Texting and Fitness Update (changes due to rain)

Since Matthew got his cell phone last Friday, I have been the lucky recipient of hundreds of text messages that say…


I usually text him back, and ask questions (and secretly think I am helping him read better). He called me several times for a few days, and then I didn’t hear from him at all until yesterday…he had dropped the phone and it stopped working for a while. I took pics of our convo from a few days ago…but yesterday’s was probably funnier since it was interspersed with phone calls and school shoe shopping, and talking about his birthday.


{the phone breaks}

{the phone works again}

Should a 7 year-old have a phone? I don’t care–I love it.

It must be good practice for reading?

Short fitness update: The rain is putting a small damper on the number of walks I can take, but it is also encouraging me to do more yoga. I took one day off from my every-hour-activity (Monday), and maybe this is unrelated, but I was super tired by the afternoon.

Hope you’re having a great week!

29 thoughts on “Texting and Fitness Update (changes due to rain)”

  1. Can I just say I LOVE this experiment that you’re doing? It’s always interesting how working out gives you more energy… I would say maybe you are proving it doesn’t always take much, even something as simple as a walk can help you feel more energetic.

  2. Kids are too funny. My younger brother lives in Arizona and I live in Washington so he will sporadically text me very similar dialog. He is 11. Darn that rain, but yoga is great! Good way to get some strength training in!

  3. I post from my phone so I never know if my face pops up with my comment. So this is my comment I am replying on.

  4. Love the texting conversation!!!Β  It’s nice that you will have that instant contact with him πŸ™‚

  5. so who knows whether it’s right or wrong for a 7 year old to have a phone…the best is that matthew WANTS to be in touch with you. i love the “i love you” – does that not just warm your heart so much! my niece made me a drawing with “i lov you” (sic) and it makes me smile every time i look at it! i love the special bond that you and matthew have – and that you can be goofy together!
    it’s freezing and fall-ish up here. wah!

  6. awww that is so cute!!!Β  My little brother is 8 and is begging my Mom for a cell phone, so if he gets one I can expect messages like that too!

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