Why I’m Now Eating Eggs, and other things.

I’ve been searching for a way to “get healthier” for the past few years. Honestly, once my sister died, my health really began going downhill—I could probably associate it with also having been entering my late 20’s at the time, but I think that stress may have been a catalyst. Regardless of the reason, it has been a struggle.

Not to say I’ve figured it all out, but one of the things I pride myself on is that I have an open-mind about new information and things to try. Several years ago, I really bought into the raw food diet, and then I eventually settled at a diet heavy on the plants. (Note: I still feel this way)

I had, however, pushed out most animal products because I felt like they must be contaminating me, and digestive processes must work better if there aren’t animal products involved.

After I read Deep Nutrition, by Catherine Shanahan, I gained a new perspective…or a new twist on my plant-heavy diet. I love science, and Cate’s descriptions of the science/genes involved with health and how they’re impacted by what we eat…just made so much sense to me.

I started out by adding eggs and some raw cheese (aged without being pasteurized…I’ll talk about this in another post). Below, the nutrition facts apply to one large egg. I’ve been eating 2 per day.

Also check out this site for more micronutrient (vitamin/mineral) information.

Eggs, according to raw foodists, are hard to digest. They’re apparently acidic, and maybe even mucus forming. I’m not sure what science supports these claims, but I can tell you that for me (and I realize and promote that everyone has different needs), eggs are more filling, keep my energy more stable, and digest just-fine-for-me-thank-you.

Choline. Vitamin A. Protein. Vitamin B12. Riboflavin. Phosphorus. Selenium. etc.

One of the keys to me feeling comfortable with adding eggs to my diet is this:

My eggs are coming straight from a farm. The chickens are free range and vegetarian fed. They’re organic too.

The chickens roam free so they can eat all kinds of bugs and grubs out in the grass—they are not fed genetically modified processed grain food. The result? The nutrients from the food and “stuff” the chickens are eating translates to their bodies and cells…and then to mine.

Have you ever had a “farm egg?” Seriously, I think it is the brightest yolk I’ve ever laid eyes on…Plus, the chickens are loved and treated nicely, so don’t I just think that translates to the karmic vibration of the eggs? Yes, and if you think I’m crazy for thinking that, I really don’t care 🙂

Soon (how soon, I do not know…as I will have 8 classes on my docket as of tomorrow), I’m going to try raw unpasteurized milk. This has to come straight from a farm since stores can’t sell it unpasteurized. I will let you know how it goes 🙂

Another thing I’ve been indulging on lately is goat’s milk yogurt from a local creamery. The goats are pasture fed and “organic.”


Sorry about the pic quality--still don't have the good camera out... this is goat milk yogurt (plain) plus orange extract, vanilla extract, and stevia. It's thinner than grocery store yogurt, so I drink it through a glass straw. I'll be making it into pudding/ice cream soon and I fully plan to serve it to my friends and family and expect them to love it.
Joe and I went to the "superbowl" of women's soccer yesterday. It was in Rochester, and the Western NY Flash was playing Philly...it was a great game that tied, with overtime and a shootout.


These weren't our seats, but we moved here during the shootout so we could exit faster. Hey, I'm not that big of a soccer fan! The Flash won...and we were the first ones in the parking lot 🙂

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

I made $40 at my friend’s yard sale. That is so not worth the effort—but fun to hang out with friends.

I also unpacked some and did crazy amounts of work. It’s back-to-school time!

19 thoughts on “Why I’m Now Eating Eggs, and other things.”

  1. Honestly, I have such an appreciation for eggs! I stopped eating whole eggs because I prefer the yolk. Well, that turned into a sad story for me. I was missing the best part of the eggs! I don’t eat meat and can’t have dairy, so the b12’s I was missing out on put my body into a tail spin. I ate two over easy eggs tonight over a bed of lettuce, grilled zucchini, cilantro, baked potatoes smothered in nutritional yeast and a good splash of hot sauce…it was heaven in a bowl!

  2. my old roomate in college lived on a farm. we had fresh eggs and raw milk every morning when I stayed there. Never been so happy in my life and I felt amazing!! Real food!

  3. I definitely feel good with eggs in my diet.  I like them soft-boiled best.  But I’m very, very particular about where they come from.  I think that conventional eggs are nothing less than a tragedy of epic proportions. 

  4. Eggs are so hard for me! I quit eating them when I quit eating meat (I didn’t eat them very often to begin with)… but while I don’t miss meat at all, I miss eggs all the time! I am trying to wrap my head around what you’re saying but it’s hard to feel relaxed about eating them after 2 years without… was it easy for you?

