all health! 🙂

  17. Since moving to the city I walk everywhere and I def. consider it a positive contribution to my health.  Even if I don’t have a scheduled workout for a certain day, I never feel guilty because I am so active after work.  Hope you had a great weekend!

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