  5. I only have a hard time digesting eggs if they are hard-boiled, I swear! I can eat scrambled, Fried, etc, but hard boiled hurts my guts! (unless maybe it was only one, I usually have more than one though 🙂

  6. wow, lisa, all the best getting into routine with your eight classes. that’s a full load!
    i love eggs. i, too, shunned them for a while, but they really pack such a nutritional punch, that i couldn’t ignore that goodness. i usually have one a day and a scrambled egg is a great addition to a salad beast! glad to hear eggs are working for you right now, too. “the chickens are loved and treated nicely, so don’t I just think that translates to the karmic vibration of the eggs” -> i love this! and yes, i agree!
    glad you had fun at the soccer game. i would be right with you, racing for the exit – you had a great exit strategy! and garage sales: i have had a couple and you are right, not work the effort. now i just donate my stuff.
    great weekend up here – buskers festival! saw a lot of funny shows!

  7. Gina (Candid RD)

    Good for you for being open-minded about health and nutrition (I think these days you almost have to be!).  Eggs are one of my favorite foods.  And in regards tot he “science” behind their acidity (or any proteins acidity) I’ll tell you right now it’s just not there.  I mean, they may make the body slightly more acidic, but then you balance it out with the fruits and veggies, PLUS your bones and kidneys work hard at making sure your acidity never goes too high.  That’s their job!  Yeah for EGGS!

  8. Eggs really jive well with my body too. Ill be interested to see how the raw milk is! So fun that yall went to the soccer game

  9. lauren@spicedplate

    Thanks for this, Lisa!  I have tried to incorporate eggs into my diet, but have done it while incorporating other things and have always ended up feeling gross and then taking everything (including eggs) out of my diet.  But I’d love to get more protein…maybe I’ll try just introducing eggs and nothing else!  I have been eating lots of raw hard cheese (from a lovely place in vermont) and my body’s been loving it!
    Also, YES to the farm fresh eggs!  Once you have a farm fresh egg, it’s hard to go back…they taste so lovely!
    Best of luck w/ your classes!  Andrew just started going back to the local university today to earn his second degree, and my teaching starts soon…we spent the weekend hunkered down from the hurricane and getting ready for the new adventures ahead!

  10. I love real food.  Funny how different something like an egg can become…scary really!  Yard sales are always so random.  I feel like I want to get rid of so many things but the outcome is never worth the effort!  I just end up donating my old stuff mainly because I am too lazy to haul it to a yard sale.

  11. Yayyayayay gooood food 🙂 unforch I’m not so fortunate as to have such good meals 3-times-a-day butttt thank goodness my job gives me access to such great stuff!

    Miss you girliepants, skype soon?! <3

  12. Great post! yes..I totally agree that not all things work for all people! Eggs digest perfectly fine for me as well. I know many people that eggs bother….but luckily I am not one of them. I also pushed out most animal products, but eggs and some fish. I hate eating tons of soy, it doesn’t always sit well, and it’s processed (I stick mainly with tempeh which you know is fermented and better for digestion)…I do well this way. And yes, I have had farm eggs, I actually prefer to just eat them from the farm nearby. SUCH a difference!

  13. lori and I feel into the raw foods diet too! for a whole year we were about 100%, but it was just too hard and neither one of our health was getting better, so we added cooked food back in. Got a little better, but last year we added raw dairy in our diet. We never blogged about it because wanted to see how we felt before sharing, we got local raw goat milk from a farmer. Loved it, but to be honest did not notice major health benefits.  I was disappointed. Then we moved to Charlotte, and life got in the way. Health started to do down hill, so this past year added eggs and fish back. And not until recently have more consistent with it. And love it. Lori and I have been raw egg yolks – one a day, and eat the egg whites too. And have fish about once a week, sometimes twice. All of it we get locally. Seriously the only way to eat “meat” products in my opinion.

  14. I think diet is such a personal thing and ever evolving (for me at least) and I completely relate to your journey, in the sense that it is changing with my needs. I think what is most important is when people can work out for themselves what makes them feel ok, not what they are told to (ie re the eggs not being easy to digest – you know how your body works best right?). I think we are all doing our best and I think labels just messes it all up for people sometimes 😉

  15. I love farm fresh eggs – there is totally a difference between them and the ones you buy at the grocery! 

  16. I kid you not this is my EXACT theory on eggs. Being a vegetarian and cutting out meat for ethical reasons it feels wrong to me to buy eggs at a grocery store (I’m still working on cheese) therefor I only buy mine from farms by where I live. I was amazed and the yolk difference. Keep doing what you feel is right and your way of thinking makes perfect sense!

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  18. Hi, there! I just read one of your latest posts and have been looking back some related posts (about eggs and no grain thing). I just wanted to say I’ve also recently read “Deep Nutrition” by Catherine Shanahan and I absolutely loved it! Just like you, I’ve learned so many new things and began to eat more animal products. I’m still struggling a bit due to my digestive issues, but I really hope I get better! 😀

  19. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! Catherine’s book really helped me put a lot of things in perspective about what my definition of “healthy food” is! I hope your digestive issues get better too…it’s always so interesting to me since I try and help clients with their health issues (and try really hard not to just “make them” do what I think will work best, or what works best for me!).

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